High School Ringers

By Hunter Ford
Here is a link to an excellent story on Bessemer Academy.

You know, there is one similarity to what has happened at Bessemer Academy and what happened to Rush Propst at Hoover. Many parents of Hoover football players got tired of seeing Propst bring in “ringers” to play on the team. These parents usually had dedicated a lot of time and money (through booster club donations) to put their sons through the Hoover football system from middle school up to varsity competition. By the time their son was a junior or senior, Rush would have found a transfer from another school to take his place.

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In the case of Hoover, I don’t think racism was any part of the parents’ complaints. It could have been a white player that came in as a “ringer.” It was simply that the parents didn’t like seeing their son going through years of preparation only to get benched when they had the chance to play on one of those coveted championship teams.

Racism may or may not have played more of a part in the Bessemer Academy saga. But I could understand the concern of a parent, paying full tuition for his son to go to school and play football, who watches another kid, who doesn’t pay full tuition, take his son’s place on the football team.

I would be shocked if Mark Freeman has any Rush-like skeletons in his closet. Freeman is a good coach and deserves the chance to coach again.