Notes from Day 3 of SEC Media Days

How the SEC has changed
Why is the SEC strong? Even UK and South Carolina are upgrading their talent. Kentucky in particular has improved in one easily measurable way: speed.

“When I got to Kentucky, the first year we had one player that could run under 4.5. Last year we had 17,” Brooks said.

Tuberville’s defensive compliment
You know Tommy Tuberville likes a guy when he says a player could play defense. After all coming from the defensive side, Tuberville is biased. Tuberville paid the high compliment to Lee Ziemba.

“Lee Ziemba is as natural an athlete; big, strong, smart, fast, probably could play defense,” Tuberville said.

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Newspapers in decline
Why are newspapers in decline? When I worked in print, we used Macs. Most sportswriters at SEC Media Days were using PCs. Like most every other societal ill—I now blame Microsoft for the decline of the newspaper.

Clock rule change draws criticism
On Wednesday Urban Meyer bashed the new clock rule, and today UK’s Rich Brooks did too.

“I’d just like to leave them alone for a while so you don’t have to go in and not only teach blocking and tackling and securing the ball and stripping the ball and all the football fundamentals, but every year now we’ve got to address new clock rules with the players,” Brooks said. “It’s just kind of foolish, in my mind, that you tinker with it in a three year cycle like we have with the clock rule.”

Spurrier’s heartbreaking losses
Steve Spurrier mentioned heartbreaking South Carolina losses to teams like Tennessee, Florida and Georgia. I was wondering how many more losses Spurrier can stomach before bolting for retirement or greener pastures.

Who is the offensive mastermind?
Steve Spurrier and Bobby Petrino were in Birmingham today. But which of the two is the SEC’s offensive mastermind? Has Petrino surpassed the Ol’ Ball Coach? Which would you want calling plays on your sideline?