Zeke Knight’s career over at Bama

One of the best high school football players I’ve seen has suffered heart ailments and other medical problems since arriving at Alabama. His career is over, according to a report from the Birmingham News.

Knight, a senior who has not yet been medically cleared for the 2008 season, spoke with Faulkner University coach Jim Nichols about possibly enrolling at the Montgomery-based NAIA school.

“He was looking for a place to play,” Nichols told The Birmingham News. “I told him I would look into it and see if it’s possible, but it’s not.”

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Most fans knew Knight wasn’t going to be ready for the Fall. And this report confirms what was expected. However, it also shows that Knight isn’t ready to call it quits.

That worries me.

Knight’s search for a team that would let him play was equated to “doctor shopping” by Outsidethesidelines at RBR.

That is a great analogy. Knight is looking for anyone willing to put Knight’s health at risk for the chance of getting a great athlete on the field. I wonder if he has talked to JSU? They seem willing to take anyone, whatever the risk.

Unlike OTS, I’m not impressed with UA’s medical staff. But if they are saying Knight isn’t healthy, then Knight’s condition is very serious. I know players have difficulty saying goodbye to the game (see Brett Favre.)

But when your life hangs in the balance, sometimes you must say goodbye to something you love.

What are the odds that Brian Cook has something snide to say about this sad and serious situation?