Bitter Rivals: Alabama-Auburn/Auburn-Alabama

First, I want to say I enjoy all the Auburn fans who visit the site. Some of them are witty, some of them are profound, and others are annoying. But that’s all great. Because we’ve built a unique community here—and I hope this unique relationship continues.

For one thing, last night’s and today’s debate had an Auburn fan bring up this great point:

Ballplay Indian Says:
Lets face it ..We have obsesion on both sides of the ball. And thats O.K.

I must admit I keep up with Bammer more than I prolly should. But…thats only because I cant stand them.

I was in a deep discussion with my Bammer brother-in-law last year. we both came to the realization that you can never truly be an Auburn or Alabama fan unless you truthfully despise the other team. I mean the kind of gut-wrenching feeling that can only come from REEEEAAALLLY wanting the other team to fail. Thats where I’m at. I don’t harbor any hatred in the academic sense, My children may need to go there someday (lets hope not). But in terms of football. I want Bammer to lose EVERY game. Am I the only one? And does that make me strange? I highly doubt it. No other rivalry can touch ours. Thats why I had to reprimand the Arkansas pig boy when he jumped up the other day. He has not got a clue about THIS RIVALRY.

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Who agrees? I know I get sick of those people who are passionate fans who say, “I pull for the {other team} when they aren’t playing {Auburn/Alabama}.”

Or when coaches or commentators say the best thing for the Iron Bowl is for both teams to be undefeated.

Screw that. Screw the Iron Bowl.

But why is it that fans feel that way? Why is it that rivals want the worst for their opponent?

And while I’m throwing out questions, what was your favorite moment of misery for the other team?

I’ll share what I consider the best moment of misery, way back in 1983 when Paul Finebaum wrote these immortal lines: “The clouds over this lovely village seem a little smaller this week, now that the Auburn football players’ heads are no longer in them. Maybe now reality will come back to this campus. Maybe now Auburn fans will quit believing Playboy and go back to the Farmer’s Almanac.

Anyone else willing to share?

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