SEC Media Day Itineraries

Tim Gayle of the Montgomery Advertiser provides a look at what an SEC Media Day looks like for a college star like Antoine Caldwell.

Here’s what Caldwell’s media day looks like:
8:40 a.m. ESPN
9 a.m. CBS
9:10 a.m. CSS
9:20 a.m. part 1 of 3 with local broadcast outlets
9:30 a.m. talk radio
9:40 a.m. part 2 of 3 with local broadcast outlets
9:50 a.m. Raycom
10 a.m. part 3 of 3 with local broadcast outlets
10:10 a.m. SEC-TV
10:20 meeting with print journalists for 20 minutes

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What will Saban’s day look like? I imagine something like this:
8:40 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9:10 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9:20 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9:30 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9:40 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
9:50 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
10 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
10:10 a.m. I don’t have time for this shit.
10:20 I don’t have time for this shit.


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  1. 1
    Ballplay Indian

    The Sabans itenerary for media days.

    8;30 The Saban pulls into parking lot.

    8;31 The Saban looks at the throngs of crimson necks throwing palm leaves into the parking lot, and puts his head in his hands in utter disgust.

    8;35 After wading through an ocean of “ROLL TIDE” screamin necks , he finally gets into the building.

    8;40 The Saban gets onto an elevator and notices Ms. Collete is still stalking him.

    9;00 The Saban sneaks into the bathroom and takes about 5 Xanex.

    9;30 The Saban returns to the lobby and sees a family of overweight Bammer necks encamped on the lobby sofa, still chanting ” Roll Tide, Roll Tide”.

    10;00 The Saban explains to all the media outlets how his “self esteem ” and “life management” courses, have positively impacted his team.

    10;30 The Saban calls his boys Finebaum and Carly to go floating on a boat in the parking lot water fountain , so the media can see that the man is not a robot.

    11;00 The Saban uses his mental telepathy to control his media minions into writinig about how he has “turned the corner”.

    12;00 Finebaum and The Saban take a break in the complex Jacuzzi.

    12;05 The Saban smokes a cigerette.

    1;00 The Saban takes a nap.

    2;00 After an exhaustive day , The Saban wades back through an ocean of crimson necks STILL chanting ” ROLL TIDE , ROLL TIDE”. Gets back in his Mercedes, and says to himself, “This aint worth 4 mill a year”.

  2. 3

    Honestly when you see how many bammers show up at this thing.. you have to wonder.. do any of them have jobs? Nope probably not.

  3. 4

    Business Owners don’t have to be at work all the time………unless our Barner hourly employees can’t manage to keep from screwing things up for a day!

  4. 5
    Ballplay Indian

    You mean tose fat slobs laid out on the couch in the lobby chanting “ROLL TIDE, ROLL TIDE, ROLL TIDE” were business owners. Subletting at home for telemarketers hardly qualifies as being a “business owner”. I guess MS. Collette was a business owner too, huh. I mean how else could she have found time to welcome The Saban when he came to T-town.

  5. 6

    Did BamaCEO seriously just say that that toothless horde of crimson clad rednecks that flood the lobby of the Wynfrey are “business owners”? I wasn’t aware that we are now labeling people on SSI disability and foodstamps as “business owners”.

  6. 8

    For God sakes, Cappy’s retarded cousin. If you’re gonna try to insult people by whimsically morphing their screen name into a semi-vulgar word, at least check the freakin’ dictionary and make sure you come remotely close to spelling the word correctly. It really adds to the effect. FYI, it’s spelled f-e-l-l-a-t-i-o. Cappy, please tell your cousin that she must check her dictionary, thesarus, and google prior to making any more posts.

    P.S. You made my point again by responding.

  7. 9
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    When The Sabin is floating in the Hot Tub with FineScum he will say “That’s it FineScum stay under water a little longer, Karley get me a cigarette lit, Collete get away from the boat Aight”

    Bama 6-7
    AUBURN 14-0

  8. 10
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Tuberredneck’s itineraries for SEC media days.

    Gone duck hunting for the weekend! Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute will put on better rodeos for our redneck infested student body than Kodi Burns and Tony Franklin does for them.

  9. 11

    Tuberville’s itenierary?
    Arrive early at 8:25 and start answering questions from the media.

    8:30 Tuberville stands aside on the podium as The media’s new darling (Bobby Petrino) answers questions, signs autographs and tells amusing anecdotes.

    12:00 goes to Taco Bell and gets lunch for himself and Sen’Derrick Marks. The other guy (Whats his name?) didnt make it to the event. He is busy sleeping off another “Come to Jesus” revival headache from the party/prayer meeting the night before @ Brother Chette’s house of gospel, chicken and waffles.

    1:43 Still being ignored by practically every one at the event except Phillip Marshall,,,,, even Bobby Lowder is sitting at Petrino’s table.

    2:12 Has to Feed Marks his tacos. Marks is too busy looking at all the white women to do anything but chew. So CTT is forced to push the food into Mark’s mouth while he is trying to get his Mack on.

  10. 13
    Barnie Basher

    Tuberville will continue to be overshadowed by Saban at media days, in recruiting, and on Nov. 29th ON THE FIELD! I expect 2009 to be Tubberville’s last season after he has his country bumpkin ass handed to him for the second consecutive year!

  11. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    TMAC.. Man you have got some issues. “looking at all the white women”. I am not a politically correct person by any means, but that was just dam stupid. You arent too funny either. And another thing , Clean up that mouth a little. Its o.k. for an occasional dam, ass , and an occasional sheet. But your mouth and your brain are in the gutter. Typical Bammer for you.

  12. 15

    Yes, there tmc goes again, the fine representative of the Capstone that he is. If he’s not dropping “F” bombs in every other post, he’s gracing the blog with blatantly racist comments (and to think he has the stones to call AU fans backward rednecks). We’re all glad you took time out of your Klan meeting to show us who you really are. Do us a favor while you’re in Australia – don’t tell anyone you’re from the State of Alabama. We have enough public image problems as it is.

  13. 16

    Are you intimidated by the fact that SenDerrick Marks might like to look at white women? Sounds to me like you might be having a race issue there, Cause I couldnt care less if he does or not. But it does appear to bother you….Why?
    Does the idea of interracial dating bother you Julio? Sounds like it does….
    Or have you forgotten that the little dig you are taking at Julio Jones with your screen name could be taken as a shot at an african american…. You are on politically correct hypocrit Julio.

  14. 17

    BallplayIndian do you even know anyone who isnt of European Dissent?
    Here is a clue… if you arent “too politically correct by any means” then dont try to tell me what is politically correct. (But then again you woldnt be the furst Aubbo blabbing about something you dont know about.)
    You and the idiot Julio missed the entire point I was making, but then again you miss a lot of things, judging from your presence here.
    One more thing, since when did you become the vocabulary police around here?
    And its spelled “damn”. NOT DAM. DAMN!
    As in DAMN you are bereft of any real intellect arent you?
    Why in the hell are you two so damn concerned about the decorum around here? When is the last time you lent anything to a conversation that was actually about football? You have done everything you possibley can to make sure most of the converstaions are as uncivil as you can make them. And now suddenly you are offended? BOO HOO! Need a hanky?
    Are we supposed to back up and feel sorry for you? Sorry aubbos, it isnt going to happen.
    You two morons need to get out of the early 1990s. What I posted before wasnt anything about race. It was a satiric statement to make CTT look like silly. Or doesnt the image of CTT feeding one of his big dumb lineman Tacos while they are trying to ask women out for a date look slightly ridiculous to you. Wait I know, Substitute Saban and Julio Jones. Maybe that will work for you.

  15. 18
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1 = You are crawfishin now , aint ya boy? You know what that means, right. You are backpedaling cause you know you got busted. You prolly got a pic of G. Wallace in your house (the Gov.) with the words “Segregation today, Segregation tommorrow, Segregation forever!!”. I am calling Jesse and Al to come straighten this out.

    Julio, these are typical Bama tactics when dealing with the truth, deflect, deny, smoke, mirrors, lie, cheat, steal.

  16. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1 you are a racist and should be ashamed . I know the correct spelling of the word dam. I choose to spell it like I do because I know it pisses elitists like you off. Now, go polish your dam George Wallace plaque. Or do you let your “boy ” do that for you?

  17. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1 .. Did you graduate from Bama around 61-63ish .. You sure act like it.

    I have an endless supply of ammo on you now. Run for the hills tmc1.

  18. 21

    Ballplay, tmc’s crawfishin is priceless. Yes, that’s right tmc, Ballplay and I are the racists for being offended by you making a crude “joke” about an incredibly accomplished black athlete. Let’s quote, shall we? “Marks is too busy looking at all the white women to do anything but chew”. Yes, I’m sure you’d say that directly to any black man and have no expectation at all of getting your a$$ kicked.

  19. 22

    Oh, and now Senderrick is a “big, dumb, lineman”. Please explain why you would refer to this incredibly accomplished student-athlete as “dumb”. Wouldn’t have anything to do with the color of his skin, now would it?

  20. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1s itenarary for Saturday.

    11:00 Wake up

    11:05 Turn Swastika bedsheets

    12:00 Go to cleaners to pick up “robe and hat”

    1:00 Go to Clan meeting

    2:00 Meet skinhead buddies for a late lunch

    3:00 Go to Lowes and buy lumber for cross that he will burn later.

    4:00 Go to mall and hand out anti black/jew hate pamphlets.

    5:00 Polish George Wallace plaque

    6:00 Polish combat boots.

    7:00 Meet with the “guys”.

    8:00 Burn cross in some victims yard.

    10:00 Turn in for a good nights sleep.

    Really, I know you were prolly jokin, But that really wasnt necessary. Think before you post next time tmc1. Im done ribbin you .

  21. 25

    Ok, Ballplay. That post was funny enough to finish me off, too. I’m done ribbin tmc as well. (at least on this one particular subject I am. I have all the confidence in the world that he will put his foot in his mouth on another subject in the very near future.)

  22. 26
    Ballplay Indian

    I was a lineman back in the day and I resent your comments. Offensive lineman are the ones who keep the team GPA up. I will have to go to a UA self esteem course if you keep slamming on me.

  23. 27

    You two are idiots.

    Hers is the quote. Please tell me how this is racist.

    2:12 Has to Feed Marks his tacos. Marks is too busy looking at all the white women to do anything but chew. So CTT is forced to push the food into Mark’s mouth while he is trying to get his Mack on.”
    I have to hear this one.
    Tell me you 2 juggheads…How is this comment racist?
    Are you upset that I called white women white?
    Or Are you upset that at the thought of a black man looking at a white woman? (Maybe I should have made her Oriental.)
    You dickheads are out there in space again just making the shit up as you go along.
    So tell me What about that comment is racist….Just as I figured…… you cant say anything that doesnt make YOU look like a racist. You guys are a joke.

  24. 29

    Best quite of all…”Think next time before you post.”
    Think what? That once again you dont know what you are talking about so everyone has to drop the intellectual level of the conversation to include you?
    By the way,
    ballplay says:
    “Im done ribbin you”
    Julio says:
    “I’m done ribbin tmc as well”

    Are you that desperate BallplayJulio?
    You have to have 2 screen names just so someone will agree with your less than average gray-matter? Where I come from that is called Schizophrenia.

  25. 30

    Thanks. And you are correct.
    This is yet another example of an Aubbo trying to clean up someone else’s yard when he needs to be cleaning the garbage out of his own.

  26. 31

    Ballplay says “crawfishin”
    Julio says “crawfishin”
    For two guys who are so against racism, You still havent shown me anything racist I have said. (Or for that matter why it is racist)
    You have shown you are both bery knowlegdable about racist practices.
    And by the way you are fooling no one. You are botht he same pathetic guy who is agreeing with himseld under different screen names.
    Dude. you are a world class loser.

  27. 32

    Ballplay says “crawfishin”
    Julio says “crawfishin”
    For two guys who are so against racism, You still havent shown me anything racist I have said. (Or for that matter why it is racist)
    You have shown you are both bery knowlegdable about racist practices.
    And by the way you are fooling no one. You are botht he same pathetic guy who is agreeing with himself under different screen names.
    Dude. you are a world class loser.

  28. 33

    All Alabama Tech fans are racist bigots who still believe the south is going to rise again. Spare them, tmc. Not all retards are deserving of a one man beatdown like the one you’re administering on them. Ballplay and Julio, all you guys do is play into that well known Alabama Tech stereotype. You know it’s true because you try and reverse the facts on someone innocent. The few bars in downtown Awbarn always deny acceptance to minorities and your school is a proud sponsor of the KKK. Get your facts straight Barnzoes.

  29. 34

    hey Chris,
    If they could get the facts straight they wouldnt be the AUbbsessed, AUbsurd, Barn Clowns they are.
    Thanks for the support….

  30. 35

    Boy, you’re an angry liitle fella, ain’t ya tmc? I’m a little worried about your paranoia, thinking that 2 people are 1 conspiring against you. Do you often think people are following you as well? They’ve got some anti-psychotic meds you can take for that thse days. Given your obsession on the subject, it kind of makes one wonder if you aren’t expressing your multiple personalities through multiple screen names on this blog.

    Gee, Ballplay and I were both willing to have a liitle fun at your expense over the “white women” comment and let it go. If you want to keep it alive, that’s fine with me. Rather than pasting an entire novel in your explanation in a futile attempt to bury the racist comment, let’s once again read the actual line that matters: “Marks is too busy looking at all the white women to do anything but chew.” Yes, I’m sure you’d be completely comfortable walking up to any black man and repeating that same line, substituting their name for “Marks”. No chance at all you’d immediately get the shi+ kicked out of you. Now hurry up, type in a response laden with “F” bombs, and get off the computer before you’re late for the David Duke book signing down at the Waffle House.

  31. 36

    Ballplay/julio/SHANEHATERS aka half the Aubbo trash on this board. You come here to Bama’s blog and call US OBSESSED. You log in under 187 different screen names just to have someone agree with your skewed points of view. And you constantly have to reinvent the truth because reality doesnt agree. You think that by being here you are reinforcing Auburns relevance. When the sad truth is.. If Auburn had any relevance …. you wouldnt have to be here.
    Do you even know any black people?
    Nope. Otherwise you wouldnt have such sissy condesceding politically correct views. Yep you are a real civil rights hero. Lets take a walk through your history on this blog…Lets see what a sensitive, moral character you have.Oh wait… we cant …. because you have none.
    You really arent worth the effort.
    As a matter of fact, why dont you go dust off your sociology diploma and wonder why Aubbus have no credibility.
    Seriously… you are a one trick pony and you have been exposed.
    Why dont you log in as AKA. whoever or BallplayIndian and sling some more falsehoods around now.

  32. 37
    Sheer Darkness

    Silencing the Aubboes up. It’s a hard job, but somebody’s got to do it. When you have no other valid argument but to claim someone as a racist, then that only goes to show certain individuals (Aubbos) can’t accept the facts of reality. I’ll bet their next argument will cross the borders of fat, gay, or even stupid. It’s to the point of being almost predictable.

  33. 38

    I agree sheer.
    It is a daily occurance here to have to deal with the Aubbos. I call them aubbos, (as in Aubboriginees) Because they havent evolved very much since the beginings of modern history. But the “aboriginees are much nicer and far more refined.
    I am sure of one thing the next aubbo argument WILL cross the borders of stupidity.
    Thanks sheer.!
    It would be nice if we could talk about recruiting. Because Saban is going to be full of surprises this year.

  34. 39

    CTT’s itenerary :
    8:30 Fights through a slew of Razorback fans waiting to see BP, shakes hands with 3 au fans who ask where they can find S Marks (one is a white girl). At the door he meets PM who says, “hey coach, I saw you walk in. Look what I wrote, look what I wrote. CTT says, “looks good PM, good stuff”. After saying a few words, he sits down to listen to BP where he proceeds to take a few notes. Upon leaving, he runs into PM in the hall who says, “That was GREAT coach, look what I wrote, look what I wrote.” CTT replies “looks real good PM, Keep it up.” After posing for some pictures and giving a few interviews, the day is done and he is walking to his rental. PM runs up in the parking lot (out of breath) and says “Wow coach, what a great day huh? You were TERRIFIC Look what I wrote, look what I wrote.” CTT says it looks good and that he’s a fine reporter. PM, looking down, says “um er coach, is there anything you can tell me about the recruiting this year” CTT replies, “oh its going real good just like always. Hey, walk with me and let me tell you about all the times I’ve beaten Bama.” PM (beaming with joy)
    follows him all the way to the car, scribbling as fast as he can.

    ballplay and julio, you guys are typical aubbo whiners. As soon as you find yourself getting smacked up real good verbally, you start crying about offensive comments. That is some lame, weak game right there.

    ballplay, you said “I was a lineman back in the day and I resent your comments” Here’s a newsflash : Being the “pivot man” at the local “cornbread eatin’ and butt-fuckin’ contest” doesnt qualify you as a lineman. This blog is about college football.

  35. 40

    I love how these crybabies like tmc and probama get so angry at the barbs traded on this site. Quick guys, pound the keyboard responding that we “Aubbos” don’t bother you at all, and then write a 4 paragraph dissertation laden with every obscene insult you can possibly fathom to exact your “revenge”. Yes, it’s abundantly clear that neither the Auburn posters on this site or AU’s dominance of Bama is getting under your skin at all.

    Racist comments, “F” bombs, and now probama checks in with a vulgar reference to sodomy. Coach Bryant would be awfully proud of the fine representation of THE university that you boys are puttin’ forth on this blog. I can’t wait to see how you top yourselves, next. Haven’t heard any anti-semitic comments yet. Maybe that’ll be next.

    btw probama, I don’t care if you boys make comments like these. I love to sit back and laugh at how ridiculous you look when you make them. I gotta tell ya though, I’d really love to watch tmc walk up to a black man and tell him that he’s too busy looking at all the “white women” to chew, and then listen to him scream that the comment wasn’t racist as he’s beggin’ the guy to stop kicking the ever lovin’ shi+ out of him.

  36. 41

    Julio, I have ate dinner surrounded by black people more times in my life than by white people. If you are too scared to trade a dozen, then you are viewed as being soft and weak by black people. See, Julio, nothing…. I mean NOTHING is more offensive to a black person than “handling” them with the whole patronizing attitude of “I am not racist, I have black freinds.”
    And until you have traded dozens about each other’s Mom having a Large-Type butt, YOU DONT HAVE A BLACK FRIEND.
    I suppose you are going to log in under a half a dozen names and call Probama a racist too. It really bothers you when people use the term “white women” in the same sentence with Sen’derrick Marks doesnt it?
    Well I am sure he probably gets more women than you do, anyway…..

    But this isnt “Micheal Richards” type stuff. We all know it.
    Thing is Ballplay/julio/aka SHANEHATERS et. al…
    I read your above post and I realized that you are very unhappy with this blog. Racism, f-bombs, references to Coach Bryant. The locals offend you. You think I should bow down in fear to the black man becasue you would. Yada yada.

    It seems that nothing here meets your expectations. So… why dont you go away?
    Generally that is what the rest of us would do. If it is a bad movie you leave, bad restaurant, you leave, Dont like the job, you leave, Dont like the marriage, you leave…. Get the picture.
    The is a UA blog. So we arent going to leave. So I guess its upto you cowboy. Are you man enough to realize that we are going to go on with or without you?
    Do you have the integrity to pack up your 57 screen names and go back to the Auburn blogs?

  37. 42

    I realise that you live and breathe hate for all things Bama. That is okay. But this is just getting ridiculous. Let it go.
    We arent going to stop being Bama fans and we arent going to give you this blog. Ballplay/julio/aka SHANEHATERS, ect…ect…ect…et al..
    Why is this necessary? Dont you feel a little achmed that you have to sink so low to prove to YOURSELF you are right?
    Let it go.

  38. 43

    By the way PRO.
    that was such a lifelike description of CTT/PM it was lamost like I was there seeing the whole thing… Keep up the good work brother.

  39. 44

    i don’t see why barnies can’t get over being fans of the second rate school in the state. i mean they are literally more envious than lsu fans are toward saban. try that x’s 1000000000000. it’s not our fault so you don’t have to remind us of your hatred on a daily basis. barnies are worse than georgia tech and miami fans and those fans are damn obsessed fans period. if we think they’re bad now can you imagine how bad they’ll be when we win?

    count this as my signature:

  40. 45
    Bama Fan In NYC

    Berman, I hate to call a fellow fan out, but you’re wrong my friend.

    When we win, Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute fans are seemingly nonexistent. Alabama fans live peacefully when they don’t have PolyTECHnic Institute fans harassing them on a consistent basis.

    That’s exactly why I’m longing for the day to come when Alabama silences them for all the nonsense they’ve talked since the beginning of their preposterous six* game winning streak.

    Talk about a day of which the Capstone Report members can live in peace and harmony for once. What a magical day that is going to be!

    Let’s start the countdown until Nov. 29th!

  41. 46

    Yes… the blog wars end.
    The wrongs of 6 years are right. Bama’s place is rightgully affirmed among the elite once again. Auburn goes down for the last time….Utopia.

  42. 47
    Ballplay Indian

    Obama… Clean up your mouth kid. You and tmz1 are a couple of degenerates. It is possible to get your point across without all the vulger speak. But, Hey , your only making yourself look like the jackass you are. Forget I said anything. Tmc1….I am not julio…I have only posted under 1 other screen name and that was Crimson Crackpipe. Choose to believe me or not. I really dont care. Your stupid rants only prove that your not reasonable people. Tmc1 just apologise for your comment on Marks and move on. But your pride will not let you, will it?

    Obama , Again boy, clean it up. Dont say anything that you wouldnt say to my face. But I guess its possible you would say it to my face. Either way , you are a foul mouth jackass.

    Look at the post times. I said Fri I was going to AUburn to clean up my hunting house, and thats where I have been.

    Tmc1 aaaand Osama Obama…I will continue to post here as long as I please. You can do nothing about it. Learn to live with it.

  43. 48

    “Crimson Crackpipe”

    You have no purpose hear but to piss people off.
    It is a shame you cant be a better man. It really is. I feel sorry for you.

  44. 49
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc …you know nothing about me and I know nothing about you. Other than what we sling at each other here, we dont have a clue about one another. I would beg to argue that from what we see on HERE , for you to call ME out on not being a good man is a joke. I do not intend to piss you off. If that is the end reult from a post of mine ,,I apologise. Keep in mind that this is a internet blog buddy. Try to keep a little perspective on things O.K. Your going to stroke out if you dont chill.

  45. 50
    Ballplay Indian

    You have to admit “Crimson Crackpipe” is a good screen name. I may go ahead and switch back….Never mind, I need to be a better man. I wouldnt want to offend anyone. I wouldnt want tmc1 to feel sorry for me.

    Crap, never mind all that. Tmc1 take a freekin midol . I am begining to wonder of you are a women. Grow some nads and man up. Get back in the fight. It wouldnt be the same without you.

  46. 52

    NYC, you say you want the countdown to Bammer’s victory on Nov. 29 to begin? I wasn’t aware that the 2014 Iron Bowl had already been scheduled for Nov. 29th. Hey, at least that game will be in Tuberville-Denny Stadium, so Bama will be able to claim its 1st victory in Tuscaloosa in over 100 years.

    Don’t worry, though. 2014 will be here before you know it. Just think of it this way: it’s been seven years since Bama last tasted victory over Auburn, but the 2014 IB will be here in a little over six years. Your misery is more than halfway over!!

  47. 53

    That’s little brother syndrome at its finest!!!

    Tuberville-Denny Stadium? I guess if it’s safe to assume you guys own us in our home field, you can claim that as your own? If so, then I guess it’s safe to assume we could refer to Aubarn as The University of Alabama at Opelika seeing how we own you in all three major sports, right? Sorry, though, I wouldn’t claim that shithole of a cow college for a large sum of money.

    Just imagine how your days will be after November 29th, when you have nothing but a sore thumb to show for. You won’t have the all time winning record in your favor. 90% of your bandwagon fan base will run back to their barns and hide, never to be seen again for the next 30 years, until the NCAA comes knocking again.

    Just look at how pathetic you are bragging about wins over Alabama during the worst run in UA football history.

    Look at how pathetic your coach is… A LOSER WHO NEVER TASTED SUCCESS UNTIL ALABAMA LOST IT! What a coincidence?

    The only thing significant about the year 2014 is, Alabama Polytechnic Institute will have gone through two coaches, and the series record will be: ALABAMA 45 – Opelika 33. The margin will go right back to the way it was before the year 2002. Oh, and wasn’t that the year we started finishing behind the likes of MSU, Ole Miss, and South Carolina in recruiting? Wasn’t that the year we went through three coaches at the end of the season? Wasn’t that the year API’s dominance began? How ironic????

  48. 54

    You are so right.
    The barney boys just cant stop living “the dream”
    They fail to realise that Nick Saban has outperformed and out classed their Cow College Coach in every way.
    He had a better record his first year at BAMA AND LSU
    He has turned around EVERY program he has taken over.
    He has gobsmacked “the closer” (CTT) so bad Tuberville wont even try to compete against him for the top 10 recrutits in the state. .
    I can guarantee that if Tuberville could, he would try to get Bama off the schedule, (Like FSU, and USF) to avoid the oncoming embarrassment.
    There are 2 words that send every Barney over the edge. And if you wnat to see one explode and go on a tyrade, SAY “BAMAS BACK” and watch Aubbos go to peices.

    Watch this….


  49. 55

    and before we get back into the criminal element, I want to take a trip back in time.
    RayRay Lewis, ahhhh.. who could forget Ray.
    He wasnt kidding when he said he “liked a woman WITH some junk in the trunk.”
    Who recruited him at Miami…Why that would be Tommy Tuberville. Or as the Aubbos like to call him. The cleanest coach in the SEC.

  50. 56
    Bama Fan In NYC

    The cleanest coach in the SEC is putting it in proper terminology.

    After all, he really put his foot down on the whole Sociology scandal ordeal. Plus, he really weeded out those thugs who ran his team when he first took over the job at Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute!

  51. 57

    tuberville done a splendid job dealing with the sociology scandal… RIGHT!!! notice how not much was said on his behalf and that’s because he was one of the masterminds behind the cheating.

    Count this as my signature:

  52. 58

    ballfag ; So now, Im just a foul-mouthed little whatever you said. I can live with that. Hey, I meant no disrespect. I’ve been to several of those “but-fuckin’ contests”. (2 of which I won). I have to say though, I never envied the “pivot man”. That’s all you are. That’s all auburn is. A fucking “pivot man”. You dont know shit about cfb. And you are an over sensitive wuss at that. If you cant stand the heat, get the fuck out the kitchen……BAMA’S BACK in ’08!

  53. 59
    Ballplay Indian

    Obama and tmc…You guys are full of crap..Tmc1 you whined “Cappy, pleeeeasa make him go away, ..sniff..” . “all we want to do is talk football”. I tried talking football.All you jackasses know how to do is talk crap. Probama, grow up. you must be a zit faced teenaged punk who plays video games all freekin day. You dont know squat. You will never know squat. You call someone a queer, then say “hey, I meant no disrespect”. Bull crap. Dont buy it. And tmc1 dont whine any more about taking “the high road”. You will never take the high road. You and obama are two pees in a pod. Two foulmouth jackasses who only live to bitch and moan. And Obama, believe me when I say I am not oversensitive. Im just calling you out for the degenerate lunatic that you are. Do you take pride in being a foul mouth idiot ? Tmc1 said his daughter was looking at this board the other day and you continue to post sicko crap like that? You are a boy. You need to grow up. I am done with your dumm ass. Tmc1, see if you cant talk some sense into your boy.

    Obama = typical bama doosh.

  54. 60

    Did that freakin’ weirdo seriously just proclaim on a public blog that he has won 2 sodomy contests? What the #*@! is “pivot man”? (On second thought, PLEASE don’t answer that). Geez, probama, there’s plenty of sicko sites out there for you to go “express yourself” on. I think I join both bammers and barners in asking you to please take all discussions of your deviant perversions to a site where you can more appropriately discuss your alternative life style. (to quote Seinfeld in closing, “not that there’s anything wrong with that.”)

  55. 61

    OK. I apologize to whomever may have gotten offend by my comments. It was all tongue-in-cheek, but I admit I got a little carried away…..Sorry

  56. 62
    Ballplay Indian

    obama…..Tounge in cheek..your tounge in tmacs cheeks. Buttcheeks…BWAHAHHAHHAHAHHAAH!!!!

    Couldnt resist ..sorry.

    O.k. apology accepted. Its good to see a bammer repent every once in a while..

    Obama goes on a cursing homo rant in 5..4..3..2..

  57. 63

    I wasnt exactly apologizing to you ballfag but to other readers who may have found my comments offensive. But since you so graciously accepted anyway, I guess it’s all good…….

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