APR penalties could be linked to coaches

The NCAA’s Commmittee on Academic Performance meets July 9-10 in San Diego. On its agenda are reforms to the Academic Progress Rate (APR) system.

The committee is working to develop a new transfer criteria for student-athletes, and a possible “bonus” for student-athletes who continue their education after graduating.

And perhaps most importantly, tying APR penalties to coaches.

Additionally, the committee will decide on a waiver process for third- and fourth-occasion historically based penalties and consider the possibility of Academic Performance Program penalties following coaches. At its April meeting, the Division I Board of Directors requested the committee re-examine the possibility of penalties following coaches.

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    I’m actually all in favor of the idea. There are way too many strict and completely B.S. rules when it comes to transferring institutions.

    Hopefully this new change will benefit them for a better education.

  2. 2

    I noticed there is a link for a “Gay Fitness Community” at the right side of the page…. Now I know why the Aubbos cant stay away…(They already have Bama jerseys hidden in the corner of their closet so they can change teams when Bama wins the Iron Bowl this year.)

    I am pretty sure that the Rules commitee will have another brain fart of a rule. (Like the now famous “Saban Rule”

  3. 4

    Well Tmcess – glad you made it back from your trip to Bessemer. In fairness to the coaches – they are paid to recruit pipe hitters and win Football games by any cheating sleigh of the hand. I don’t care if the Thug can understand “Poultry Science 101 ” – I want him to beat the hell out of his adversary and win the damn game. Let’s be honest about higher education and the modern athlete. Our moral side says that the task is to educate and enlighten. The hard ass side says kick ass and take names. The choice is obvious in this World.

  4. 5

    This article had absolutely nothing to do about Auburn, but you had to bring it up. Who is really obsessed with Auburn?? I guess losing to us 6 times in a row and 7-8 times just tears you up. And talking about gays, shaneolas article about separating the men from the boys at uat must have a different meaning for you.

  5. 9
    Ballplay Indian

    AKA API MAN….What are you on man? You have to be high as a kite because you make zero dam sense. Must be Crystal Meth. As you cant stay for a train of thought more than 2 seconds. Are you a Bama student. One of “Snowman Johns” buyers perhaps?

  6. 10

    Barnman 82, I think he’s only beating morons like you to the punch. After all, each blog turns into an all out war thanks to all the Alabama Polytechnic Institute homeless morons who fear their precious streak is in jeopardy and must do all the gloating while the opportunity is still there.

  7. 11

    exactly Hamrick.
    It doesnt take an auburn Sociology major to figure out what is going to happen. I just thought that maybe the Gay Health club add might explain why so many Aubbos keep showing up here on a BAMA blog.
    I know that Aubbos have the whole of the “protecting my sister’s honor” market cornered and all. I just never figured that they would be here all the time defending a team that they say is superior …..must be a shithouse superiority if you are constantly having to defend it.

  8. 12

    It’s hypocritical to make that reference when first of all, you are an Alabama Tech fan on an ALABAMA blogsite talking about ALABAMA, and of course, what a shocker: YOUR STREAK*.

  9. 13

    TMC, so if you’re an Auburn fan that means you’re gay? Well, I’m an Auburn Fan, and I have NEVER been attracted to other Females…so I guess that’s not the case. “I just thought that maybe the Gay Health Club add might explain why so many Aubbos keep showing up here on a BAMA blog.” I could accept that comment from any other Bama fan…but considering the fact I just read between 5-8 comments written by you in one day over on “The Goldmine” with Charles…I just can’t accept that punch from you lol! So, Mr. TMC…I guess the “Aubbos” show up on Bama blogs, for the same reason you show up on Auburn blogs (and I say this with the most respect).

  10. 15

    actually ball play, he’s a barnie who is on shrooms picked from one of the many cow pastures in aubarn. that or he’s on some of that stuff robert baker’s middle men are still distributing at booger’s corner.

    count this as my signature:

  11. 16

    Okay AuGirl…
    Here goes. I dont flame on the Aubbo blogs. I dont make refernces to Charles like some of the Moonshine retarded Aubbo clown shoes do here. (Read: all the cheap shots at Shane, Hunter etc…etc..)
    I usually keep my opinions to football and I behave as a guest. (Even if my opinions dissent,)
    Meanwhile I come here almost daily and I see some of the most foul and disgusting comments aimed at Bama, the coaches,the players, the fans and the writers of this blog. In possibly one of the poorest attempts at blogjacking I have ever had the displeasure to witness.

    I am sure you too, feel the grotesque urge to “defend Auburn’s honor” here.
    But for the love of God, I dont see why. It makes about as much sense as going to a synagogue and proclaiming everyone there are infidels for not subscribing to Islam.
    Much like the Auburn blogs we believe in what we believe.
    Dont get me wrong… a dissenting opinion is a good thing. Free thought and different ideas can bring new knowledge and growth. But a lot of the horseshit personal insults that come from the Auburn faithful here are nothing short of grand mall seisure shitheadedness and are just plain nonsense.
    If you cannot read any wrongdoing from the Aubbos that grace us with some of thier obtusely beligerent insults, then you need to go back over to Charles Blog and see that none of the Bama fans sling that type of shit all over the walls of his blog space like rabid howler monkeys during free crack night at the local zoo.

  12. 17

    By the way AuGirl.
    I am sure most of the guys here would agree that there is nothing wrong with a nice looking woman having a slight, curious attraction toward other women in a “Dear Penthouse, you are not going to believe what happened to me last friday night,” sorta way.

  13. 18

    TMC, I’m sure most MEN would agree (guys are so simple-minded) lol! By the way I am a beautiful woman (yeah I’m sure most people would proclaim that over the internet) but in my case its the truth I’m a pretty hot Kindergarten teacher lol! However, I will leave the “Girls Going Wild” bi-curious acts to the college girls. Even though I have only been out of school 4 years myself…the girl on girl thing has never been my cup of tea. Yeah alot of comments on this blog have been very mean…by Auburn and Alabama fans. It doesnt really bother me because it shows just how much class they have, and their inability to have a reasonable debate. What bothers me is the bashing of each team when the topic had nothing to do with the Auburn/Alabama rivalry, the bashing of college and high school kids, the personal attacks against one another (I have been called a whore, and had my deceased mother talked about.), and people commenting on why Auburn fans are here…when they too comment on Auburn blogs (How much fun would the Auburn, Alabama blogs be without the opposing fan popping in and out?) I just want an intelligent debate where both fans are being realistic, because some of the commentary here makes us all look like idiots incapable of real conversation.

  14. 19
    Ballplay Indian

    T mac ..You may need counseling. Wow what a rant. Howler Monkeys ? Grand Mall seizures? Good grief boy its just football. Au girl As I said earlier trying to speak logically to these Brats (your a Kin. teacher, as my wife is, so I know you know what I speak of) does you no good. All you can do is give the tirds a frowny face and make them stand in the corner. If they get too cranky send home a conduct mark to Daddy.

    Again Tmac ,,holy crap…Infedels…Islam..
    And then all the homo talk? You have issues my friend. Just remember..Its a football game..

    You bammers try to play off the streak with words like “It didnt count” ,,”probation” ,,”weakened”..Yall really need counselling before yall blow a dam gasket. AU girl in 5 years when they luck up and win one, Youll see old codgers screaming ROLL TIDE and the smell of mothballs will knock you out. 92 national champion T-shirts will pop up on the streets. And the got 12 shirts will sell out. It will be a giant Bammer spastic laden orgy.

    Now Tmac its time out for you. Go stand your whiney butt in the corner.

    I bet your an Obama man arent you.

    P.S. Flame not intended!!!
    And , yes , I AM a BLOGJACKER!!!!!!!

  15. 20

    What’s so bad about Obama? By saying that I’m assuming you’re a McSame supporter. What makes his nonsense any better?

    PS: Try five months instead of five years;-) You’re on your last leg and you’ll have to rely on false hopes and chances, which has been our issue since the year 2002 aka the year our probation/slide was initiated.

  16. 21

    Thanks for the re: AuGirl. It is nice to see that some folks do come here to talk about football. I hope I have the pleasure again. I like your analogies.

    Ballplay, I am glad you like my similes. Honestly, dont you think that bullshit is a dime a dozen? At the moment I am back in Australia and I dont care very much who wins the Presidential stagger. (Notice I didnt say race.)
    I dont invest much thought into politics because God knows they dont make any real effort to help or solve the problems that we have.
    I never said that Bama has lost for any reason except that they have sucked. Period.
    I was never confident in Shula, (but you have to admit the affectation he had when he would put his fingers on the side of his face like he was contmplating a deep thought did occasionally look impressive.)
    I will say that CTT has had the benefit of beating some of the most pitiful Bama teams I can remember. But Dont worry….Soon Bama will beat Auburn again and you can dust off that ’92 National Championship T-shirt and act like yuou have been on the right side all along.

  17. 22
    Ballplay Indian

    Whats so bad about OBAMA? Firstly when Jessie J. Cuts off his balls he wont be able to deal with anything like a man. Secondly… I quess you could say Im a redneck..Im pro-life.. Pro second amendment(right to bear arms) anti civil union (gay marraige) anti Tax increase ( As I own a small business) and generally disagree with every dam thing he stands for. But hey ,, ohter than that hes O.K.

    I am for smaller government, and more responsibility to citizens. There is no such thing as true freedom . But our founding fathers had he right idea. We have been slowly starting to go to country run by government instead of a government run by the country. No tmac I do not like Mcain either. But Ill have no other choice. I am a typical God fearing Christian conservative redneck and proud of it. I know the Libs will have a cow, but I voted for Huckabee. AND I voted for Bush ..Twice. And I do not regret it.

  18. 23
    Ballplay Indian

    Yes ..I chew tobacco . ..Hunt deer..Bass fish..Drive a 4 wheel drive. etc.. Come on guys, dont dissappoint …Let me have it!!!!!

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