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  1. 1
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Sheer classic! I seen a guy wearing a shirt at the UA/LSU game last year that read, “Bleaux Me”. I could not stop laughing after reading that and he told me he and his roommate made them the night before.

    He could make serious money if he would set up a tent and sell those same shirts on gameday.

  2. 9

    What is the deal with Miles? The obsession with Miles is ridiculous. Because he told the truth.. now he is public enemy #1.. yeah.. just keep on concentrating on ole Miles..

  3. 11


    You need to find some sponsors that are at least a little clever. This “dood” doesn’t qualify.

  4. 12

    What’s the matter, Redneck, are you upset that the main image concerned Miles and not Tuberville?

    F’ing Alabama doesn’t do it for you? I think the obsession tends to come from the other end, both ends at that, including the ugliest little village in Opelika, and from Miles’ end simply because Saban stole one of his most wanted prospects. I’m quite surprised Tubs hasn’t made any remarks yet seeing how he’s only able to land prospects that no other school shows any interest in.

  5. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    George W… That post made absolutely no sense…NONE….Redneck was just pointing out the fact that yall are ….Hell ,,never mind…Im not even going to try.

  6. 14

    ummm yeah GeorgeW whatever you say.. geezzz ballplay do you think they are kind of pissed at the mention of Miles name.. besides beating your butts on the field George, why else would you hate him?
    Since Tubs owns bammer and Saban, he doesn’t have to make any remarks.. he does his talking on the field.. unlike bammer fans.

  7. 15
    Ballplay Indian

    Redneck…Nail meet hammer…That is the only reason they need to absolutely hate any other program… They beat the beloved “TIDE” …Just think how much they hate Auburn. 6 years worth of ass whoopins and still going.. They are gonna blow a gasket if they dont win one soon. Im talking Jack Nicholson in The Shining type stuff. AAs Ive pointed out before, when they finally win one,(and they will one of these years) the 92 national champ t-shirts and the smell of mothballs are gonna knock us out. In a way I dread it. But in a way I know it is necessary for our own good. Knowhatimean?

  8. 16

    yep.. you are right.. the streak will end and they will absolutely blow a gasket.. better watch out wherever you are because you know what.. bammers back baby.

  9. 18
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I like the tee shirt that has a line drawn across the top of your belly button that says “I’ve had it up to here with Saban”

    The TIGERS are coming!
    Clemson 24
    scum ZIP

  10. 19
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Are the backwoods Barnies, or Barnie I should say, being hypocrites once again (Ballplay/Kevin/Redneck/aka all in one)? Mark Richt beats us, and we don’t hate him. Urban Meyer has beaten us and we don’t hate him. Sly Croome has beaten us, and we don’t hate him. The Louisiana-Monroe coach defeated us, yet we don’t hate him.

    We hate Tuberredneck because he’s a classless loser that took advantage of our weakened state, and instead of defeating us with class, the way Richt, Meyer, Croome and company does, he insists on rubbing it in because he knows he HAD the upper hand in the situation, and he’s just as inferior as his entire, envy-filled fan base is. Do YOU GUYS expect us to respect a coach that allows his players to stomp his opposition’s logo after a victory? Do you expect us to respect a coach that allows his players of high class and rich character to taunt the opposition after a loss by holding up finger? Do you expect us to respect a coach that took the field first, and even had the commentators speak poorly on him about it in Bryant-Denny? Do you expect us to respect a coach that does nothing to his players for “accidentally” running directly into one of our Yell Crew members and knocking them down, proceeding to continue walking and not help him up while running onto the field?

    Why do LSU fans hate Saban? Why do LSU fans hate Tuberredneck when Les Miles currently owns him? Could it be because he allowed his players to stomp their logo a few years back?

    When we plant Tuberredneck’s Al Falfa looking face into the dirt, like we did while he was at Ole Miss and at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute before our downfall occurred, we’ll still despise him for being a classless jerk that leads his delusional fan base on to believing he’s actually a good coach when in reality, he was a below average coach who found himself in the right place at the right time. Even Ed Orgeron could’ve done what Tuberville did had he taken over The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute job, right at the point when Alabama’s program fell apart.

    Keep hyping him up to be the second coming, but he’s evolving back into natural form (Ole Miss and pre-Alabama sanctions coach at API) already and soon, it’ll show on the playing field as well.

  11. 20

    Richt lost all of the respect I had for him after he allowed his players to use the endzone as a dance floor against UF last year. I also lost all respect for Pete Carroll after he refused to shake the hand of the coach that defeated him last year claiming he doesn’t celebrate a loss. That’s the precise definition of classless in my opinion.

  12. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    NYC…Puulleeeeeeeeeeeeeeese…Spare the whole “class” speach. The words “calss” and “bama” are not compatible…Firstly since T.T. owns Bryant – Tubberville stadium, he can do what he pleases there. Your arguement about Georgia dont hold water. Yall dont play them every year like we do..If you did, they would be kicking your asses on a regular basis, like we do, and hence, the bile would be spewing. After they beat the brakes off of you this year, the hate will start to grow. Especially if its close. You guys loath Tenn. I know partly cause of Fulmer and the probation thing.. But if you guys were winning , there would be a whole different attitude. The 05 Florida game bought them a stay of execution on the hate, and again, yall dont play them every year…LAMO …Well , we heard every excuse under the sun on that one…Bottom line, you cant hate a team that has ZERO credibility. Please stop the whole weak assed “weakened state”: arguement.. It is as old as the freekin hills…Ive asked this question a million times, and not one bammer will answer…Maybe you can man up and anwer it NYC.

    When does an Auburn Iron Bowl victory count?

    Im open to suggestion. Heck, I wont even flame if you say ten freekin years from now..I just want an answer. When is this “weakened state” Bull- Shart excuse gonna stop? Will it ever stop? I have a feeling as long as Auburn is winning, it will never stop.

    Answer this question as well…If Tubbs sux soooo bad. Why has he managed to beat every other SEC school on a regular basis….That has nothing to do with yalls “weakened state” does it…Or maybe it will according to you.. You are just delusional enough to think something that assenine.

    Again,,the reason UAs program sux right now has nothing to do with probation…It has to do with poor choices from the powers that be…Dubose, Fran, Price, SHULA !!!!! Heck you woulda thought each one of these coachs invented freekin football when they showed up at Bama…Sabans no different…Until he shows what he can do ON THE FIELD I am not even concerned in the least about him…

    I am fairly confident that we win this year….09 is a lock….If , and thats a big if,,Yall dont fire The Saban after three consecutive Iron Bowl losses. Yall may have a shot at the SEC in 2010. He is got the program going in the right direction. But quit acting like its 1976. Bama , nor ANY other team , can dominate CFB like yall did then. I acould tell you why , but that is a whole different ball of wax.

  13. 23

    Catching the tail end of your comment, didn’t we dominate Auburn in the 1990’s? That decade was clearly a long ways away from 1976! I understand this is an entirely new decade, but this decade hasn’t exactly played in our favor with a myriad of coaching changes and NCAA violations, what makes you think Alabama won’t have the benefit that Florida, Georgia, LSU, and Auburn, who temporarily took our place, has after we pick up the broken pieces?

    Our program was a literal mess in the 1950’s and I’ve heard stories about how Auburn fans said we’d never relive the days of Frank Thomas and Wallace Wade. Whether you accept this or not, we are still Alabama and we won’t be held down forever. No. We’ll never dominate the nation the way we did under Bryant, Thomas, and Wade, and we understand that. But there will come a time when we compete for the West year in and out. Hell, I even remember when Auburn fans laughed after the hiring of Gene Stallings, another coach who suffered miserably in the NFL. Look at what that man done for us, and he and Saban share similar coaching qualities. Saban had a rough year in his first season here and he done so at LSU as well, but Stallings did as well, even though he capped the season off by ending Auburn’s other streak.

    It won’t kill you to think objectively for once, because you’ve seen what denying this program has done for you in the past.

  14. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    LCN….Read some of my other posts…I agree that bama will be competitive soon. I think 2010 will be yalls year. The 90s Iron bowls do not count for Alabama, as Auburn was on probation. Our “weakened state” was all you guys needed to fill the void. See how that arguement works both ways? Ive asked it a million times . The only Bammers that I think are reasonable are yourself (sometimes) and rhyno. Capstone is just doing his job, but is 75% oblective… So I will ask yall again.

    When do Auburns Iron Bowl victories count as legitamite victories over an “unweakened” Alabama ???

    This is information that I would sincerely like to know. I will not flame at anyones response. I just want to know what yall are thinking. And maybe why you think it..

    I will say this . If Saban loses 2 more to Auburn, I think hes in deep doo-doo. Fired , maybe , maybe not. It willdepend on the rest of his schedule. @ Iron bowl losses coupled with a &-5 season this year , and a 8-4 season next year , then watch out..

  15. 25

    ballplay- I honestly do not think Saban will stick around long enough to get fired. He has the rep of loving em and leaving em

  16. 26

    Then they can take those catchy t-shirts that say “got saban” and just add a line or two that says “neither do we”.. thats TRADITION right there.

  17. 27
    Ballplay Indian

    Redneck, I ve asked this question at least a dozen times. No one even responds. This question is equivalent to misquito repelent. Wait … That was a poor choice of words. Its more like a tazer/pepper spray. I you are ever in an arguement with a bammer , and on the rare occasion that you may be losing an arguement with a bammer, this question is your ace in the hole. All you hear are crickets and tumbleweeds when it is asked. Why do you think that is ?? Watch and see. here goes.

    To any and all bammers, When does an Auburn Iron Bowl victory count? When will your “weakened state” be over?

    Now see what happens..

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