Rivals: Tide lands lucky 13

Clarksdale, Mississippi offensive lineman Anthony Steen committed, according to Rival’s Bamaonline.com. Steen is a three-star lineman weighing 297 lbs., and coming in at 6’4″.

He was being recruited by FSU, Miami, and Southern Miss. He was drawing heavy interest from the Hurricanes.

Steen is a member of the ESPN 150 Watch List, Crimson Confidential reported.

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  1. 1
    Bama Fan in NYC

    And there you go! The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute didn’t offer this guy a scholarship, basically meaning this guy is a Mississippi man with no class and character.

    Damn you Saban for landing all this quality talent that lacks class and character.

  2. 3
    Ballplay Indian

    rhyno , at 6’4 ..297…I doubt he plays baseball..But who knows, Ill bet he could crush one. Thats even bigger than Frank ‘the big hurt’ Thomas..

  3. 4

    Why would Saban offer a scholarship to a mere “3 star” so early in the recruiting process? Why woudn’t he wait until around November to see how the kid’s senior season unfolds? It’s almost as if Saban feels like there’s some outside pressure forcing him to offer early scholarships in order to catch up and regain the spotlight. What could it be that would make him feel that way? Hmmmmm…..

  4. 5

    Julio, that’d be funny if Saban weren’t one of the coaches who started the trend of offering scholarships early.

  5. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Capstone, hate to say it , but your right. When it comes to recruiting, The Saban wrote the book. He isnt looking over his shoulder for anybody. Until Auburn beats him head to head regularly, I really dont think hes that concerned.

  6. 7

    Julio, how many early scholarships has Tuberville, Meyer, Miles, Richt, Fulmer, and Petrino offered this year?

    Who was Saban’s competition, anyway? A senile Bobby Bowden and Miami’s version of Mike Shula, Randy Shannon.

    Don’t fret, Saban will once again reel in another top ten recruiting class, two months after he takes Tuberville to the woodshed, while Tuberville reels in a top 30 class.

  7. 8

    Glad to see the bammers are still awake. Here’s a blurb from a less than flattering little column that ESPN ran about all of you bammers yesterday that soem of you may find interesting:

    “At Alabama, it’s a way of life. If you don’t believe so, Tide fans will gladly tell you. They talk about past glory as if it happened just yesterday.

    Never mind that they’ve won just one SEC championship in the last 15 years.

    Yep, there’s a myriad of reasons for the rest of the SEC to hate Alabama. But right there at the top is this belief among many in the Tide Nation that they’re an elite program even if their record over the last decade or so says otherwise.

    The operative word here is “was” an elite program. After all, Alabama is on its eighth head coach since Bryant retired in 1982. Since 1997, Alabama has lost five or more games in a season eight times.

    For those keeping count at home, that’s eight five-loss seasons or more in the last 11 years. And in the last five seasons, the Crimson Tide have lost 30 football games.

    Elite? Mediocre sounds more like it.”


    Ouch!!! How’s that for “national perception” bammers? (The bammer smear campaign against the author shall now begin.)

  8. 10

    That’s right, Cappy. The sole fact that he possesses an address in Knoxville discredits every word he says. Let’s just forget the fact that he has the credibility and reputation of the largest sports media outlet in the entire world behind him. After all, only a AU or TN fan would feel that bammers have a sense of entitlement and supremacy with no basis whatsoever, right?

  9. 11

    Hey julio,

    If The University of Alabama football team never won another game, it is a far, far better thing to be a “has been” rather than a “never was”…like the barn!

    Now…get back to the school yard!

  10. 13

    Nope…not what I said…typical barner…read the post DA! The first word in the post is “IF” and we all know, including all you AUO fans, that the first statement will NEVER be true!! But the fact that the barn IS a “never was” is INDISPUTABLE!!!!

  11. 14

    Kenny, all those capitalized letters and exclamation points…you’re an angry little “has been” aren’t ya?

    P.S. Cappy, I want to lodge a complaint against Kenny for personal attacks. He called me a District Attorney.

  12. 15

    Hey julio,
    I love how you completely ignored the fact that AUO is actually a “never was”…tattling to the blogger…you are obviously one angry, very little, “never was”.

    I am done wasting my time on you…now, get back to the school yard!

  13. 16

    I think most fans know ESPN isn’t credible as a source of information. Anything written by them is less reliable than something written by Obama or McCain.

  14. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    Hold on a minute Cap…When T.T. was making his appeal for a national championship appearance, he said that ESPN was biased. Were you around to see what the pro Bammer media did too him ? The backlash was atrocious. Finebaum in particular. They freekin blasted the man. ESPN was as white as the driven snow. Why would they have an agenda? Finebaum said. Remember ? Remember what Lou “granny” Holtz said on gameday? Remember Mark Mays comments? Only when they jumped on Nick Sabans head did Alabama wake up. It was comical. Almost like no one ever realized what was going on. I agree, they are not objective whatsoever. I just wish that the Bama Nation could have seen what we have known for 4 years now.

    By the way, speaking of Mark May, I was watching a ESPN CFB preview show yesterday. Did any of yall catch it ? I smiled fron ear to ear when Mark May picked Bama to win the S.E.C. Yall might as well not even put the pads on. That was the kiss of death if Ive ever seen any. If granny concurs, yall will be lucky to win a game.

    If youre a gamblin man. Watch gameday, and bet on the opposite. youll be wealthy in no time.

    In case you havent noticed , I loath the ESPN talking heads. Remember Herbstreet picking Miami to win it all. Who was it that May picked? was it FSU, or his man crush team, USC ?

  15. 18

    yep Aubbos
    We get it… Bama is bad because someone posted it in a blog. Now what is next?

    SERIOUSLY, is that what your down to?
    Some guy somewhere (probably Ballplay/Julio/AKA SHANE/Redneck tider)
    Got this peice of ridiculouls trash posted on an espn website and now all of you stupid little maggot breeding flys have proof positive that “someone” dislikes Bama.
    Big f*cking deal.
    Right now alot of of “Bammers” are laughing AT YOU, for this pitious trifling attempt to discredit UA. God D*mn you guys are weak.

    If this is all you got go home. You guys are one absurd little joke.

  16. 20

    its pretty pathetic that my fellow auburn fans are on a alabama board bashing them… this is why Auburn has a bad name… lets worry about AU football and leave the bammers to their football

  17. 21

    Actually, Ballplay, that article you gracefully provided us with an interesting read.

    I do being an Auburn fan and reading an anti-Alabama article, that wasn’t written by an Auburn fan (at least that we know of) is almost as refreshing as beating Alabama in the Iron Bowl.

    But as of right now, if the SEC truly despises us, it’s because even in our program’s most distressful years, we’re still contain the most joyful and overly supportive fan base in the country. People hate us because we have a thing called tradition, something Auburn doesn’t have and never will have. We lived for this tradition during the 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s, and now. When we’re winning, no one seems to have a problem with us embracing and cherishing our tradition. When we’re losing, people act like we’re going against the laws of humanity.

    The SEC doesn’t love to hate us. They love to envy us, and the team that envies us the most is that nationally unknown program located within the confines of the darkest area of our shadow, colloquially known as Auburn. But on the contrary, not very many SEC teams hate us the way Auburn does. In fact, if you ask any SEC fan, other than Auburn, who they hate the most and it’s not Alabama.

    Do you remember the poll results taken from the SEC site a while back? Florida came in first as the most hated team. LSU second. Georgia third. And Auburn fourth.

    Before Saban was hired, you could’ve asked a fan of any Western division team who they hated most, and the predominant answer would’ve been Auburn. Why? For one, Auburn fans have the little man’s attitude and they take it out mainly on Alabama, but on others as well. I’ve spoken with LSU and UGA fans who’ve attended games in Auburn and talked about how ridiculous their college and fans come off as by evolving around Alabama, because there’s just as much anti-Alabama advertising in Auburn as there is Auburn, where at Alabama, we advertise our rich tradition and when we win SEC title number 22, we’ll advertise 22 national championships, when we win bowl game number 55, we’ll advertise 55 bowl victories. That’s how we do things and you ask anyone what’s a more important obsession: tradition or your arch rival.

  18. 22

    wareagle 2: Stop pretending to be an Auburn fan. Tmc what have we told you about using other names and pretending to be an Auburn fan? Auburn fans do not have a bad name. I was actually reading an article today about how Auburn is the best road game in the SEC for fans because of how nice they treat the vistors. Who was next to last? yep bammers. LSwho pulled up the rear. bammer has a bad name in the fan base but their fans don’t care about that. They don’t care what others think of them. They continue to be ridiculous with their predictions and so on…

  19. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Tiderinsider….Naw…..Im pretty sure I just love to hate Bama…..

    The point of what I was saying was, We warned everyoone About ESPN 4 years ago. Bama didnt listen. Heck yall even piled on with em. I Dont like ESPN bashing Bama. Its not right. But I remember P.F. saying that Alabama would never have a image problem with ESPN. Taht they were Alabama, and they would always get the prpos they deserve. Or something to that effect……Boy he nailed it , didnt he ??????

  20. 24

    My hope in posting that blurb from ESPN was to get under the skin of a couple of bammers. The only thing I did in the post was paste the ESPN blurb, and I mentioned no one’s name. tmc responds to my post by calling me a “stupid little maggot breeding fly” and an “absurd little joke”. Mission accomplished.

    P.S. Congrats, tmc. You replaced the letter “u” with an asterick when you dropped the f-bomb in your post. I’m sure there’s no way an 8 year old could figure out the word you’re actually saying.

  21. 25
    Ballplay Indian

    The asterisk is a huge step in the right direction for tmc1. Please dont discourage him… Ill bet hes cut back to drinking only 10 milwaukees best before lunch instead of the usual 12. Also down to smoking 3 packs of basic cigs instead of the usual 4. Progress is progress, any way you look at it..Congrats tmc1 on the huge step in the right direction. Were proud of ya !!!!!

  22. 26

    tiderinsider, notice the most hated teams in america are notre dame, alabama, usc, oklahoma, michigan and ohio state. notice how they also atop all the college football record books too. look at baseball where the most hated team is the yankees. football it’s the patriots. etc. etc.

    Count this as my signature:

  23. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Berman , people cant hate you because of your success, because you have none. Thats like saying I hate Princeton, I mean, they have more National Championships than bammer. See, it makes no sense…In reality , the CFB world despises Bama because 90% of its giant fanbase still think they matter. Kinda like you…

  24. 28
    Ballplay Indian

    KAAAYAAAA!!!! That was like a punch to the solarplexus wasnt it Berman? Hold your arms over your head ,give it a while , youll get your breath back eventually.

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