Report: Crump leaves Tide

Patrick Crump has left the Alabama Crimson Tide football team, according to Ian Rapoport of the Birmingham News.

Rapoport talked with Crump’s high school coach Rush Propst. The former Buc head coach said Crump’s “heart wasn’t in it.”

For those of you counting, that should balance the number of players on scholarship.

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    Yet he remains enrolled at UA and plans for it to stay that way.

    I guess his heart truly wasn’t into the game. Either that or he got discouraged because he’s third or fourth on the depth chart.

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    Ballplay Indian

    Tmc1…..Way to support your guys…Why dont You be honost about yourself ? Come out of the closet, they say it makes yall people feel better. Why didnt Saban kick off some of the Legacy trash ? It seems this was a good kid. He is going to continue to go to school. Wow , imagine aand Alabama football player actually seeking an education. To answer my own question, the reason he got shown the door was to make room for better players, period. Are yall O. K. with that?

  3. 4

    Better players?

    Crump was and is considered one of the better offensive line prospects. He was a top 20 or 30 Scout and Rivals line prospect.

    There are others with much less talent who could’ve been cut if there was a desire to actually throw players off the team.

  4. 5

    Cap- If he was “one of the better line prospect” then are you saying that just because they are ranked “high” by scout or rivals, doesn’t mean they will pan out in college?

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    Of course. We all know that to be the case.

    However, a four or five star player has a statistically significant chance of succeeding in college or making the NFL draft when compared to three-star or lower prospects.

    You never know when a guy will decide to either give up football or get injured. Maybe he has some personal issues. Maybe he is sick of all the work football requires. You never know.

    But as the statistical data proves, stars do matter. 🙂

  6. 7

    I think I will disagree with you on that. If stars do matter, then what is the arguement with S. Marks at Auburn? A two star prospect that will probably be drafted in the 1st round if he stays healthy. That arguement can’t hold water.
    I will give you this- I do believe that if you are rated a 5 star player coming out of high school you have a BETTER chance to suceed on the colliegate level but just a better chance. To many 4 and 5 star prospects just never pan out and that has been the case at Auburn and bammer. You know that.
    You can’t say that a guy is going to be a bonafide NFL guy or that he is going to really be good in college.. can’t do it.

  7. 8

    I’ve always thought the 4 and 5 stars were more physically developed players who are ready or close to ready. While a lot of the 2 and 3 stars need time to develop and get better coaching.

  8. 9

    If stars DON’T matter, then how do you explain your recent success, along with the success of LSU, Georgia, Florida, Texas, and USC, who has all fielded top ten recruiting classes in recent years? Evaluators don’t randomly select who’ll receive a five star rating, four, three, two, and one for no reason whatsoever. They analyze these kids by their talent and ability. Yes, not all five and four star prospects succeed at the college level, but the vast majority of them do.

  9. 10
    Ballplay Indian

    Cap..way to change the subject. Really , that was masterful….Back to the subject at hand..I dont care what his star power out of high school was, that is irrelevent. Fact is , Ive never heard mention of him on the 2 deep. If I had, he would not be going anywhere. Agree? I aint saying that he was shown the door, maybe he was , mabe he wasnt. But I am saying that there are a whole lot of players that sould have been shown the door before him….I am not only saying this to take shots at the Tide. I hope that Auburn has a zero tolerance position on grades and discipline as well..

    I would think more Bama fans would feel the same after the string of recent events.

  10. 11

    I am starting my own recruiting service. It will be called Combat Recruiting services. I will evaluate the players and get back to you guys with my star ratings.

  11. 12

    LNC- The arguement goes both ways.. Explain Notre Dames fall from grace. ONE good year in the last who knows how many and that was Weis’ first year. ONE and they are consistently ranked in the top 3 at the least top 5 in recruiting classes and have been for years… It goes both ways.

  12. 13

    ohio state has dominated recruiting over the years to. but their recruits can’t be compared to sec recruits. look at the results against florida and lsu. but notre dame was 9-3 in 05 and 10-3 in 2006. their problem last year was weiss failing to stock up in the areas most needed. their offense was terrible last year and that’s partially due to an entirely new offense. i blame that on weiss. a nice guy, but i don’t think he belongs in college to be honest with you.

    Count this as my signature:

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    Ballplay Indian

    Berman you and Redneck are both right ….The problem at Notre Dame aint the players…If rivals has the credibility that bammers say it does, Notre Dame is in the top 5 every year..That 10-3 record is decieving. Do you remember what LSU did to those guys ? The 9-3 record in 05 is suspect as well… Fact of the matter is N.D. isnt in a conference. They play a few good teams, but only 2-3 a year.. Its easy to get up for USC when thats the only good team you play…Charlie Weiss is not a very good coach from what Ive seen…Gosh Ill never forget the butt stomping that LSU put on em..It was legendary.. Arent they like 0-9 in thier last 9 bowl games or something…Just goes to show that tradition and good recruiting do not automatically translate into wins…It takes coaching too.

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    Bama Fan In N Y C

    So you’re saying Nick Saban, an already proven winner with high profile recruits, won’t win at Alabama just because Charlie Weiss, an unproven head coach, can’t win bowl games with high profile recruits at Notre Dame?

    Interesting logic to say the least despite the fact that it’s coming from the mouth of a Barnie. In no way am I surprised!

  15. 16

    Nick Saban took an Alabama team, filled with mediocre Mike Shula recruits (who some did come complete with classes that finished at the bottom in the SEC west) and squeezed all the juice he possibly could out of them. Every loss sustained was only by a touchdown or less, and he broke our five year streak of failing to rally up in the fourth quarter. He also dominated Tennessee from start to finish, and we haven’t come close to dominating them since the Stallings era.

    Saban has already proven he can win with his brand of recruits and he’s bringing in kids that were steadfastly pursued by Les Miles, Urban Meyer, Mark Richt, Tommy Tuberville, and Les Miles. Results won’t be shown immediately the way some ‘Bama fans are proclaiming, because we’re still weighed down with more of Shula’s garbage than anything, but if he continues the good work and is consistent, Alabama will be just as competitive as we were under Stallings during our run in the previous decade.

  16. 17
    Sheer Darkness

    Recruiting rankings no longer matter now that Ears Tubberville can no longer hang with the big boys?
    I remember when AUtards smeared it in our faces when they had all these rankings had Tech listed ahead of Alabama and when these known prospects committed to them over us.
    Make up your minds and stop being so erratic with what you stand by and for AUtards!

  17. 18

    Should I visit an API forum so that I can dig through the archive and reveal how much recruiting rankings and landing key prospects did matter to them when Tuberville was able to do so when Alabama couldn’t? It’ll definitely matter when the Georgia Southern rejects suddenly takes a blowing toll on the winning percentage that rightfully belonged to Alabama when they were knocked out of equally competing with API.

  18. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    Christopherson….I cant understand some of the recruiting tactics used by Auburn..But if you look at the one trait that they have, besides the linman…Its lots of speed….No Im not saying that they are better…But it is an underlying factor in these unranked recruits.

  19. 21
    Bama Amy

    OSU may dominate in recruiting but they they’ve never dominated or even come close to beating an SEC team and that’s a proven fact.

  20. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    Recruiting is an inexact science…Would I rather have a number 1 class than a number 20 class…Uh , yes…Does that guaruntee a conference , or national championship? Nope..

  21. 26

    Kodi Burns is a 5 star. But he is the exception to the rule. So Is Tray Blackmon. Other than that stars mean a thing according to the Aubbos.
    But since when did they no anything?

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