NBC to stream Sunday Night football

REUTERS: ‘Sunday Night Football’ to be streamed on Web
A non-Alabama story, but still interesting for football fans. Reuters reported NBC will stream the complete Sunday Night Football broadcast (See story below, last brief).


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    The Internet is not only changing the way sports news & commentary is presented, but it is changing the way sporting events are watched.

    The first inkling of how the sporting landscape was changing was way back at the Olympics in Barcelona (I think it was Barcelona and not Seoul), when NBC began broadcasting events on its cable channels.

    The Internet extends the capabilities of broadcasters—extra camera angles, etc. It stars with the NFL, but how long until we see this same technology for every college game (even the sucky ones on Raycom.

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    The Oakland A’s!!!! Ha! Ha! I haven’t been able to keep up with baseball, unfortunately, due to my ridiculous schooling schedule. I couldn’t even watch the All Star game the other night. I was so upset. That’s almost like a yearly rhYno mid-summer tradition. lol

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    Odds are that you will be able to watch the game on the Tube. It will only benefit the unfortunate that have to work Sunday Nights. (Damn)
    I’ve got that CUBs Fever. Is anybody digging this until the Season starts ?

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    I stopped watching pro sports years ago. I was once an avid Braves fan, but thanks to Tom Glavine, the leader of the last strike, I no longer care for any professional sport.

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    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Lcn, you have to overlook their nonsense. I realize they’re being paid more money than they deserve, but pro baseball is an American tradition that all families are supposed to enjoy.

    College football will always come first in my life, but baseball will always fall behind in second. Nothing beats attending an afternoon game with a cold beer, hot dog, and a pretty lady by your side!

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