Where’s the brick?

Auburn fans are upset because Alabama fans aren’t upset

Six in a row. Fear the thumb. Fear the index. Fear the middle finger.

Yadda. Yadda. Yadda.

If you listen to talk radio, or read the Internet (especially the Auburn visitors to this site), all you find are outraged Auburn fans trash talking Alabama fans about the streak, excuses and Alabama’s unrealistic expectations.

But what really galls Tiger fans are the realistic expectations of Alabama fans.

Auburn fans wanted a brick through Nick Saban’s window after ULM or the Auburn game. Instead what they got were Alabama fans giving the Process a vote of confidence.

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Much to the chagrin of our rivals, Alabama fans are sanguine about prospects for the future. Everyone knows Alabama will win a conference title again, but not many are making reservations in Atlanta this year. That doesn’t mean fans won’t hope for a trip to Atlanta, but fans are simply more realistic today than ever before. Ask any Alabama fan and they’ll tell you the Tide won’t win the national title in 2008.

Even during the malaise of the Mike Dubose era, fans had more hope, confidence and hubris.

The wilderness years have stripped away much of that hubris. Tide fans understand the journey to the Promised Land won’t be quick or easy. So unlike Dathan, they’ll give the guy time.

And that pisses off Auburn fans.

For some reason their streak won’t be legitimized until Alabama fans are kicking mad, and cussing the coaches.

And that shouldn’t be the case. Auburn fans have many fine things in their program. They have much to be proud of. They don’t need Alabama fan’s anger to validate it.


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  1. 1

    I couldn’t concur with this blog anymore.

    Win or lose, they’re still the most miserable fan base in all of America — and why? Because each and every time they step outside of their trailer, they can’t help but see that charcoal black shadow, dwelling over them, which is coming from the other end of the state.

  2. 2

    For the record, I don’t think I have read any postings by Auburn fans on this site that can be characterized as “outraged” or “pissed off.” I think if you were to ask any of the AU fans that visit, they would agree there is nothing wrong with having high hopes, even in the face of improbability. If you didn’t have hope, the season wouldn’t be much fun. More than anything, it is just fun to banter back and forth a bit, even if there are some of you that get your panties in a wad over it.

  3. 3
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    “They have much to be proud of.”

    I agree with everything but that one, tiny quote. Truthfully, from a Barnie’s perspective, there’s not a really large significant amount of accomplishments and achievements to be proud of (speaking in modern day terms). All they have to take pride in is six* consecutively close victories over their former, and soon to be (again) superior, who has unfairly competed against them with a heavy burden on their back.

    Let’s take a stroll down memory lane for proof. Anyone recall last season? Up until their astonishing victory over Florida, many of the avid fans were calling for Tubby’s head (and firing). Several of them actually verbally exposed him for what he truly is: a failure who filled Alabama’s void courtesy of the NCAA.

    At the current moment, even though they refuse to admit it, they pretend to be loyal and supportive, while they insincerely rally around him. But deep down inside, they know the tables are turning and before long, these pitiful kids of character he’s recruiting, are setting him up for the kill.

    Take pride and comfort in knowing the winning spotlight is currently on Alabama PolyTECHnic Institute. But DO fear and expect the worse, because it’s coming… again!

  4. 4

    For once, I think I agree with an Auburn fan. People do tend to take things said on message boards a little too literally. In the end, we’re all human beings and none of us or better than the other. But this is what makes this rivalry so unique. The only other hatred in a rivalry I know of are those that take place in foreign soccer. Over here, in the state of Alabama, we live for football basically because we have nothing else to live for. However, it’s true, every time something good comes about for UA, the AU nation aims to bring us down. And when the bad comes about, we simply get poked fun of(which here of late there’s been far more bad than good). But some of you guys should relax, chill, do whatever because we’re all mortal beings and this is nothing but a game of supremacy between TWO COLLEGES OF ALL THINGS! Two great colleges at that! And with that being said, ROLL TIDE! AU SUCKS!

    The end!

  5. 5

    rhYno, you made some VERY valid points. But I will have to disagree with you when you say, “whenever something good comes about for UA, the AU nation aims to bring it down.” If that’s the case, then the same statement can be made by Auburn fans, as well. Maybe its the rivalry, but I havent seen Bama fans give Auburn credit for anything positive that is going on in our program either (we have a new OC, the Bama nation says the spread will never work, we have 17 currently committed, the Bama nation will say they are not good enough, etc)….and the list goes on. Its not that either fan base is aiming to bring the other down, its just no fan wants to admit the positives of another team…and that goes for Auburn, Alabama, or any other fanbase. Other than that excellent post rhYno, and with that being said WAR EAGLE, BAMA SUCKS! lol!

  6. 6

    I tend to think the door swings both ways. Auburn fans seem to be a little more obsessive than most of us are, but that’s merely due to seeing us in the spotlight year in and year out, win or lose.

    As long as this will contribute to the topic’s cause, I didn’t want a brick thrown through one of Nick Saban’s window after the ULM, LSU, MSU, and AU games; I wanted it thrown through all of JPW’s… And maybe a small rock through the driver window of Nick Saban’s vehicle for not replacing JPW with someone else. There’s your validated anger for the day!

  7. 7

    All you have to do is read the post by Alabama fans to see that this article could easily go both ways. Bama fan’s obsess over Auburn.. Used to be they worried about all games, winning them all, now it is about beating Auburn… Bama fans know that is one step that must be taken, you have to win the state, to truly win the SEC and to win the NC.

  8. 8

    Cap, you seriously contend that the majority of Bama fans have “realistic” expectations? You think 92,000 people came to watch the scrimmage of a team they “expected” to go 7-6? You think that bunch of drunk rednecks that mobbed Saban at the Tusc. airport upon his arrival on a Tuesday afternoon “expect” him to win less than 10 games this year? How about that mob of son shooters that will pack the Wynfrey at SEC Media days next month (on another workday afternoon) just for a chance to touch Saban as he walks through the lobby? Are they “expecting” 8-5 this year? Finally, go ask the talking heads at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and every other nationally recognized media outlet in the country if Bama fans have “realistic expectations”. You’ll get laughed out of the room.

    Your accusation that AU fans are pissed because Bama fans are not mad about the ULM loss and the streak is delusional. You believe the majority of Bama fans simply took that ULM loss without anger as part of a “process”? That was the single most embarrasing loss of the last 50 years for Bama. As to Bama fans not caring about the streak, give me a freakin break. Bama fans flood talk radio and the internet and cry like a bit*# just because somebody snapped a cell phone photo of Tubs holding up 7 fingers halfway around the world. Yeah, it’s obvious that little streak hasn’t gotten under the bammers’ skin at all.

  9. 9

    Way to deflect the argument! Basically, you just said it’s not us it’s you, or if you like I know you are but what am I.

    I would try to avoid using anecdotal evidence. If you spoke to most fans they would tell you that they are looking for improvement from the team this year, not a MNC.

    92,000 people went to A-Day, because people there are a lot of people who enjoy watching Alabama football. These people want to show their support for their program.

  10. 10

    I expect 8-9 wins. Every Bama fan I know expects agout the same. We hope for more, but we’ll take improvement. Sorry if that angers idiot Barners.

  11. 11

    Hey Kenny, did 92,000 ever show up for a scrimmage when Shula was there? Price? Fran? Dubose? Stallings? Curry? Perkins? Obviously not. 92K showed up for Saban because they believed he was going to put Bama on a speed train to the natl title. But no, you would have us believe that 92K showed up simply “because there are a lot of people who enjoy watching Alabama football”, and they simply “want to show support for their program”? There’s plenty of schools with a lot more fans than Bama who enjoy watching games and showing their support, but they ain’t packing 92K into a scrimmage.

    As to your accusation that I was deflecting the argument, I don’t even understand what you’re saying. Cap said that AU fans are pissed because Bama fans aren’t pissed about the streak and the ULM loss. I pointed out that his argument was BS because Bama fans ARE pissed about both. How the hell is that “deflecting”?

  12. 12


    Why are you here? This is an Alabama board. Does Auburn not have their own site? Just the fact that you are here shows that you are concerned about something. That’s justification enough for this board that the article hits the nail on the head.

  13. 13

    I like having Julio here as the descenting voice of unreasonableness. Again, if you want to get back to why 92,000 fans were at an A-Day scrimmage, for the millionth time. Without trying to speak for everyone, Alabama fans wanted to show their excitement. We were justifiably excited about making the best hire st Alabama since Bear Bryant was hired. There are of course many other reasons.

    Also, using the quote: ‘Finally, go ask the talking heads at ESPN, Sports Illustrated, and every other nationally recognized media outlet in the country if Bama fans have “realistic expectations”’. I am not sure how using talking heads is a good counter point to any argument.

    Lastly, to steal a play out of your playbook. I know you are but what am I! Delusional Auburn fan!

  14. 14

    I used to think you were the voice of the BAMMA reasoning here CAP and i might get banned for saying this but….. DAMN YOUR DUMB AS THE REST..I for one am not outraged nor do me or my AUbbies give a damn that Nickie is there noone is scared of MR RECRUITER
    and dont care if you fire him or not
    and just so you guys know i have several friends who are Bammas and they think 10 wins the season…THATS DELUSIONAL 6 and 6 again maybe 7 but once again WE DONT CARE AND DONT NEED YOU TO VALIDATE 6 IN A ROW and if cussing coaches and mad bammas validate it 2003-2006 MIke SHula and MAD as HELL bamma fans did it then ….

  15. 15

    Does that mean he is not as smart as you? I personally would say that not being apart of any group you belong is a compliment.

    I sincerly doubt that anyone with a modicum of self-respect could be your friend, and the only thing even more unlikely is the idea of multiple “friends.” Remember if you cannot see them, they do not exsist. In your case they are not delusions, only hallucinations.

  16. 16

    Kenny your the dumbest inbreed SOB in here you think you comments are witty. only there the same ones you make on other blogs. The one think i love about my friends (AUbbies) is they have class and manners they are not DRUNK OBNOXIOUS
    dumb asses who think a coach makes a team
    BUT…. they will help me hide you ROOKIE. keep pulling down you 25k a year and reading other blogs for your material,you have proven that i can say one thing to one bamma AND 2 MORE RUN THEIR MOUTH LIKE 6 YEAR OLDS

  17. 17

    SHANEHATERS, you made a good argument at the end of your first post. Cap states “For some reason their streak won’t be legitimized until Alabama fans are kicking mad, and cussing the coaches.” I don’t think thats the case, but if it were as Cap states…the streak would have been legitimized in 2003-2006, when Alabama fans were kicking mad and FIRING coaches.

  18. 18

    Like I say, let the fool speak. They will always prove themselves to be fools.

    I assume when you talk about class and manners, you are speaking about yourself, right? Stay classy, guy!

  19. 19

    Calm down angry AUBs. For the record I used to be(wissed) after every loss but I learned to not let things effect me that I can not control. Relate, relax, releave. Remember history repeats itself and second place in the is better than being at the bottom of the SEC ( we bammers know). Enjoy it while you can because the “Future is your Past”.

  20. 21

    Nice post SHANEHATER.

    You have very nice grammer and punctuation.

    My favorite part of your post is probably this statement.

    “you have proven that i can say one thing to one bamma AND 2 MORE RUN THEIR MOUTH LIKE 6 YEAR OLDS”

    Wow! That’s deep.

  21. 22

    Alonzo you have proven the point yourself you guys have some sort of MOB mentality as if it helps your case or something when someone picks your ignorant rants out to be just that IGNORANT you dont care if Kenny says something stoopid. you just want to run your mouth keep throwing the SHIT some will stick as far as punctuation goes it means nothing FACE TO FACE

  22. 23

    Dman, the “The Future is your Past???” I once read somewhere that “The present time is all there really is. The past and the future exist only in our minds. Present time is reality.”

  23. 24

    New coach, “WE ARE BACK”, another new coach, “WE ARE BACK”, yet another new coach, “WE ARE BACK”. Yada yada yada. Why on earth would I want a brick thrown through Sabans window? All it is going to take is a few more years of the Bama fans bitching and moaning and second guessing of his gameday plans, and his ass will be out of Tuscaloosa faster than a 8 ball out of Jimmy J’s crib.

  24. 26

    augirl you made some good points even though i disagree with most of the things you say.bama fans face it even though i hate to say it auburn has beat us for six years in a row , it does not matter that bama has been in a down time during the streak, they beat us and thats that.but dont count on beating us this year lol !!!!!!

  25. 27

    Leave it entirely up to a Barnie to speak on behalf of the entire Alabama nation. What’s new? Absolutely nothing at all!

    First and foremost, just because you guys can’t lure anymore than 30,000 (which about 80% of that is your student body), yet you can lure 500,000 to a rodeo behind the Good Ole Boy’s restaurant, doesn’t mean you have to reveal your jealous envy toward a team whose fan base is even more passionate about their school and football than yours, while at the peak of your erratic program’s history, and at the bottom of ours.

    If you guys HONESTLY BELIEVE Alabama will never defeat you guys again, win the SEC west again, or even the SEC title then you truly don’t deserve the glory of even arguing with a three year. Whether you accept it or not, you have 6 VERY CLOSE wins over an Alabama team who was limited on scholarships, turned down by prime recruits, plagued with unfortunate key injuries, and led by a man who didn’t belong at even the high school level, throughout that time period. Should I also remind you of the many shellackings you underwent during the twelve years prior to our collapse? Your program WILL NOT continue to win close games due to lesser quality talent blowing big time plays, causing you to seal the deal, especially now that Tuberville has gone from recruiting top tier talent, to below average kids with proper character just vibrantly radiating from their personalities, immediately after Alabama was cleared of their NCAA penalty and hired a more superior coach. Have you even taken one glance over your previous list of recruits and more importantly, the current list of commits? These are even lower than what Tuberville recruited at Ole Miss, and if my memory serves me right, he never defeated Alabama, Alabama Tech, or even managed to post a winning record in the SEC for that matter, with even more superior talent than he’s bringing in now.

    Get a good laugh out while you can, but keep in mind Saban posted similar results at LSU in his first season (turning the program around from a decade of losing), and won an SEC title in his second season (something that took Tuberville ten years to do and only has one to his name), and went on to win one more and a national title in a matter of five years at a program that was just as bad as Alabama has been. Also remember each loss only occurred by seven points or less this past season.

    So if you honestly think the Alabama you’ve seen over the past six or seven years (the team that’s been crippled by the NCAA), will be the same team you’ll continue to see in the future, then you are in dire need of having that half a brain of yours examined.

  26. 28

    Just for the record: the word “realistic” should never be used in conjunction with the term “expectations of Alabama fans.” That is a myth — UAT fans have no “realistic” expectations. Ever.

    And Auburn fans are not “mad” about this. On the contrary, we find it endlessly hilarious.

  27. 30


  28. 31

    Hey Shanehaters….

    I’ll meet you at the corner of al.com and rolltide.com.

    I’ll then proceed to e-smack you around.

    Are you kidding me? Are you wanting to pick a fight online?

  29. 32

    Jason, how can a team that has gone 13-0, 9-3, 11-2, and a decent 9-4 in the past four years base their success by winning the Iron Bowl only? 2004, Auburn won the SEC title and it took more than winning the Iron bowl to acheive that. 2005, LSU was the only SEC team we lost to and if losing by three points in overtime is considered getting our “asses waxed”, then why is it that Alabama fans consider losing to Auburn by seven points “barely winning/losing?” 2006, Auburn beat LSU, but didnt beat Georgia, however Georgia nor LSU were the determining factors for the SEC title it was Arkansas who kept Auburn out. 2007, well yeah Georgia waxed us, and LSU beat us…but didnt you guys lose to them as well? You are fooling yourself if you honestly believe that winning the Iron Bowl means nothing to Alabama fans…if it didnt there wouldnt be so much respect and passion for the series or the desire to once again receive National attention between both fanbases. You say, Alabama is only concerned with Titles…well good sir, your rivals should matter to you because Bama more than likely will never win a title until you guys win the Iron Bowl…no disrespect intended.

  30. 33

    Well said AUGirl. What kills me is these same Bammers that like to talk about how they don’t worry about Auburn, they care more about titles, are prolly the same ones that had their grubby lil fingers on the brick that got tossed at Bill Curry, barely missing him but smacking his career dead in the face. He won the SEC that year. So why did he leave? He would have gotten fired anyway. BECAUSE HE COULD NOT BEAT AUBURN. They can tell stories of glory years, they can talk about all their titles, they can even go tell it on the mountain for all I care. Good for them, they should be proud of past conquests, but they also need to realize this is a new era. I will never try to take away from their past. My father, rest his soul was a Bama fan, my mother and I Auburn fans. Not once did I ever hear my father make excuses. I even have the copy of Bear’s grave marker, my father worked for the company that made it.I do not come here to be hostile, as I said before I enjoy many of the post on here from AU and UA fans alike. But, and I realize there are some Auburn fans who do it too, some Bammers like to run their halitosis holes just a bit too much. At the same time, I am thankfull, being a college football fan, that I live in a state that has a passion for it as well.

  31. 34

    AU fans, PROOF of your aubsession with Alabama is your response to this very article. Capstone HAD to have known this was going to happen (well done, Alan). Right after looking at online animal porn, you Aubies hit this site like brim after a doughball.

    And what’s so funny and satisfying is that simply cannot enjoy your “success”. You’ve beaten a hapless rival, crippled unfairly by the NCAA (and even you know that…you enjoy it, but you do know it), and those victories have gone down to the wire. You’ve had to recover an onside kick in every one of them to seal the deal. Check me on that.

    And Finebaum Junkie, at least we have titles to tell stories about. You have nothing. Nothing. NOTHING! HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!!
    You are pitiful losers even when you win!

    Alabama Polytechnical Institute, you make my day. THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 35

    WOW where do you guys come from??
    does everybody want to fight?
    all i said was punctiation means nothing when someone is verbally speaking!
    Typical BAMMA ……hey ROLL TIDE and if my team cant beat yours I CAN BEAT YOU UP real mature Alonzo….REEEEEMIX!!!!

  33. 36

    intheknow72, what kills me about “some” Bama fans is the fact that most of the times you are too busy making excuses for your lack of success that you refuse to acknowledge the success of others. All I ever hear is “Auburn you only beat us, because we have been beaten by the NCAA.” Okay lets, take Bama out of the equation…in 2004, Auburn beat 12 other teams (won the SEC), 2005, 8 (losing to only 1 SEC team) 2006, 10 including the National Champs and, 2007 8 teams…now tell me what does that success have to do with NCAA stricken Alabama? Fact is, Auburn has been a pretty solid team, beating other solid programs, not just a crippled Bama team. Finally, your comment about “The Iron Bowl coming down to the wire, by recoving an onside kick” as a way to prove Auburn’s lack of success with the Tide, makes no sense. A win, is a win no matter how you get there by 1 point or one hundred points. Your win against Arkansas was the result of a last second touchdown, your win against Houston, result of a last second interception, Your win against Ole Miss, the result of a last second call in your favor…does that make your win any less of a win, NO…you won and that is what matters your ability to finish that game. Futhermore, rivalry games are generally close…when it comes to these games records pretty much go out the door (check 2005)…it doesnt matter how good or bad your team is…rivalry games are usually games of passion, determination, and who wants it the most on top of skills.

  34. 37

    intheknow72…….. So glad you enjoyed my post. Let me put this in a way that you will understand. I do not give a shit what you think. Laugh all you want, but at the end of the day you are still on the losing end of a six year, call the dogs off ass kicking. Go tell somebody that actually gives a damn about how “unfair” the NCAA treated Bama. Its funny you mention the word unfair, seeing as how every other week, its another egg on your face incident at good ole UA. I’m sure it will also be unfair if the NCAA hits your campus like the ass of a Tide player hits the backseat of a police car. The name of this column is Where’s the brick? You may want to ask JJ that one. Or do you want to know about another brick? The brick that Bama will shit when it extends their losing streak at home to their in-state rival.

  35. 38
    Sorrow Free Trial

    Realistic? Do they even speak that type of language down in Opelika? This is a word coming from FANS (Alabama Tech) OF A TEAM who makes a living off of the other. Realism has always been predetermined by reality and the reality is it’s literally unrealistic for someone’s life and world to evolve around another. Reality is also things that actually exists in a perfect world. The term “unrealistic” is swearing on Shug Jordan’s soul that Alabama Tech will never relive the pre-Alabama sanction days. Being “unrealistic” is swearing 1/2 star recruits who display an impeccable amount of character will never lose to top-tier talent, especially after once having an arsenal of top-tier talent nearly lose to the more inferior talent in the previous six* years. Being “unrealistic” is swearing that a coach who was nearly fired for failure, just before discovering gold (or having his superior unfairly eliminated from equal competition), will never resort back to those days of losing. Being “unrealistic” is constantly reinventing the truth to the point where you get too caught up in your delusion to realize the reality of your realm. The reality is, your time is coming rather sooner than later. Let these unrealistic delusions comfort you Barnies for the temporary time being. Just don’t say we didn’t warn you after your streak is long gone and so is everything that you’ve ever lived for and AUbsessed over.

  36. 39

    Sorrow Free Trial…Reality is until one down of college football has been played, and the Iron Bowl has been won or lost…your words have no meaning and were a complete waste of time. None of my words were delusions or the reinventment of truth…actually they were facts. So who is actually delusional someone who base their thesis on things that have not happened yet or someone who state facts that have already been placed in the record books? Maybe you say these things because you have the gift of viewing the future, or maybe just maybe you are the delusional one.

  37. 40

    I swear I as An AUburn FAN wanna bring to motion that we officially start calling OURSELVES..ALABAMA POLYTECH!! if thats all you guys can call us Hell it dont sound that bad >>>CMON GUYS LIKE SNACTCH THAT FROM THEM TOO!!!!!! VOTE YES ON AMENDMENT 4

  38. 41

    i correct my own self ALonzo!!!!
    🙂 😉 🙂

  39. 42


    Mom, we got beat by AUburn again today!


    Mom,we got beat my Alabama Polytech again!

    Yes I know its like 14 times in row
    SHUT-UP MOM!!!!!!


  40. 44

    i don’t blame the bama tech barnzoes one bit whatsoever. if i was the afterthought program of the state, i’d make every attempt possible to belittle the spirit of the program who’s been the father of me for most of my life as well.

    the countdown to the end of your streak and false hopes is on!!

    count this as my signature:

  41. 45

    I stand by what I say (and what everyone outside of Opelika, Alabama says as well): API fans will forever suffer from little man’s syndrome simply because they’re not Alabama. They’re the red headed stepchild of the state and even win they win, they still don’t gain the proper respect they feel they deserve. So, to conquer that anguish, they attack anything positively affiliated with Alabama in herds, yet only gains laughter in return for their feeble inferiority.

  42. 46

    007 Says:
    July 2nd, 2008 at 9:53 pm
    It’s always typical for the ugly little redheaded stepchild (suffering from Napoleon syndrome) to make every humanly possible attempt to flame the bigger brother. Hate. Envy. Jealousy. Inferiority Complex. It all sums up your basic WAR EAGLE fan!

    Just to prove Bammas Follow each other like DUCKS…. you read you write
    well done ihateGW…oh yea i hate him too

  43. 47

    And I never Attacked you I just hit harder if you hit me is all …
    im sorry………..SORTA

  44. 48
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    The ole’ one-two punch, right Mr. Shane Lover? LOL

    It’s all in good fun anyway. No harm intended. Maybe just a little, though. Nothing more than severe.

  45. 49

    Anyone can see that this post is 100% true. Look at all the Auburn fans that are here to validate it with their opinions.

  46. 50

    Validate? LMFAO I wouldnt give a damn if a brick flys at his head, or if he put a 12 gauge shotgun up his ass and blew his brains out. I don’t lose any sleep either way. Good luck this season, cause you sure are gonna need it.

  47. 52

    Whatsamatter Finebaum’sflunky?
    Here you go …. here is some of that attention you crave some much from Bammer bloggers.
    If you set your hair on fire and put it out with a sledgehammer we couldnt care less.
    Talk about a lame flame obtuse jerkoff of a post Finebaumjunk yours was among the most morose ever. But then again that is why you keep coming here…. you like being talked down to by Bammers. It satisfies a masochistic urge you have.

  48. 53

    tmc….If you think you are talking down to me, think again. In reality, you have not done a thing to me. Keep on thinking that though. Think you are talking down to me all you want, it will be just that more funny when 7 rolls around. And if you also want to think I have an urge for it, thats cool. The way you talk to some others on this blog, I see you have an urge also, don’t you polesmoker?

  49. 54

    If you dont realise that you are at an Alabama blog being ridiculed for your cerebral palsy induced comments, you have truly bumped your head.
    We all know your type … you are the guy who wears a beret and a cape because you think the girls like it.
    You sit there in the Waffle House and you creep out the waitresses every time you call them some corn pone bullshit name like “SUGAR”
    The only urge I have is to talk about football on a BAMA blog without being interrupted by a Yokel Jugghead who thinks he is here to defend his school’s honor. (Damnit, that is pitiful!)
    So tell me what is it like for you?
    You are so obsessed with Paul fucking Finebaum, you use him for a screen name.
    Jesus you are one patheticly, lamewitted fraction of a man.
    Do you feel better now little man?

  50. 55
    Ballplay Indian

    Bammers, puleeeeeeeese…. Who are you trying to kid? You sure arent kidding the Aubies. You all know in your heart that you absolutely CAN NOT STAND the fact that Auburn OWNS your sarry tails in the recent past (25 years). It is more than annoying and you know it. Auburn has been straight up kicking your butts in every aspect of the game. The probation excuse no longer holds water. The Shula excuse no longer holds water. The cluster hump known as Crimson Tide football has been self inflicted. Nobodys fault but your own. If you dont want probation then dont cheat , and more importantly dont bitch when the chickens come home to roost in the form af scholly cuts. You want a coach worth a crap? then quit trying to keep it in the family when you hire one. You dont want a team full of thugs ? Then quit making excuses for Saban and demand he kick some of the Thugs off of the team. Look inward for a change instead of outward, and you might right the ship. On second thought dont. Then the streek may go to 15 or 20. That would be fine with me.

    And another thing , for goodness sakes quit making idiots of youselves by repeating the whole ” The Tide has been crippled by the evil NCAA but the veil shall soooon be lifted and all will see the mighty TIDE RISE AGAIN” Bull CRAPPP!!!! it just makes yall look like the delusional fan base that you are. Oh never mind, keeep doing that too.

  51. 56
    Ballplay Indian

    Till you beat your rivals you wont win any titles. Good logic there though. Another delusional Bammer that thinks it is still 1978. Rollll Tidddde!!!!

  52. 57

    When you get some real NC trophies, Bama fans might care what you have to say.

    Apparently CTT has convinced you (like most Aubbos) that the Iron Bowl IS the National Championship. Tell me….what is it like to know that every team around has won the National Championship? Except Auburn. Poor Auburn always a pretender, never a contender….
    And yet…. you still believe that Auburn will win the big one. Forget about it. It wont happen. If it werent for the Iron Bowl, Auburn would have nothing. And soon Auburn will come up short again. The record for Iron Bowl victories is 9. And Bama holds it (like most of the other records) AND when Auburn fails to better it.
    It is back to the toilet for poor little Aubie. Yelling we won 6 in a row!!!
    Its okay though, big brother is out of the NCAA Probation doghouse and he will reclaim this states place amoung the NCAA ELITE again. Thanks for trying, but once again you just didnt make it.

  53. 58

    T=MC BEAR…..I can do a play on words also. Good post, but since you know all about me,… let me tell these fine folks about you. You are the kinda guy that downs a couple of tall boys, then drives to the local backwoods beer joint, and proceeds to guzzle darn near a six pack of Natural Light and flirts with the ugliest 3 tooth scank in the house. In the short time I have been here, I think I have seen every conceivable argument there is to make. It has become almost like beating a dead bear..I mean horse. Maybe it will get better once the teams get on the field. Nothing hurts me in this room things said about me. I take it with a grain of salt. I come here because I find it entertaining and amusing, and I thank the Bama nation for having me here. And contrary to popular belief, yes I would piss on you if you was on fire. Now I know you wouldnt me, but thats ok cause I wouldnt want you to have to squat over me little girl. LMAO

  54. 59


    “…dude I WOULD EMBARRAS YOU!!!”

    I am already embarrassed. You’re spelling is embarrassing.

  55. 60
    Shanehaters A-K-A APIman

    Good comeback alonzoid and in case you havent noticed Mr English Teacher my name is SHANEHATERS A-K-A APIman…get it right rookie!

    VOTE YES AMENDMENT 4 and stop Plagiarizing Bloggers such as the wonderfully

  56. 61
    Shanehaters A-K-A APIman

    talented MR.Alonzo and the rest of his regurgitating BAMMA associates …
    look Alonzo I spelled it all right
    I mean seriously cant you tell a typo of course not thats why you think that Brody was only sacked once….


  57. 62

    Sorry finebaum.
    I dont drink and whats more I am not into golden showers either.
    I wont point out the fact that you are some kind of a weird sicko for wanting someone to piss on you. Nope. Not me.

  58. 63

    Wow Auburn just got another commitment. Wow. I wont to thank Ol’ Tommy Tub in advance for single handedly giving CNS his choice of the top 10 players in the state.
    Luckily for the Auburn faithful, CTT has that mystic gift for assessing talent that no one else can see. Thats why he wins the SEC and the NC every year isnt it?

  59. 64

    Before anyone asks 25 minus 18 is 7. And most of the best players in the country are still out there.Waiting to commit! Thanks Tubby!

  60. 65

    Thats what I’m trying to tell you std…I mean tmc. I would piss on you for free, or better yet, for charity. All proceeds would go to a fund for the expansion of the Tuscaloosa jail. Also, I’m no weird sicko. I can have weird moments, and I have been sick before, but never a weird sicko. You on the other hand, seem to have a woody for every comment I make here lately. Since this game of back and forth pleases you, hermaphrodite, and I kind of enjoy it myself, let’s continue shall we? OR we can agree to disagree and go on to better things. Take your pick.

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