Tide Monday links

The long holiday is over. And here are a few Alabama football links to enjoy.

Josh Moon takes some time off from bashing Nick Saban, and provides a list of top sports movies.

The Tuscaloosa News examines the preseason magazines.

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Pendry and Alabama’s O-Line should have success in 2008.

BamaOnline talks with Andrew Zow. One interesting quote, Nick Saban has made it easier on former players to visit than his predecessor. Who knew that Saban was friendlier than Mike Shula.

You can vote for Memphis Tider’s band Prosevere in a competition at AlternativeAddiction.com.


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  1. 1
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    It’s good to see the top four magazines, the Tuscaloosa News listed, didn’t have OSU ranked in the top five. OSU fans must think the sky must be falling!

  2. 2
    Sheer Darkness

    I’m actually surprised Josh MOOn didn’t try to factor “A Love Song for Bobby Long” or “Big Fish” into list, twisting the facts around (and contradicting himself once again) so that he could claim they were “Sports Films” as well.

  3. 3

    OSU has a habit of being overrated and then falling apart when it counts the most. It has been a year occurance since I was a wee little nard.
    I dont know why some teams get the big hype year after year. And almost never get the job done.

  4. 6

    thanks tider. I have the worst case of jet lag in the history of man. It is good to see you are here trying to fight the shift in realities that seem to occur when a certain fan base comes around.

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