Random notes on Day 2 of SEC Media Days

Ave Caesar!
Notwithstanding a 7-6 record in his first season, Nick Saban arrived at SEC Media Days Thursday like a conquering hero. Alabama fans and media swarmed Saban’s every move. From radio broadcast to radio broadcast cameras followed the emperor of Alabama.

I somehow resisted the urge to ask Saban what he expected the Tide’s record to be this season.

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Player safety rules
I’m all for player safety. I wouldn’t want anyone to be injured, but some of these rules to protect the player will only net more controversy during games. Football is a contact sport. Right?

Fulmer…not fat?
Phil Fulmer looked almost svelte at SEC Media Days. Maybe he has lost weight worrying about being served with a subpoena every time he visits Birmingham? Fulmer wouldn’t answer any questions about that topic during his meeting with print reporters.

According to reports, Fulmer was served with a subpoena.

What SEC coaches would you invite over for dinner?

The old question about who would make the most interesting dinner party guests could be applied to SEC coaches. Who would you invite over?

As for me, I’d pick Mark Richt, Sylvester Croom and Tim Tebow. Wait. What? Tebow isn’t Florida’s coach?

Then maybe Auburn’s head coach Tony Franklin. I’m looking forward to meeting him tomorrow morning when Auburn takes its turn at media days. Wait. What? Tuberville is still the Auburn head coach?

I would invite Nick Saban, but he probably wouldn’t have time.

More later…I’m off to visit my mom to see how her recovery is going before sitting down to write more on today’s events.