T’News: Alabama’s Most Wanted

Just how big is recruiting? You’ve got more and more websites and mainstream media outlets talking about it—year round. The Tuscaloosa News has provided some great video and print content. Here is some of the video on the state’s most wanted high school players.

Breaking down the state’s best

CECIL HURT: With recruiting, there’s no place like home

Top 50 recruits in Alabama: 1-10
1. Dre Kirkpatrick
6-2, 185, CB
Gadsden City High School
Scout.com 5-star recruit

2. Kendall Kelly
6-3, 210, WR
Gadsden City High School
Scout.com 5-star recruit

3. Nico Johnson
6-2, 230, LB
Andalusia High School
Scout.com 5-star recruit

4. Tana Patrick
6-3, 220, LB
North Jackson High School (Stephenson)
Scout.com 4-star recruit

5. AJ McCarron
6-4, 190, QB
St. Paul’s Episcopal School (Mobile)
Scout.com 4-star recruit

6. William Ming
6-4, 250, DE
Athens High School
Scout.com 4-star recruit

7. D.J. Fluker
6-7, 330, DT
Foley High School
Scout.com 4-star recruit

8. Brandon Moore
6-5, 320, OT
Carver High School (Montgomery)
Scout.com 3-star recruit

9. Terrence Coleman
6-1, 250, DT
Williamson High School (Mobile)
Scout.com 4-star recruit

10. Anthony Orr
6-4, 260, DT
Sparkman High School (Harvest)
Scout.com 3-star recruit

Top 50 recruits in Alabama: 11-20

Top 50 recruits in Alabama: 21-30

Top 50 recruits in Alabama: 31-40

Top 50 recruits in Alabama: 41-50


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  1. 1

    You might want to save some of those pictures for later. It’ll save the tuscalooser police department time in making mug shots.

  2. 2

    Don’t complain just because they’re not even giving Alabama Polytechnic Institute a glimmer, APIman.

  3. 3
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    You must admit positive character overshadows quality talent (recent commits… and I quote):

    The first was LaDarius Perkins – an ATH out of MS (Not ranked – even after prospect ranking updates) – 5′9 180 lbs. He has offers from La. Tech, La. Monroe, Southern Miss., and Arkansas State.


    The second of the day came from Travante Stallworth – another ATH out of Louisiana (Not ranked) 5′10 180 lbs. His only other offer was from Tulsa.


    The last commitment for the day came from Andre Harris – an OG from Georgia (5.6 three star) 6′4 327. He has a better offer list with teams such as MSU, Virginia, Tennessee, Rutgers, and Georgia Tech.


    Other than the fact that they managed to get THREE commitments today, it has been a very unimpressive day for the Tigers. Their commitment list is filling up fast with guys that they could have waited until the end to put the pressure on to commit. On top of that, their best recruit so far (Rodney Scott – 4* RB) has all but decommited and is showing strong interest in USF. It almost seems that they are proverbially “throwing in the towel”???

  4. 4
    Sorrow Free Trial

    Tuberville is actually making his second-most clever move since using Alabama’s weakened state as a focal point to expand his paycheck. He’s practically setting his replacement up for the kill, after he submits his resignation to Jay Jacobs of course. Once he uses retirement as a cover-up for being exposed for the loser that he always was, following in his mentor, Pat Dye’s footsteps, what better way to boost your legendary status at Alabama Tech than having your follow-up come in and lose more games than imaginable. Alabama Tech has about two more solid years under Tuberville, and immediately after that the character he’s suddenly began to recruit at a frequent pace, will definitely catch up and bite him in the end. Believe me you can expect more than just sheer humiliation in those forthcoming days.

  5. 5
    Tommy Tuberville

    You Bammers are completely hopeless fools. Do you not realize I have an eagle eye for necessary talent? Just because they lack the size, speed, strength and national recognition that your recruits has, doesn’t mean I can’t transform them into invincible super-human beings. Y’all seen what I did at Ole Miss, and you seen what I did at Ole Opelika as well! I obliterated y’all in the Iron Bowl for six straight years with nothing but the utmost of character, while y’all were struggling to make ends meat, and I’m gonna continue to do so even when you’re dominating. I had a few hiccups against y’all prior to my amazing transformation from zero to hero, but we all stumble somewhere along the line before becoming immortal. I am an immortal soul and with Godlike sidekicks such as The Pulitzer prize winning novelist formerly known Tony Franklin and the defensive mastermind known as Paul Rhodes, I will not falter and I will not fail. I owned Nick Saban at LSU (even though admittedly we cheated to beat him by 1 point in 2004 and in 2002, after losing three of his key starters on offense done the same), I will never lose to him while being the head coach of Alabama. I’ll show him whose boss and I’m also gonna show that lousy dope-smoking Pat Dye how to properly handle his team after the end of the streak. The differential between Pat Dye and myself is, Pat Dye gave up and that’s something I’ll never do and believe me, I’m a man of my word. The only time I’ll ever give up is if I one day wake up and find myself inside of a pine box!

    PS: Ford F250 Super Duty trucks are the official trucks of Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Opelika or colloquially known as Aubarn University. If you ain’t got a Ford, then you ain’t a true Barnie fan!

  6. 6

    Lmao…what did this post have to do with Auburn or any recruit outside the state of Alabama. Oh I know any opportunity to Bash each other and 17 year recruits. This is the typical conversation for some of you guys…Guy 1: How was your 4th? Bama Fan: Auburn sucks. Guy 1: “Did you throw any burgers on the grill?” Bama Fan: “Speaking of burgers, reminds me of cows, Auburn sucks.” Guy 2: “Did the kids enjoy a good game of kickball?” Bama Fan: “Little kids running after a ball reminds me of Auburn’s recruits…did I ever mention how much Auburn and their recruits suck…Bama is better, my team is better than yours ha! ha! in your face ROLL TIDE!” Guy 2: “Well, how about you… did you watch the fireworks last night?” Auburn fan: “Ummm…fireworks? Reminds me of guns, you know with the noise and all, guns remind me of cops, and cops remind me of Bama players…hey! hey! Criminal Tide my team is better than yours…War Eagle!”… Seriously guys get a grip everything posted here is not about the opportunity to bash either teams…I’m almost positive it was posted for the discussion of talent in this state. Not how many offers a Auburn recruit outside the state received, Tommy Tuberville, who is going to be on America’s most wanted, the Iron Bowl, Pat Dye…blah, blah, blah! Come on guys focus, I’m beginning to think some of you are A.D.D. Or maybe its the female in me to have the ability to focus on the topic at hand. Let me help a few of you out. Do you see any of the states top players going to any schools outside the state or the SEC?

  7. 7

    aubman82… some funny stuff buddy
    007..as usual Vomit and
    AUGirl …Well Said!



  8. 8

    SHANEHATERS- aka APIman, are you the guy formely known as SHANEHATERS? Did you change your name in an effort to campaign for Auburn’s name change…what is it Alabama Polytech Institute? Still Lmao!

  9. 9

    as usual, the dysfunctional barnie family whines just because they no longer can recruit valuable talent such as this. i think before long they’ll have a hard time admitting this talent pounded them into oblivion after a lopsided loss, something they failed to do when they had the valuable talent playing for them.

    count this as my signature:

  10. 10

    Firstly, I’d like to personally welcome Tommy Tuberville to the website.

    Secondly, I’d like for him to cross these above recruits off of his desirable wish list and blame their decision to commit elsewhere (Alabama) on lack of character.

    Thirdly, I’d like to be the first to welcome you back to your native roots: an overrated loser who had limited success in his illustrious career as a scum bag.

    Thanks again! Now go bow down to George Bush because he is your equal!

  11. 11

    Why would you bow down to George Bush, if he is your equal? That really doesn’t make any sense.

  12. 12
    Tommy Tuberville

    Why thank you greatly Mr. Bush Hater!

    Being Tommy Tuberville is actually a more tiresome job than being an Aubarn fan, if you can believe that.

    I constantly strive to make the lives of every Opelika Alabamian more happy and less miserable. That is why Phil Fulmer and Albert Means are my two bestest friends in the whole wide world. They really taught me well on how to defeat the Alabama Crimson Tide and if it wasn’t for them, I’d either be coaching at Ole Miss, or Southern Miss. But thanks be to them, I am now officially a proven winner and trust me when I say character will prevail in the end. The only reason the character I recruited at Ole Miss failed in the end was because character at Ole Miss and character at Aubarn, Alabama are two totally different brands. Tommy Tuberville will prevail.

    PS: I have actually bent over for G W twice in my life. The first time was when he spoke in Aubarn (and ha, he didn’t speak in Tuscaloosa, but he spoke in Aubarn, Alabammer! Ha! Ha!), and the second time was right after I showed true class and character toward the soldiers who were Alabammer fans. So that’s Tommy Tuberville 2 and Alabammer Crimson Tide 0.

  13. 13
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Hi just stopping in and I read the ridiculously true statement left by my colleague TOMMY TUBERVILLE. He is right you know….. I am all that and a bowl of *Wendy’s chilli!
    I’m Tony Franklin Damnit!
    Its hard being a Tony Franklin. The victories and the women just keep piling up like empty cans of Milwalkee’s Best outside of Tony Franklin’s Camper/condo.
    Here is the plan. Tommy recruits 2nd and 3rd tier talent and my TonyFranklinSystem makes them look like stars…. yep ….. that is how it works… Just ask ol’ Omar Hoagiebook sometime… He was nothing when I met him….Nothing.
    Since I have sold every offensive scheme I ever had for the low price of $19.95 online. This year Auburn will be using plays that were drawn up by God himself…(aka Bobby Lowder)
    But if you still want to by my (now) legendary Tony Franklin System @ TonyfranklinSystem.com, you can buy it at TonyFranklinSystem.com.
    Thants TonyFranklinSystem at TheTonyFranklinSystem.com.
    I’m Tony Franklin Damnit. And I know football.

  14. 15

    And once again the conversation leads back to Auburn. For someone who convinced that Bama is back and will win titles, you sure spend 99% of your time bashing Auburn even when a post is not about Auburn…its almost like you have to say things over and over to convince yourself…”I think I can, I think I can.” Seriously this is becoming pretty darn sad. And IhateGeorgeW, some of the above players have already committed to Auburn so why should Tuberville cross them off his list? I thought my boyfriend was an over the top Bama fan, but he is at least Realistic to know that even though Bama will once again compete…it would just be foolish to think Auburn will fall off. I guess he is a realistic Bama guy, unlike most of you guys…thats why I love him.

  15. 18

    Yes AUGirl it is the worst bthey can do is call us by A former name(there were a2 or 3 other names) and I LIKE API
    Alabama Polytechnic Institute!

  16. 20
    Ballplay Indian

    Like it or not Tommy and Tony will drive the final nail into crimson turd football. Keep cracking and they will just keep kicking yalls teeth in. Whatever makes you happy.

  17. 21

    Talkyou dont get out much often do you?

    Its okay… but I would recommend you stop playing so much Dungeons and Dragons. It is perverting your sense of reality.
    Tommy will be gone in 3 years or less, he is just making sure that he leaves his predecessor a royal mess before he goes. Thus making himself look even more like the King. Just ask around Mississippi sometimes. They will tell you how Tommy T. leaves a program. And (if you dont wont to hear that noise) ask Miami how their defense looked when the Ol’ Riverboat Gambler left them in shambles.
    Ballplay. History does repeat itself. And if you think that Tommy T. has learned anything new along the lines of Fairness and loyalty at Auburn you will be sadly mistaken.
    He has about 1 more year to beat lowly Bama, and then there will be a mighty asskincking coming Auburn’s way. And then once again, its back to the bottom of the cellar at Aubuen East Alabama Polytechnic.

  18. 22

    So basically UAT is going to get commitments for all of the above mentioned recruits right?

  19. 23

    tmc1- you must be the reason that a national football website just posted a blog about the top three reasons they hate Alabama fans. It is really a good read. I will post it somewhere on here for ya.

  20. 24

    tmc1…you got a love thang for tubbs. You cant stop talking bout him. I think you have been saying he is gone for …forever. Dont you wish he was gone. CTT just keeps coming back… with another whuppin for the Tide who cant win for losing.

  21. 25

    I got a love thing for Tubbs alright!
    He just commited #18 and is basically forfieting most of the above players to CNS. Gotta love that! If you look at the above lists you will see prospects that almost every team in the country are offering.. It is hard for me to believe that ol’ Tubby has outsmarted every other major program in the U.S. to snatch the commitments he has.
    Tubby did this same thing at Ole Miss too and then he surf on his pine box to Lee County…
    Take from someone who has seen this act before Auburn is on its way to being officially screwed.

  22. 26

    It’s a well known fact that every 5-star player in the country is a bammer lean. That 2nd consecutive national recruiting championship is just a foregone conclusion. Wait, nevermind…Tom Lemming said bamer had the 3rd or 4th best class last year. Maybe this will be your year!

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