Told you so…

The fucking point is that fucking Alabama is going to kick kids off the fucking team for no fucking reason. The point is not that violating the NCAA’s made-up limit is evil. The NCAA limit is there because the NCAA would like you to not kick kids off the fucking team, but for various reasons the rule’s pretty easy to skate around. The issue is not 32 > 25. The issue is that 70 + 32 > 85…

Alabama has every incentive to dump guys. They flat out have to. If a kid is struggling with his academic eligibility how motivated will Alabama be to help him? If a player commits a petty offense how eager will Alabama be to boot him? If Nick Saban knows that by August he has to say goodbye to six kids and it’s July and he’s only got four down, then what?

I’ll tell you what: someone gets it right in the ass.

—Brian Cook of MGoBlog

Newsflash: Nobody took it in the ass. As everyone warned when Cook made this a personal crusade, every team faces attrition. Surprise, Alabama was no different.

Alabama has 60 players on scholarship with the reported departure of Patrick Crump. Crump left the team of his own volition. According to his former high school football coach quoted by the Birmingham News, Crump’s heart wasn’t in the game; in other words, he gave up.

There are two scholarship numbers every team must face, the overall limit of 85, and the yearly limit of 25.
30-3 non-qualifiers=27.
27-2 pro baseball players=25

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One of Alabama’s signees is qualified to use the Bryant Scholarship. Provided he meets certain restrictions, this academic scholarship won’t count against the 85/25. It is unknown if UA would chose this route; however, with the start of practice we should know something soon.

25-1 (possible Bryant Scholarship)=24

Alabama still was required to meet the 85 overall limit. Attrition took care of that. The Birmingham News reported last night that the Tide was at 60 scholarship players.

Unlike Cook suggested, there was nothing nefarious about Nick Saban’s method. He didn’t kick players off the team. Players either made a personal choice to give up football, were facing medical conditions or committed felonies.

I know people hate Saban, but I don’t think he can be blamed for the serious medical problem afflicting Zeke Knight.

Leaving Alabama were (this is the list I have, did I miss anyone? Let me know if I did, and I’ll modify the list.):
Patrick Crump- “his heart wasn’t in it” (a personal choice)
Ezekiel Knight- medical problem prevented play
Jimmy Johns- legal problems
Lionel Mitchell- back injury/medical scholarship
B.J. Stabler-gave up football (personal choice)
Charles Hoke-medical scholarship
Jeremy Elder-legal problems

Alabama’s over-signing ended up being a non-story. If anything, Alabama looks to have some wiggle room entering the fall, provided it utilizes the Bryant Scholarship.

Maybe next year Cook can crusade against an actual evil. A word of advice, wait until something bad actually happens before getting filled with righteous rage.

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  1. 2

    by the way here is the post I left at his blog… I bet it doesnt make it ….

    I promised myself that I would’nt grace this blog with a post. But everytime I look around the web I see you out dumpster diving for anything that might make you look less like a simpleton with a blog.
    Brian, you got nothing. Nothing at all. Jesus Christ. You are a dullard.

    I have had the displeasure of living in the south and witnessing the effects of slackjawed yokels who had imbibed too much radiator distilled moonshine.
    You have by passed that as a mark of greatness and are heading straight to the most rigged game at the county fair in hopes of credibilty. You are to journalism what Burt Reyonlds is to acting

  2. 4

    I agree with you, he does make a valid argument and he is dead on!

  3. 6

    I agree with ALL THREE OF YOU!

    Bammerz can’t see through those crimson colored glasses. Nick Saban is the definition of evil. He cares nothing about those innocent boys. All he cares about is the money. All of his signees will be convicted before fall practice begins simply because he doesn’t care about no one. At times, I don’t even think he cares about himself. He worships money. MONEY! MONEY! MONEY! I even hear he’s trying to get his face put on the cover of a $4,000,000 dollar bill! All he recruits is thugs while Tuberville recruits classy young gentlemen. Tuberville has also beaten Alabama the last six years. Saban also lost to Louisiana-Monroe last year and he finished 6-6 in the regular season. They also cheated to defeat Western Carolina, Vanderbilt, Arkansas, Tennessee, Houston, Ole Miss, and Colorado.



  4. 7

    MultiHandled Moron – leave me out. Brian is just another Crack Head Aubie trying to make Chicken Salad out of Chicken Shit. Show those BALLS and call any talk show you like and give us the Comedy.
    Yes – Clemson is Coming – only with Viagra.

  5. 8

    When Saban “over signed” last year, he told the media not to worry about it. Did he already know that these guys would be leaving the team in advance? The ones like Crump? Did he know that Crump wasn’t going to have his heart in the game?

  6. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    Mountains out of molehills guys. I see nothing wrong with it. Heck , you would think with all the arrests in Tuscaloosa that there would be plenty of oponings.

    Cap, did you count Jimmy “the snowman” Johns ???

    Auburn oversigns every year too..In this day and age , you had better if you want to feild a team in the fall. The only issue I have is yall proclaiming th “crootin” national championship. That one was bogus.

  7. 10

    I do not know why you would have a problem with Alabama being ranked the number 1 team for last year. Alabama had a great year as far as recruiting goes. Would it really matter if Alabama was 1,2, or 3? It does not change the result that Alabama upgraded their talent significantly. It is an overstated fact, but Alabama beat Auburn for every recruit they both went after; that is significant!

  8. 11
    Bama Fan

    Wow… Saban knew players would be arrested and others would transfer and quit. Look it works in business, it works at BAMR, the boss (Saban or an assistant)allows players to leave on their own accord. To think that some of these guys did not get a push is crazy.

  9. 12

    Any good executive should know there would be turnover.

    If I were running a team, I’d have a statistical analysis of annual attrition at my school, for the entire SEC, and for the nation.

    I’d compare my rate with others, look at the trend, and then forecast what I would expect turnover to be for this season.

    Any good executive does it. To think football coaches don’t is idiotic.

    Also, when you look at the class, the Tide won’t even have to utilize a grayshirt based on the qualifiers/people going to baseball.

    BTW, to think Saban didn’t know two players would most likely play baseball is also foolish. Saban would’ve known these guys had a good chance to play pro baseball—the media knew it. And, if these guys tire of baseball they have a place to play football.

  10. 13

    As far as the Cook story goes, Cap is right. Anyone who read Cook’s stories before knows he hated Saban, and he simply saw an opportunity to throw something in his face. I think what made his statements more vicious were the half-truths and the insincere belief that it was all about the youth of today.

  11. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap, this business (Bama football) , is a multi million dollar juggernaut of a corporation. You are dead on . Dont think that no one is coming up with every pie chart, graph, and statistical analisys known to man. That goes back to my theory about CFB changing and why nobody will single handedly dominate it ever again. Money breeds compitition. Capitalism at its finest…

    I will say this though…And it applies to every CFB team out there. Its unfortunate what has happened to the student – ATHLETE because of this trend. The real student – athlete is a thing of the past.

  12. 16

    The real student – athlete is a thing of the past.

    Sadly, that has become more and more true. Money changes everything…

  13. 17

    You are so right… Every team oversigns because the coaches always have an idea of who and how many will not qualify and will be placed in Jr. college or a prep school.
    Of course bammer and Saban have beaten Auburn at everything especially recruiting.. Saban just thumps Tubs a$$ at recruiting. Oh yeah Saban has shut down Alabama and to listen to the bammer fans, he is shutting down Louisiana too, taking that away from Miles. I wouldn’t be suprised to see him take Florida, Georgia, Texas, and California next.
    The thing that gets me is that bammer fans want to harp on recruiting this and recruiting that instead of talking about where it counts.. ON THE FIELD!

  14. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap, this is what what gripes me the most about CFB. The unversities exploit these young men. Yes I know that they get a full 4 year ride. But how many take advantage of it? Most just assume they will go into the NFL…Probably 5% of the players at AU or UA go on a good year. That is why it kills me to see these guys squander a $200,000 education (or more). If a player cant tow the line in the classroom and off the field, I dont care how good he is , make room for someone who appriciates the opportunity that is given to them. That goes for Auburn….Especially for Auburn…Know what I mean ?

  15. 20

    “The thing that gets me is that bammer fans want to harp on recruiting this and recruiting that instead of talking about where it counts.. ON THE FIELD!

    Could that be because none of Saban’s vaunted recruits have hit the playing field yet? You fail to remember nearly half of our team was apart of two recruiting classes that finished ranked behind Ole Miss.

    Talk about us being impatient. You give Saban time to field his recruits and results will be shown on the field. Across the state, these weakling recruits Tuberville is bringing in will be the proverbial death of Auburn’s dominance.

    Saban has a history of winning with good recruits. Tuberville has a history of losing with piss poor recruits.

  16. 22

    tubberville won’t stay at alabama tech long enough to see these uab rejects hit the field. he’s aging and he knows his legacy will be diminished once saban loads our offense and defense up with dynamic players. expect to see him gone after 2009.

    Count this as my signature:

  17. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    And BAMA FAN….Saban may have known that there wouold be arrests, but the only problem with that is this fact….He hasnt suspended (really, D.J. dont count), or kicked 1 player off of the team for an arrest…Johns and Elder were not an option as they were caught dead to rights for FELONIES !!!! Would be kind hard to play football from prison, huh….If there was a way, the ingenious Saban would have found it….If Prince Hall isnt playing significantly in the Clemson game, I will personally apologize to each and every one of you.

  18. 25

    Oh God people!! Saban is going to win at Alabama and he’s going to win big. He may not win big every year but with time our records won’t vary from 7-6 to 6-6 to 4-8 every year. I know as much as y’all want it to, all this amazing talent that’s signing with us is not going to be a disappointment the way Shula’s talent was or should I say is.

    Why do Auburn fans have such a hard time accepting that?

  19. 26

    Tell me one thing about Tuberville: did he kick those trouble making guys off of his team in his first season after many of them messed up off the field more than once? One guy even three times?

  20. 28

    Amy- When Tubs took over at Auburn.. he released 7 or 8 guys from their schollys and dismissed many more after the fact. Please NEVER EVER confuse Tubs discipline style with bammers.. you will embarrass yourself even more so.

  21. 29
    Auburn Trailer Trash

    When is the “Winning Big” coming? Just want to mark my calendar! Saban won big at LSU, when AU and Bama were having problems. That is no longer the case. Remember this post Bama fans when Clemson, Georgia, Tennessee and Auburn hand your hat this season. The Crimson delusion you guys all seem to share is getting old, and most everyone you play is ready to smack you in the face and teach you a lesson. The lesson: Shut the F*** up till you actually beat somebody. Till then you’re just a bunch of has-been losers living in the past. Remember: Win games=get respect, lose games=laughing stock of college football!

  22. 30
    Ballplay Indian

    Amy4ua……Im STILL waiting for my shirt to be ironed !!!!! I like creases in the sleaves so sharp that you can cut paper with em…Extra starch….Run along now sweety …..Oh, and bring me the remote….

  23. 31

    I cant wait to their faces when Saban does not win the games that he needs to. Jesus he gets lucky at LSU …LEAVES cause he KNOWS he cant do it again… he trys to talk to MEN like he does those boys, the men dont fall for his half wittied coaching schemes so he LEAVES Miami and comes to Bamma, he hasnt WON a game worth talking about and hes some kinda GOD to you guys for what you think hes gonna do LES MILES is twice the coach Nickie is!

  24. 32
    Bama Fan

    You PROVE his point… Some folks would have to go.. they did… Now he was rude and over the top, but Bama had to have folks leave and they did….

  25. 33

    No, his point was that Nick Saban was going to kick players off the team.

    He didn’t.

    Several players left because they didn’t want to play football, or were injured.

    Nobody was kicked off the team. Nobody was screwed.

  26. 34

    Cappy, you keep on believing that. I guess you don’t remember right after signing day there were a lot of people scratching their heads about signing 32. Nick told the press to “Shut up, its part of the Process. I know exactly how many places we have available. It’ll all work out.”

    Answer this: how did he KNOW it would all work out? I mean how did he know EXACTLY how they would get to 25 schollys? I think he knew exactly who he and the staff would target to get to “leave on their own accord”. If you think for one minute that the coaches cannot make your life such a living hell that you want to leave, then you’re as dumb and blind as Shane for Brains.

    If you’re telling me that its because he’s some great CEO and all great CEO’s do their homework and look at trends, blah, blah, blah, then I’m going to say that you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    If he’s that clairvoyant, he and I are taking a little trip down to Biloxi.

  27. 35

    Alabama looks to be under the 85 at the moment. I haven’t counted, but 83 or 84.

    So, he didn’t know exactly how many would or wouldn’t make it.

    Saban knew a couple of guys would play baseball, and estimated who would probably have a tough time qualifying.

    Throw in normal attrition rates, and it works out. From my count, only seven people left the team over the last year. yeah, big mean Saban was running off lots and lots of players.


    As for predictions, based on a few factors it can be predicted who you would vote for in the presidential election. Statistics are a great thing. Given enough data, you can predict anything to a great degree of certainty.

  28. 36
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    BarniePresident, that’s the most inferior Barnie comment I’ve ever heard in my entire life! Can a Barnie stoop any lower than that? Is insecurity forcing you to lose ammunition?

    Saban gets lucky at LSU? He salvages a team that endured just as many losing seasons as dominance Alabama had over Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute all throughout the 90s before our five year period of probation, but it was luck and nothing more? Biased delusion damages more brain cells than marijuana!

    You wanna talk lucky, let’s talk how lucky Tuberredneck was to be retained long enough to see his team excel at the expense of Alabama’s mishaps AFTER Bobby Lowder FAILED TO FOLLOW THROUGH WITH HIS FIRING! Why don’t you elaborate on why it took Tuberredneck six years to FINALLY POST A WINNING RECORD IN THE SEC? Why don’t you elaborate on why it took Tuberredneck ten years TO FINALLY WIN ONE SEC TITLE? Why don’t you elaborate on why he never found the key to success until AFTER HIS CROSS STATE SUPERIOR WAS ELIMINATED FROM COMPETING WITH HIM?

    In Saban’s first five years as an SEC coach, he posted a 30-12 record in the SEC. Tuberredneck’s was 14-26. Therefore, I think Tuberredneck was lucky enough to be a below average coach in the right place at the right time. It’s too bad Orgeron couldn’t have taken his place around the time of Alabama’s downfall. He would be on Tuberredneck’s pedestal at the moment.

  29. 37
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Saban also won 2 SEC titles and one BCS title in five years, where it took Tuberredneck 10 to win 1 SEC title and 0 national titles!

  30. 38

    Nice, NY, very nice at that and that’s a clever way of putting Tuberville into proper proportion.

    He’s sold his ability to capitalize on another team’s unfair disadvantages (the team who’s always stood in the way of Auburn and success), to the Auburn fan base and it’s preposterous to believe they actually buy it. If one Auburn fan had the audacity to say Saban’s success was simply luck, and he’ll never equal that at Alabama, then we as logical fans should overlook his or her nonsense and debate more relevant topics with human beings who’s brains are operating at full function, and not just half.

  31. 39
    Sheer Darkness

    AUtards said the same thing about Shug Jordan over Bear Bryant. They said the same thing about Pat Dye over Gene Stalings. Now they are saying the same thing about Ears over Nick Saban.
    Ears gives Shug and Dye a bad name when in reality they were way better coaches than Ears is.
    Even though Shug lost most of his games against Bear and Dye never beat Stallings, nor did they retire from Tech with a winning record against Alabama, they still could not rely on beating an weak Alabama team that Ears did.
    They established themselves as winners before hand and Ears was just the opposite. he established himself as a winner after Alabama dropped out of the race.
    I know he wont stick around long enough to play Nick Saban and Alabama when they are fully rebuilt because he knows he’ll get his ass handed to him like he did at Mississippi and in his first two of three games at Tech.

  32. 40

    Talk about a process, this is one of API’s most known reoccurring processes. Every time they gain the slightest bit of success over Alabama, which has only happened three times in the history of their notorious program, they boldly arise and swear this new Alabama coach will never stop API’s dominance and the new Alabama coach whom they swear will never succeed always proves them wrong. Saban will prove them wrong, just as the next guy that comes along during their next run 40 years from today will after they solemnly swear he won’t. You’re supposed to live and learn but API fans are still struggling to learn from living.

  33. 41
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC…I got a stat for ya…The Saban at Bama is 7-6…..Tubbs owns him head to head….How bout them apples…You can always get stats to say whatever you like. I was impressed that he suspended Hall for three games. I Must eat crow . I didnt think he would do it…Hall is probably your best linebacker against the run…He will be missed in Atlanta against Clemson….I am starting to come around on Saban, if he keeps doing things like that, your team will improve sooner rather than later.

  34. 42

    Auburn Trailer Trash
    Being a fan of Auburn football you would have a monopoly on the term of laughing stock.

  35. 43


    It is a sad, sad day, everyday to come here and see so many pitiful little aubbos begging for acknowledgement from Bama Nation.
    Aubbo as long as you exist Bama Nation will look down at you. Why? because you will always be 2nd banana in the state of ALABAMA.
    Whats more, Every school in the SEC sees you the same way. Little Aubie, always a pretender, never a contender. Bama’s little brother who talks a lot of shit but never actually delivers anything. Such is the lot of an Aubbo. The sad, morose existense of constantly lying to yourself and seeking the approval of others because of a rightfully deserved inferiority complex..

  36. 44
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1… Why ae you such a peckerhead ????

    No, really, why???????

    Where you picked on as a child ????

    Dropped on your head??????

    What happened ??????

  37. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    Bammers….For every 5 tmc1s there is one realistic Alabama fan….. Why is that? You see , for every % realistic Auburn fans there is 1 of me….Yall have the patent on delusion.

    tmc1/probama goes on a cursing homo laden tyrade in 5..4..3..2

  38. 46

    I listened to the Finebaum show and this afternoon you will see why Aubbies come here.Shane was on Fines show yesterday and the first thing he said was his Blog was on Auburn, they want us here the more hits CAP gets the more of that advertising he gets on this site SOOOO beleive it or not TMCzero We are wanted here for the bantor and the $$$$$ STUPID! Oh yea!?>> a family site,,, look at those webcams ( i hope TMCzero doesnt let his daughter look ) and then tell me again its a family site So as long as there are Stupid bammas here talking about Auburn Football there will be Aubbies here correcting you Ignorance and as you bammas have coined DELUSIONS!!


  39. 50
    Bama Amy

    Omnipresident are you an underaged child? You’re resorting to name calling and bringing someone elses kid into the conversation just as a child would do. Those type of insults lets us know you’ve accepted the fact that your program is steadily moving downhill fast and there’s nothing you or the godlike Tuberville can do about it!

  40. 51
    Ballplay Indian

    Amy….That remark was not just a random shot….You have to know tmc1s phsycotic past to understand it….One minute he is on a Curse filled, homosexual laden, crazed rant. Then he tries to lay the guilt rip on everyone, saying hes changed his ways, and is now takin the high road, because his daughter saw what he posted on his computer. Then 2 days later, hes back to his old ways…

    Just thought you may want to know tmc1s history….

    Hes a nut…

  41. 52

    Hey Ballplayo imapissant/ whatever else you call yourself these days……
    Sounds to me like someone is a wittle upset….You need a breast feed there little man? I bet you do.

    You aint shit.
    Everybody here knows you are the same guy. And your posts are so weak that you have to log on under 187 names just to try to make a point.
    You are a joke. A pitiful little fraction of a man who talks shit online because he doesnt have the balls to do it in person….
    Pick up your pacifier and your diaper on the way out little man…..
    Hey you are just like Auburn U……., little man….

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