SEC intrigue: Fulmer and the subpoena

AP: A process server hired by lawyers for Wendell Smith of Chattanooga, Tenn., approached Fulmer as he stepped out of an SUV outside the suburban hotel where SEC holds its media days, said Brandon Blankenship, an attorney for Smith.


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    When the SEC decides to completely move its operations out of B’ham, it will be because of stupid crap like this.

    Smith was caught ON TAPE talking about paying that player. And his lawsuit is against the HCAA, no Fulmer. This is just using the legal system to seek revenge and harrass Fulmer and others. If the judge has any sense, he’ll throw out the lawsuit.

    And bammers wonder why everyone thinks they are whiners.

  2. 3

    Leave it to a Barnie to provide Alabama fans of all people with false facts. Let’s see the evidence, Kevin. Let’s see the tape. This is an article related more to Fulmer, and I understand if it wasn’t for Fulmer, the number six would only exist in that fairy tale world of delusion you guys surround yourselves around.

  3. 4

    what do you expect from a barnie? all they can provide is their public delusions, misinformation, false facts, and weak insults. you can’t expect any more than that.

    Count this as my signature:

  4. 5

    I think the point of Smith suing is that the NCAA doesnt have a iron clad case. And I think the reason Fat Phil has been dodging the subpoena and then trying to spin it is that he has something to hide.
    I really, really would consider it an early christmas present to see Phil explain his side of the story, bur I am sure he will probably figure out a way to pay another $10,000 and keep hiding the truth.

  5. 6
    Bama Fan in NYC

    With a belly as gigantically large as his is, I’d say he’s hiding more than just conspiracy behind college football, but maybe even Roswell and Area 51 secrets.

    The truth is out there!

  6. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    When the powers that be in the SEC realise that having media days in Hoover is a giant mistake , and move it to Atlanta . Dont ask why it happened. This stupid B.S. only makes the rest of the country think even worse of the state than they already do. Thanks Crimson Turds. Just because yall dont have any shame, doesnt mean the rest of the state shold suffer.

  7. 12

    The University of Alabama is not suing Phil Fulmer. WENDELL SMITH IS.
    I might also add that the University of Alabama has no control over who private citizens sue. MEANWHILE
    BallplayImbecile.and Kevin
    you were in such a hurry to get your half baked conclusion (complete with the slur CRIMSON TURDS) on the board you didnt even take the time to read what the post was about. Cappy hid THAT INFORMATION IN THE FIRST SENTENCE.
    Nice reading guys.

  8. 14

    It’s not like one of our professors changed the failing grade to passing for our players so what are the API fans bickering so furiously about?

  9. 15

    I dont know Some guy sues the NCAA and Phil Fulmer gets subpoenaed what does that have to doe with the Crimson tide. NADA.

  10. 17

    Wendell smith admitted he gave the money.he just said it wasn’t because he played or wanted him to play at ua, he just liked to help young men out. That is what his suit is based on.

  11. 18

    Talk about delusions, tmc. Of course, UAT is connected to the Smith lawsuit. Connecting the dots should be possible even for those wearing crimson-color glasses.

    And Danny, that “he just liked to help young men out” schtick is about as believable as saying the sky is green. Smith was PAYING PLAYERS. And he ADMITTED IT. Case closed.

  12. 19

    Jesus, you have lost it.
    So a citizen in chatanooga ts. who has been disassociated from the U of A, files a lawsuit against the NCAA and subpoenas Phil Fulmer for a deposition.

    The only part of that I see that has anything to do with the University of Alabama is “disassociated”.
    Why would the U of A want to drag this sorry episode out with the organization that damn near destroyed the U of A and still has the means to do it at-will.

    I connected the Dots and I came up with the conclusion that all Auburn fans want to do is find a way to discredit University of Alabama any way they can.

  13. 21
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1…the point is that yet ANOTHER jackass delusional bammer is doing what bammers do. Beind a jackass…..You cant tell me that you dont want to see this happen….The state of Alabama will suffer for the actions of these jackass Bammers. The SEC will yank media days out of Hoover and send it to Atlanta. Why? Because of jackass bammers. It makes your fanbase look even MORE IDIOTIC THAN IT ALREADY IS…IF THAT IS EVEN POSSIBLE…. Gee thanks Bammer for making this state even more delusional looking to the national media. I sometimes hope that people think Auburn IS in Georgia. You people are an embarrassment….Again tmc1 ,,you cant tell me that you and the rest of the neck nation arent glad that this happened..

  14. 22

    Phil will never see the deposition, the statue of limitations has run out Mr. Smith and the lawyers just wanted to embarrass him and they did! Real classy like ya know? Good thing is Mr Smith cannot have anything to do with UAT again

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