Alabama football players honored

Alabama football players Rolando McClain, Josh Chapman, Nick Fanuzzi, Jennings Hester and Alfred McCullough were selected to the SEC Freshman Academic Honor Roll.

A total of 56 UA students made the SEC Freshman Academic Honor Roll, which ranked third in the conference. Here’s the list of student’s who earned a 3.0 GPA or better, and completed 24 semester credit hours of non-remedial coursework.

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James Nelson  Baseball  Undesignated
Josh Rutledge  Baseball  Undesignated
Ross Wilson  Baseball  Undesignated
Justin Knox  Basketball  Pre-Business
Daleisha Carn  W. Basketball  Undesignated
Katie Hancock  W. Basketball  Pre-Business
Varisia Raffington  W. Basketball  Pre-Business
Josh Chapman  Football  Exercise Science
Nick Fanuzzi  Football  Pre-Business
Jennings Hester  Football  Pre-Business
Rolando McClain  Football  Pre-Business
Alfred McCullough  Football  Undesignated Human Environmental Science
Hunter Slatton  M. Golf  Pre-Business
Phillip Weaver  M. Golf  Pre-Business
Courtney Harter  W. Golf  Communication Studies
Camilla Lennarth  W. Golf  Communication Studies
Kayla Hoffman  Gymnastics  Undesignated
Jennifer Iovino  Gymnastics  Undesignated
Megan Mashburn  Gymnastics  General Health Studies
Sydney Barker  W. Soccer  Undesignated Engineering
Victoria Frederick  W. Soccer  Pre-Medical
Hailey Hull  W. Soccer  Nursing
Carly Mygrants  W. Soccer  Undesignated
Callie O’Steen  W. Soccer  Undesignated
Brooke Rogers W. Soccer  Pre-Business
Molly Wittig  W. Soccer  Undesignated
Catherine Dozier  Softball  Undesignated Engineering
Kelsi Dunne  Softball  Undesignated
Whitney Larsen  Softball  Pre-major Studies
Daniel Armstrong  M. Swimming  Undesignated Engineering
Adam Booher  M. Swimming  Pre-major Studies
Catalin Cosma  M. Swimming  Pre-Business
Daniel Roznick  M. Swimming  Pre-Political Science
Brittany Busch  W. Swimming  Undesignated Communication
Lauren Dunn  W. Swimming  Pre-major Studies
Baylee Ellson W. Swimming  Undesignated Communications
Kate Shannon Gray  W. Swimming  Pre-Business
Jenna Montgomery  W. Swimming  Pre-Physical Therapy
Ida Persson  W. Swimming  Pre-Major Studies
Paige Troyan  W. Swimming  Undesignated Human Environmental Science
Meritt Emery  W. Tennis  Undesignated
Allison Nolen W. Tennis  Nursing
Tiffany Welcher  W. Tennis  Pre-Major Studies
Elise Wettermark  W. Tennis  Pre-Business
Justin Brady  M. Track  Pre-Business
David May  M. Track  Pre-Business
Jordan Harper  W. Track  Nursing
Meghan Hawkins  W. Track  Pre-Med
Angelica Howard  W. Track  Communication Studies
Haley Moody  W. Track  Undeclared
Nicole Okolo  W. Track  Exercise & Sport Science
Rachel Robbs  W. Track  Nursing
Kiara Thompson  W. Track  Interior Design
Mary Catherine Aune  Volleyball  Advertising
Lauren Martin Volleyball  Advertising
Alyssa Meuth  Volleyball  Undesignated


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  1. 1

    didnt chapman have issues getting qualified to join the team? now he is on the honor roll? if so….damn what a turnaround

  2. 6
    Ballplay Indian

    Rolondo Mclain = Beast. He was playing some dang good football last year for a freshman. Josh Chapman majors on excersise sciece? Is that a major for a future phys ed teacher, sports trainer, or rehab guy? Just asking because Id never seen that as a major before.

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