Confessions of a Bama blogger

I didn’t vote Alabama to win the conference when I turned in my ballot at SEC Media Days Thursday. I didn’t vote Alabama to win the division. And perhaps the worst confession of all, I let my uncertainty over the Western Division overrule my gut (LSU), and I voted Auburn to win the division.

Why? Well, I’ve felt LSU would win the division for a long time. I probably still think so, but I let my concerns win out. I am concerned over LSU’s quarterback situation, and the fact I assume Miles will blow at least two games because he is Les Miles.

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That could open the door for Alabama or Auburn. But I voted Auburn. My head overruled my gut based on defense. Of course, I don’t think Auburn is a great team, because of too many question marks, but the rest of the division sucks too. Other than LSU, and they have Les Miles.

Tommy Tuberville or Les Miles. If that’s the choice, I’ll pick Tuberville.

If you forced me to have money riding on it. I’d probably go with the athletes at LSU.

How I voted the SEC’s order of finish:
Champion: Georgia
Eastern Division
1. Georgia—I voted the Bulldogs to win the conference last season. And if they had a shot to play for the national title last year, they’d have beaten LSU.
2. Florida—Now second fiddle in the East. Learn to play defense again and reascend the mountaintop.
3. South Carolina—Spurrier is down, but not out.
4. Tennessee—Fulmer’s slide into retirement is underway. I see losses to all his major rivals for this season.
5. Kentucky—at least there is Vandy.
6. Vanderbilt—Vandy is back. Back sucking that is.

Western Division
1. Auburn—I’m still not sold on the offense, but I’m not sold on LSU’s QB either.
2. LSU—Establish a QB, and the Tigers will win the division. Provided Miles doesn’t screw it up.
3. Alabama—Alabama’s record will improve substantially over last season. You’ll see better QB play, and something resembling a consistent running game.
4. Mississippi State—I think MSU will be good again this season. I’m interested to see how the new DC works out.
5. Ole Miss—Nutt has some talent, but this is a tough division.
6. Arkansas—Welcome to the SEC Mr. Petrino.

One last note, I voted Matt Stafford as my choice for ALL-SEC.

Now that I’ve confessed, what must I do for absolution?