Random notes on Day 2 of SEC Media Days

Ave Caesar!
Notwithstanding a 7-6 record in his first season, Nick Saban arrived at SEC Media Days Thursday like a conquering hero. Alabama fans and media swarmed Saban’s every move. From radio broadcast to radio broadcast cameras followed the emperor of Alabama.

I somehow resisted the urge to ask Saban what he expected the Tide’s record to be this season.

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Player safety rules
I’m all for player safety. I wouldn’t want anyone to be injured, but some of these rules to protect the player will only net more controversy during games. Football is a contact sport. Right?

Fulmer…not fat?
Phil Fulmer looked almost svelte at SEC Media Days. Maybe he has lost weight worrying about being served with a subpoena every time he visits Birmingham? Fulmer wouldn’t answer any questions about that topic during his meeting with print reporters.

According to reports, Fulmer was served with a subpoena.

What SEC coaches would you invite over for dinner?

The old question about who would make the most interesting dinner party guests could be applied to SEC coaches. Who would you invite over?

As for me, I’d pick Mark Richt, Sylvester Croom and Tim Tebow. Wait. What? Tebow isn’t Florida’s coach?

Then maybe Auburn’s head coach Tony Franklin. I’m looking forward to meeting him tomorrow morning when Auburn takes its turn at media days. Wait. What? Tuberville is still the Auburn head coach?

I would invite Nick Saban, but he probably wouldn’t have time.

More later…I’m off to visit my mom to see how her recovery is going before sitting down to write more on today’s events.


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  1. 1

    “emperor of Alabama”.. LMAO. That has to be the funniest thing I have read on here in a long time. Sabans looks more like a little napoleon to me but I play your crazy game.. little emperor will be his new name. HA HAAAAAAAAAAAA

  2. 2

    Caesar or Napolean…still two of the greatest generals in history.

    Remember Cap it is a process, and never ask Saban about expectations!

  3. 3
    Ballplay Indian

    “A conquering hero”? Seriuosly? I had to resist the gag reflex when I read that. What Has he conquered? Not LAMO, Not Auburn, Not LSU, Not FSU, Not Miss. St. , Not Georgia . Who does he “Conquer” this year. Clemson? No. Georgia? No. LSU? No. Auburn? No. Tennessee? No. Mississippi Stae? No. Ole Miss? No. Arkansas? No.

    Conquerer? I think not.

  4. 4

    Oh yeah Kenny.. the process.. WOW.. It moves me to just hear those two word.. “The process”. I also like “it is what it is”.. great quotes from a little emperor.

  5. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    “The process” ….2 words that bammers seem to love these days. Only problem is , its ” The Process” of losing.

    “The Process” of your program going into a unrecoverable tailspin.

    “The Process” Of getting pimpslapped by LAMO at home.

    “The Process” of over 10% of your team landing in the pokey.

    “The Process” of having 2 legendary quarterbacks become a laughing stock.

    “The Process” of the naational media steadliy turning on you a little more every year.

    Wow, what a process. I could go on for days but my fingers are getting tired.

  6. 7

    What’s the matter, AUtards? Can’t handle the truth? When he over-conquers Tuberville, in a more shameful fashion than the late great Mike Dubose and Dennis Franchione did, the truth will be known and Hawley will high tail it out of the plainest village in Lee County, most likely to Southern Miss where he’ll record even more embarrassing records than he did at Ole Miss.

  7. 8

    And who did Tuberville conquer in his first season at API?

    It wasn’t Ole Miss.

    It wasn’t Tennessee.

    It wasn’t Mississippi State.

    It wasn’t Florida.

    It wasn’t Arkansas.

    It wasn’t Alabama!

    Needless to say he hardly could conquer any of those teams (except MSU which compiled a record of 2-2 against) at Ole Miss either.

    Attack Saban while you can!

  8. 9

    the emperor of alabama is the proper term that defines nick saban. tuberville was once known as the laughing stock of alabama until shula came on board. then tuberville was considered the temporary emperor of the state. now that a new king has been crowned tuberville and alabama tech will be returned to their natural state of being, which is the second rate afterthought and the laughing stock of the state.

    Count this as my signature:

  9. 10
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Great point, Chris. What delusional facts will they have to counter that ass-kicking response?

    Obviously Saban is doing something that Tuberredneck couldn’t do at Ole Miss or at The Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute until Alabama’s downfall.

    I think it’s safe to say and assume Saban’s process is more in place and successful than Tuberville’s was in the beginning. It took his “process” six years to finally post a winning record in the SEC, and ten years for it to finally gain success, which the success is due in large part to Alabama’s downfall.

    Here’s to you Barnies: FEAR THE PROCESS! Your days are numbered.

  10. 11

    Saban must be big time. Otherwise all you aubbos wouldnt be here. Showing how week your faith in AU is.

    Simply put, Bama is on the way back and Auburn is on the way back to being the state’s comic relief. Thank you.

  11. 13
    Ballplay Indian

    Christopherson…Point is I have NEVER seen ANY Auburn fan, blog, columnist, coach, or player EVER refer to thier team, coach, program, as a “CONQUERING HERO” . When or if that ever happens then fire away. Can you not see that your Maniacle fanbase really sees The Saban that way? My point was, if last year Tubbs had lost the games yall did, there is not a snowballs chance in hades youd ever see any article talking about him coming to media days as a “CONQUERING HERO”. NO WAY. You guys are acting like youve already won the dadgum Iron bowl. Or even an SEC champ. YOU HAVE NOT WON AN IRON BOWL IN SIX YEARS !!!! Can yall not see that when someone who doesnt pull for either team reads that kind of crap, it makes them see you all for the delusional spastics that you are? Like I said when the guy wins a division , or conference championship , that is the time to write about someone being a “CONQUERING HERO”. As for Tubbs early years at Auburn, yes he lost quite a few games, but the point is, you never read ANY articles about him being a “CONQUERING HERO” AT THE NEXT YEARS MEDIA DAYS. Why? Because as a whole, Auburn fans are not half as crazy as Alabama fans, thats why. The Bama Nation sees him as a “CONQUERING HERO”. The rest of the CFB world sees him as a overpaid parol officer.


    You cant make stuff like this up.

    Guys, you are supposed to wait till you win a game against your rival before you get arrogant and snippy….Got it?

  12. 14

    Whoa… Whoa… Whoa… Whoa… Whoa!

    If you have a problem with fans proclaiming him to be a conquerer, then what the hell are you doing on this site? No one was targeting you individually, so you sir should show a little more gratitude toward the bloggers. If we wanted to proclaim Saban as the greatest coach in the nation, then we have every God-given right to do so because this is our blog site and we can say whatever the hell we feel led to say.

    If we had posted that on an Alabama Polytechnic Institute board, then you have every right to say what you please. But this is our site and if you have a problem with us uplifting our coach to be Godlike, then you have to understand you must deal with it. No one singled you out individually so there’s no need to point out every little bitty negative detail so there’s no need to contradict for the sake of all that is holy.

  13. 15

    Godlike and coach used seriously in the same sentence. Wow.I think the guy was simply saying you have to conquer something to be a conquerer. Is he not correct.

  14. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    007……Point taken….You have the right to be as delusional as you wish.. Knock it out dude.

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