Bitter Rivals: Alabama-Auburn/Auburn-Alabama

First, I want to say I enjoy all the Auburn fans who visit the site. Some of them are witty, some of them are profound, and others are annoying. But that’s all great. Because we’ve built a unique community here—and I hope this unique relationship continues.

For one thing, last night’s and today’s debate had an Auburn fan bring up this great point:

Ballplay Indian Says:
Lets face it ..We have obsesion on both sides of the ball. And thats O.K.

I must admit I keep up with Bammer more than I prolly should. But…thats only because I cant stand them.

I was in a deep discussion with my Bammer brother-in-law last year. we both came to the realization that you can never truly be an Auburn or Alabama fan unless you truthfully despise the other team. I mean the kind of gut-wrenching feeling that can only come from REEEEAAALLLY wanting the other team to fail. Thats where I’m at. I don’t harbor any hatred in the academic sense, My children may need to go there someday (lets hope not). But in terms of football. I want Bammer to lose EVERY game. Am I the only one? And does that make me strange? I highly doubt it. No other rivalry can touch ours. Thats why I had to reprimand the Arkansas pig boy when he jumped up the other day. He has not got a clue about THIS RIVALRY.

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Who agrees? I know I get sick of those people who are passionate fans who say, “I pull for the {other team} when they aren’t playing {Auburn/Alabama}.”

Or when coaches or commentators say the best thing for the Iron Bowl is for both teams to be undefeated.

Screw that. Screw the Iron Bowl.

But why is it that fans feel that way? Why is it that rivals want the worst for their opponent?

And while I’m throwing out questions, what was your favorite moment of misery for the other team?

I’ll share what I consider the best moment of misery, way back in 1983 when Paul Finebaum wrote these immortal lines: “The clouds over this lovely village seem a little smaller this week, now that the Auburn football players’ heads are no longer in them. Maybe now reality will come back to this campus. Maybe now Auburn fans will quit believing Playboy and go back to the Farmer’s Almanac.

Anyone else willing to share?

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  1. 1

    Ballplay is a mosquito.
    His obsession for all things Bama is a sickening reminder that he is an oaf.
    Personally I really enjoy the way he just makes up new facts on the spot. Or the way he comments about things and doesnt have a clue what the hell he is even commenting about.
    BallplayIndian is like the unruly litle kid who gets around the adults and wont shut the hell up! We (as the adults) cant even get a sentence in sideways for your talentless, goofy antics, Ballplay. And the only justification you have is tha you really hate Bama. I would bet the farm that at least one woman has a restraining order against you.
    If bullshit is a dime a dozen I can count on coming here and seeing a dollars worth from you.

    I just read the “Blog Wars” post by in the know. Must be sad 30+ posts and all of them from Aubbos justifying the fact tha they cant live without the attention of Bama fans…..

    Soap and books…..Auburn’s Cryptonite.

  2. 2

    By the way ….my personal moment of utter orgasmic schadenfraude is whenever I hear an Aubbo boasting about the 2004 season and then having to admit to themselves that …..they are still auburn, and once again…they came up short…..

  3. 3
    Bama Fan in NYC

    Deep down inside, we all love each other. But more importantly, we love to hate each other even more.

    I’m on the edge of my seat in anticipation to see how today’s flame turns out. We’ve discussed why Alabama will never win another Iron Bowl, ever again. We’ve discussed why Shula is a better coach than Saban. We’ve even discussed why Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute fans are more loyal than we are.

    What grounds will we cover next? I’ll initiate the first shot by saying Tommy Tuberville is a big eared loser with Jumbo Frank Hotdogs on his mind.

  4. 4

    I disagree. I think it is the Auburn-Alabama rivalry. Remember, it’s not Alabama who is Aubsessed. Alabama is more concerned about giving Tennessee hell that beating little brother, it’s always been that way and there’s nothing a barner can do about it. It’s essentially like the childhood trick of shunning, the more you won’t speak to someone, they more they want you to speak to them. Alabama, doesn’t care about that school down the road, and thus, only Little Brother is Aubsessed.

  5. 5

    Nice points from all three of you (intheknow, tmc, and NY).

    As dumb as we depict them out to be, I even think they’re clever and intelligent enough to realize that no matter what even at the end of the day, they are still Alabama Tech and nothing will ever change that fact.

    If envy, jealousy, inferiority, and hate was an uncureable disease, Alabama Tech would’ve perished long ago.

  6. 6

    Hey Bammerz, dis is I(ncomprehensible) Man hear. Yoll no were gunna win nummer fourteen next year so just deel weth et.

    Whot dew an Alabammer phan and maggetz have in commen? Bet yoll dunnow taht won!

    n bye teh waye, ef yoll evur neeed yor are condishioning younit change, juss geve I-Man Heetin an Are a cawl.

  7. 7

    Even though we do live in a free country, the problem I have with them is Alabama fans can no longer collaborate and discuss topics concerning Alabama football. Instead, every blog turns into an all out war, straying away from the original thought process with really takes away from the importance and value of this site and their soul purpose is to destroy this site and they’re doing a damn good job of it by letting their crap get to us the way we allow them to.

  8. 8

    Basically, I want UAT to lose every single game they play by a large margin every single week. It makes my heart happy. Sorry, bammers.

    And tmc: For the record, it’s SCHADENFREUDE. Leave it to a bammer to call if “schadenfraude,” though the more I think about it, the more it fits UAT. Brilliant!

  9. 9

    The point of my article last night was two-fold:

    1.) To prove the Aubie Aubsession with us by pointing out some simple indisputable truths. I think I did that.

    2.) To sit back and watch their rage that would inevitably ensue.

    But the overall point, and what is still the funniest to me, is that they become enraged by being accused of being Aubsessed and then display their protest by acting out their Aubsession. To this day, I have STILL never entered an Auburn website of any kind to blog, and yet they LIVE here.

    Christopherson, I agree with you in part, but be sure of one thing: their “crap” (good description) wasn’t getting to me. I was simply letting them make my point for me. And they did it well…over, and over, and over, and over…

    Without exception, every time there is an article on here that points out a UA strength or an AU weakness, their response is as predictable as the sunrise. I do wish Capstone would ban a few of them, simply to weed out the ones who just come in to muddy the water. But that’s his call. I just appreciate the site for putting me in touch with other Bama fans.

    Maybe if he charged for membership it would cut some of the riff raff down.

  10. 10

    they wouldn’t be a sincere alabama tech fan if they didn’t live, eat, sleep, breathe, and worship alabama. it’s possible they could be more aubsessed with alabama than alabama fans are!!!

    count this as my signature:

  11. 11

    dude my favorite moment of sorrow for auburn is actually closer to a century than a moment,and its the fact that the only national title that the barners can claim was in 1957 lol!

  12. 13

    Tmc1 “Ballplay is a mosquito.
    His obsession for all things Bama is a sickening reminder that he is an oaf.” That is so funny coming from a guy who can not stay off the Auburn boards on once again typical bammer

  13. 14
    Ballplay Indian

    Teemack..Dont make me come to Australia sonny boy…Just kiddin ..dont woop me..

    Its high time the indian got the props he rightfully deserves around here.

    I was at a fishing tournament for this areas fishers of men chapter. One boat had an Ohio St. and a U Mich. pair. Both weaaring thier colors. I asked them point blank. “Can your rivalry top Ua vs Au?” OHHHH yaaaaa, they said. ” ESPN did a poll and said ours was the biggest .”
    Then they started changing the subject. Now imagine if the roles were reversed .. One UA and one AU stuck in a boat for 10 hours. They would have a hard day on the lake..And when asked they would say more than ” Ohh Yaaaa”.

    There is more nasty hate in this one than any other..period. I mean , just read some of the hatefull bile that TEEmac 5 produces. WOWWW!!!

  14. 15

    Cappy, it’s a hard choice, so I have to give my top 3 moments of misery for Bama.

    3. Sports Illustrated’s cover prior to the 95 season headlined “Bama Busted” with a picture of Bebes looking like he’s crying.

    2. Yeager’s NCCA press conference wherein he uttered the infamous phrase “staring down the barrel of a gun.”

    1. Bama’s 4 million dollar man losing the most embarrasing game in Bama football history to a pathetic La-Mo team, and sacrificing his integrity in the process by removing the suspension of DJ Hall at half time. (pardon the pun regarding the word “process”).

    Honorable Mention- Fran taking the first thing smokin’ out of town to leave the hallowed grounds of Tuscaloosa after only 2 yrs because he preferred to coach at a land-grant agricultural school rather than Bama.

  15. 16
    Ballplay Indian

    You asked what my favorite moment of misery is for BAMMA? Where do I start? In general the last 6 years. But in particular a few stand out. ” ITS ROLLIN BABY”.. and perhaps the whole Probation deal. I loved that one. Arrests in the teens maybe. Then get you a little of Fran sneakin out of town. Go on to 05 and get some of that “NO YOUR NOT BACK” juice. Then maybe the whole pearl harbor / 9-11 stuff. Roll back a few more years and the whole Dubose thing.

    As one of my Bammer friends said after the Johns arrest. ” Hell , we dont have any eyes left to blacken!”.

  16. 17
    Ballplay Indian

    BUFORD are crazy if you think anyone believes that nonsense. You are in denial, and you will have a spastic laden kiniption fit if your crappy team ever wins another Iron Bowl.

  17. 18
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Whooping Bear in his last Iron Bowl.

    “Bama is Back”

    The picture of Crodie soilng his pants when The Freak sacked him.

    Hearing Eli call the winning TD that LAMO scored.

    Watching Big Al crash to the ground after he attempted to fly off the upper deck of Tuberville-Denny Stadium.

    Last year when the camera zoomed in on the drunk bama fan with his head down.

    Watching sabin kiss Collette at the airport with the song “All Jacked Up” playing in the background.

    The Process.

  18. 19
    freaking genius

    buford gets the best ‘bammer in denial’ award so far today…

    it’s great how beating Auburn isn’t their priorty. it’s beating Tennessee.

    Buford, good thing bama is more concerned with beating Tenn these days than Auburn.

    but maybe it’s time you start focusing on “little brother” again. start with U La Mo and then when you’ve mastered them, try beating Miss St. Once that euphoria has worn off, maybe you can re-focus on the iron bowl.

  19. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    Honorable mention….Snake Stablers “comments” when he thought his mike was off. orrrrrrrr…His ablility to get DUIs…either will do..

    Gosh there are a lot to choose from arent there?

  20. 22
    A-K-A APIman

    TMC1 2 or 3 who cares! your first post thanks for using my analogy of ol SHANE
    on ballplay indian ORIGINAL!!

    BallplayIndian is like the unruly litle kid who gets around the adults and wont shut the hell up!

    My favorite moment for bammas stupid looks on there face from disappointment was


  21. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    I can honostly say that I doubt any of the bammers see any thing that was mentioned as being embarrassing to them. Why you may ask them? Because ROLL TIDDE , thats why. Were Bama and you aint.

    I am embarrassed for yall.

    Did everybody know that tmac is from the land down unda?
    The land from unda my nuts!!!!


    Just kiddin tmc1, you know, the kitchen and the fire and all that stuff, right? Please dont ever take me seriously.

  22. 24
    Ballplay Indian

    Lets pretend that Rick Carly were to randomly interview any Bama posters on these blogs. I can tell you how it would go down. Heres my rendition.

    Carly; NYC how do you think Sabans going to “right the ship”?
    NYC: Roll Tide Rick.

    Carly; Uh , O.k. What about recruiting , tmc1 . What do you think of Sabans latest class?
    TMC1; Roll Tide Rick

    Carly; Huh? seriously thats it? Christopherson, How do you like your chances in the west this year?
    Christopherson; A big Roll Tide to you Rick.

    Carly: (shakig head) O.k. what about you Berman. What do you think of all the aressts in Tuscaloosa? Roll Tide Rick. Rolll TIDE!!!!!

  23. 25

    freaking genius or idiot, in years past, it meant more to beat Tennessee than it did to beat Alabama Polytechnic Institute. Since 2004, Polytechnic has become more of a household name (at the expense of Alabama’s decade of misfortunes). After Saban and his criminal Tide football team brings you back to reality, you’ll mean nothing more than statewide bragging rights and Tennessee, will be the team to beat for us.

  24. 26

    Lets pretend that Rick Carly were to randomly interview any Barnie visitos on these blogs. I can tell you how it would go down. Heres my rendition:

    Carly: So, Ballplay Indian, what do you think of the recruits Coach Tuberville is stealing away from lower division weaklings such as UAB, Arky State, Georgia Tech, and Louisiana Tech?

    Ballplay Indian: Well, Rick, Tuberville has an eagle’s eye for scouting talent. Just look at what he did at Ole Miss. He had similar talent playing under him there, and he managed to post, just slightly below average records in each of his five seasons as head coach there, with horrible talent. Plus, he’s defeated Alabama six straight years, and no matter who Satan recruits over in Tuscalooser, Tuberville will continue to win with anyone, regardless of the circumstances.


    Carly: Redneck Tider, you’re up next.

    Redneck Tider: Hold on, let me put this blunt out.

    Carly: Alright… So, what do you think of Nick Saban?

    Redneck Tider: You mean Nicky Satan, that lying, cheating, cursing, no good son of a gun who lied about taking the Alabama position? Any coach who lies about anything should be shot twice.

    Carly: Well, didn’t Tuberville lie about leaving Ole Miss for API?

    Redneck Tider: Heck no he didn’t! DO you have any proof stating he lied? Who’s your source? That’s what I thought!


    Carly: Freaking Genius, what are your thoughts on Tuberville?

    Freaking Genius: Tuberville is the best coach in the nation. I’ve never seen a coach lead API to the top the way he done. He has owned Alabama since 2002 and Alabama wasn’t a bad team during that time. They have had three winning seasons in those three years and Shula was the second best coach in the nation only falling behind Tuberville.

    Rick: Okay thanks, Genius (what a moron)! Now onto you, Pluto the cowardly dog.

    Freaking Genius: Wait… Wait… Wait… I have one last thing to say.

    Rick: Please speak now or forever hold your peace.

    Freaking Genius: Six in a row. Satan has recorded losses against Lowsyana Monroe and UAB in his career as a head coach. Six in a row. Tuberville went undefeated in 2004. Six in a row. We were unrightfully screwed out of the championship game in 2004. Six in a row. And one last thing, other than six in a row… I’m a Barbie girl in a Barbie world.


    Rick: Okay, Pluto, one question.

    Pluto: Shoot. I am the modern day Einstein of Opelika.

    Rick: Thank you for that valuable insight, Mr. Pluto. Now, when do you feel the streak will end?

    Pluto: Speaking seriously, objectively, and logically, never.

    Rick: Never?

    Pluto: That’s right, NEVER! You see, Alabama fans fail to realize the world today rotates differently than it did from 1990-2001. Tuberville has transformed our program into a universal powerhouse, and Alabama can hire Mike Shula, Satan, or even snatch Tuberville himself away from us, and not a single one of them can stop this colossal force of mass destruction known as the API War Eagles football program. Tuberville’s recruiting better today, than he he was when Alabama had no choice but to compete with medical bandages covering their entire body. Those kids he’s recruiting today will shine in Tuberville Stadium as they steamroll this mesmerizing talent Nick Satan is bringing into UA. Have you seen the last two Iron Bowls? We beat the breaks off of Alabama so bad, they were forced to surrender before the first quarter ended! Imagine how Alabama fans must feel knowing Tubby is loading us up with talent that’s going to out perform the talent that has obliterated Alabama in years past. Throw in the towel now Alabama fans, while you still have a chance!


    Rick: Kevin–

    Kevin (cutting Rick off): Nick Satan’s bolting for the door after API shows him win number 7 next year in Loser Stadium. Kodi Burns is a phenomenal piece of machinery and he’s going to light up that weak Alabama defense in every second of the game, just as he did against Mississippi State and New Mexico State. I can’t wait. The delusional Alabama fan base will run him off for not winning the national championship in the two years of grace they gave him.

  25. 27

    laughing my ass off!

    “Cleanup on aisle 6″…..TI just drove through and singlehandled gobsmacked a half dozen Aubbos.
    Damnit that was like a preview of the WVU game!
    That was a 4* verbal slapfest….
    Ebert and Roper just called “2 thumbs up.”
    In a little while we will get to hear the rebuttals… (as soon as the Aubbos can take off the makeup and dresses…….)

  26. 28
    SHANEHATERS is a BLOGGER aka half the aubies on this blog.

    SHANE! LOOK I am still HERE! LOOK at ME!
    Look LOOK look AT me SHANE!!!

  27. 29
    SHANEHATERS is a BLOGGER aka half the aubies on this blog.

    Kiss ME with and OPEN mouth TONGUE KISS SHANE!!!!!

  28. 30
    Barnie Basher

    Major kudos, Tider. I’m afraid I can’t top that. I haven’t laughed that hard since seeing You Don’t Mess With The Zohan. lol

  29. 32

    And the winner by unanimous decision…TiderInsider. That was a masterpiece.

    But you forget Foolio:

    Foolio: Bama ain’t nevur gownna beet us agin!

    Carly: And what makes you so sure?

    Foolio: Cuz Nick Saban is thar coach, and everybody knows he ain’t no good.

    Carly: But he won a national championship.

    Foolio: Whut’s that?

  30. 33
    The Joker

    To quote the legendary Charles Barkley (verbatim): “Auburn (Alabama’s Polytechnic Institute) is like me, and Alabama is like Michael Jordan. They’ve been through some tough times this decade, and we’ve won because of that. But Alabama will get better and they will start beating us again.”

    One of you Barnies should reassure Barkley of his “delusions”.

  31. 35

    I think the Barney’s are still sitting over in corner wondering what hit them…. its just like USF all over again.

  32. 36
    Ballplay Indian

    First of all T.I. you just plagerised my material. But , i must admit , If your going to plagerise do it well….Hats off.. sound like someones little brother after he just kicked somebodys tail. “Did yall see what my brother did!!!” Kind of gay , if you ask me.

  33. 38

    I take it then that you must be a slammer, I mean bammer fan. LCN, you remind me of that one pubic hair that just will not wash of the bar of soap. It is true that Auburn and Alabama are bitter rivals. Just take a look at all these “blog wars” going on today. Everyone taking shots at each other, facts stated over and over and over again, HIV, I mean tmc dropping the F bomb like there is no tomorrow. I just purchased a brand new 40 inch HDTV in getting ready for the upcoming season, and I’ll be damned, Saban still looks like a troll. Is this what this blog has come down to? Scripting fantasy interviews? Can I join that club? I’m already working on a fantasy questioning of a tide player by the Tuscaloosa PD and the DEA. It should be a real hoot.

  34. 39

    Yes, there tmc goes again dropping another “F” bomb. What a fine representative of the Capstone. You kiss your mother with that mouth, tmc? Cappy, I hope you clean that garbage up. Maybe even state an actual forum rule that the use of the “F” bomb is prohibited on the blog. (as shocking as it is that an actual rule would have to be stated on the subject.)

  35. 40

    Loosing my cherry with this post guys.
    Let’s see, what have we got here…
    The faux interview was pretty funny. Good
    TMC1 – What’s up brother??
    Was that an aub fan up there talking about CNS looks? Come on dude, ever seen
    a dick with ears?? Well take a look at
    My favorite moment of disgust and
    humilliation for au??(and UT and…..)
    The moment people realized Nick Saban
    was actually coming to BAMA. Enjoy those
    ULM and 6 in a row comebacks while you
    can aubbos. The 08 season starts soon..

  36. 41
    Ballplay Indian

    Probama or is it pr OBAMA? One is as bad as the other. You must not know jack about your crappy team. To warn people about 08 Bama reminds me of when a couple of Bammers on this board where warning us about our opener with LAMO. Believe me when I say , No one fears your piece of crap football team. Not this year. Not even next year. in 2010 I might start thinking about Bama being a threat, if they prove to be on the field. I will take me SEEING Bama improve with my own eyes before I ever consider them a threat. You Bammers have been spewing the same nonsense for 6 freekin years now. Recycled crap , is still……CRAP !!! And remember Nick was your third choice all along. Behind Rich Rod. (turned it down), behind Spurrier (turned it down), Heck I bet there were even under the radar deals going on left and right that were never reported by the media. Greg Schiano prolly got an offer. Jim Levitt prolly got an offer. No one wanted to coach at your prestigious school. Then the Board Of Directors bout crapped themselves and had to brak out the chackbook for the Soldier of Fortune known as Nick Saban. Just remember this , Tubbs could outcoach Saban blindfolded with earplugs and his hands tied behind his back.


  37. 42

    ballplayer- does that screenname mean that you play ball or like to play with
    balls? Oh well, nevermind.
    Are you a prophet, a seer, a psychic? Do
    you have a crystal ball? What do you know about the 08 season? If I were you,
    I’d just be hoping this season isnt a
    disaster for aub.
    And you spent all that energy posting to
    flame at lil ol me. Im flattered. I have
    to say though, you didnt help the au fans rep for intelligence in my book.
    FYI – Nick Saban was the #1 target from
    day one. He was however, unapproachable
    until the end of the NFL season. The thing is, I dont know who aub is gonna
    find to take over for CTT in a year or
    two when he leaves with his tail tucked.
    Yes, all because NS is at Bama. Oh well,
    maybe Tony Franklin will take over. I
    mean a Troy caliber football program isnt a bad thing to aspire to. He’s already lining up the talent for it.
    You know, I chat with hundred of aubos
    daily and every once in a while one of
    them will say something significant.
    Not you though. Flame away at CNS and
    Bama if it makes you feel better. Like I
    said the ’08 season starts soon.

  38. 43

    Hey Pro!
    Good to see you over here. You have to admit this is a fun place. The Big bonus is we have people like Ballplay and SHANEHATERS is a BLOGGER’s stalker and Julio (The name says a lot doesnt it.) And Redneck Tider (sniffer) and just enough Aubbos you can insult for days. And the good thing is you can use the same material over and over again, because they have ADD. (And lead poinsoning logic from drinking moonshine that distilled in a rusty radiator.)

  39. 45
    Ballplay Indian

    Obama …Ballplay is the community I live in. The game of Lacrosse originatated from a game the Cherokee played way back when . The field was located close to my home. All kinds of Indian history here. Even have a nieghbor who found the ball they used. Perfectly round , pumice type rock. Very light. They covered it with buckskin. They often fought to the death with other tribes (creeks , etc.) to settle disputes that they otherwise would go to war over. Kind of reminds me of the Iron Bowl. When they plow the fields around my house , you can find all kinds of artifacts. Spear heads Arrowheads , etc.

    The history lesson was free.

  40. 46

    ballplay- Intersting history lesson. Ive
    got a little indian blood in me too. You
    might want to look into a refresher in
    spelling though. Just a thought…

  41. 47
    Ballplay Indian

    Ive never seen so many spelling b champs in my dam life. I aint trying to spell , Just trying to type fast.

    Says the Bammer spelling champ as he misspells ‘INTERSTING’.

    for the love.

  42. 48

    LMFAO If this kind of verbal warfare continues, we can make this site world famous. We will take the college football blogging, bragging, fact telling, lie selling, shit talking world by storm.

  43. 50

    An aubbo can tell us all about the history of Larosse, yet he conveniently forgets the History of NCAA Football.

    Bama holds almost every team record in the SEC except one…. Most times on probation … that distinction is held by Auburn.

  44. 51

    ballplay- Pretty funny that I was ragging you for your spelling and I left
    out the F’ing ‘e’in interesting. O.K.,
    Ill eat the crow on that one. Cherish
    this moment. Like au getting in a c’ship
    game, it’s a rare occurrence.

  45. 52

    tmc1 Says:
    July 16th, 2008 at 7:58 pm
    laughing my ass off!

    “Cleanup on aisle 6″…..TI just drove through and singlehandled gobsmacked a half dozen Aubbos.

    Just like a ROOKIE to laff at someone stealing someone elses bit!! OH YEA?!
    you guys do it all the time REGURGITATION ISNT IT?????
    ………..Indian GREAT STUFF
    good enough to STEAL!!

    buuut yours was funny tigerinsidehim!
    Carlos MEncia but funny.

  46. 53

    And porbama way to bust your cherry with shit thats been said at this site for the last year ….YES SIR WAY TO GO!!
    bet you still watch porn for pointers huh?


  47. 54

    AKA-APIMAN SHANE is a Blogger,/julio/ballplayIndian
    Why dont you log in under another one of your screen names and agree with your self?
    Come on, whos it gonna be this time?

  48. 55
    Ballplay Indian

    tmc1….Again …I am not doing multiple screen names. And what the heck would it matter if I was? Get a freekin grip.

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