Recruiting items to start the week reports A.J. McCarron impressed in Las Vegas Elite 11. “He is a national player, and Alabama definitely did get itself a good quarterback,” Jeremy Crabtree said on Rivals video. You can watch some highlights of McCarron making throws. McCarron is ranked a four star by Rivals, and the sixth best quarterback in the class. McCarron is a four star, according to

In case you missed it, Alabama landed Toledo, Ohio’s Mike Marrow. Marrow is a power running back coming in at 6’2”, 245 lbs. Alabama beat out national powers like Penn State, Wisconsin and Nebraska. If you want to know what type of quality individual Marrow is look at the other school on his offer list—Army.

Landing Marrow is another return to national recruiting by the Tide. This is the second year for Nick Saban to steal someone from Big Ten country. Last year Saban snagged Michigan’s Mark Ingram.

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People wonder why the seeming antisocial Saban is so powerful on the recruiting trail. Maybe because he isn’t so antisocial when it comes to private settings. Marrow told TiderInsider just how excited Saban gets with recruits:
“I just told Coach Saban a few minutes ago that I was ready to commit. He was so excited that he jumped up and hugged me. All of the coaches are really excited. The whole staff has already congratulated me and welcomed me to Alabama.”

While we are talking about recruiting, Saban told the Huntsville Times last week that early commitments might be getting a bit too early. Saban who was an innovator at landing early commitments made the comments as the Tide landed its eighth commitment of the year.

“I actually think it’s really getting pretty early now,” Saban said Thursday. “When a guy uses the summer to go to camps, go on unofficial visits, meets people and spend some time, that gives them at least a chance to make a decision.

“A lot of these guys are deciding way early in the spring and they really haven’t had an opportunity to do much investigating. Maybe they just knew all along where they wanted to go.”


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    It is really nice to see that Nick Saban just keeps on keeping on. Bama’s recruiting has improved dramatically since Saban has arrived. I am sure that some people are in denial but there is no denying when it comes game time.

  2. 2

    Unfortunately, he lacks the proper character required to play for The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama. Hence the reason Tubby didn’t pursue him at full force the way of which Saban did.

  3. 3

    “there is no denying when it comes game time.” That is right tmc1 no denying it when it comes to game time. Funny how you can brag about hauling in recruits but you can’t beat your rival on the field which is all that matters anyway. Keep on losing.. roll tide baby. Bammer is back. (again)

  4. 4

    Breaking News, Breaking News…This just in…unrated recruit Mike Marrow gives verbal committment to University of Alabama…Scout and Rivals immediately “adjust” Marrow’s 0 star ranking to 5 stars…number of back child support actions filed in court immediately double as legions of Bama fans in trailer parks across the state forego familial support in lieu of renewing subscriptions to recruiting sites…pandemonium ensues.

  5. 5


    Jonathan Evans —— South Alabama

    Raymond Cotton —– Kent – Purdue – Troy

    Andre Harris ——— Ga. Tech – UCF

    Harris Gaston ——— Miss State

    Rodney Scott ——– South Florida, U Miss, Miss State

    Travante Stallworth — Tulsa

    LaVoyd James ——– U Miss, South Alabama

    LaDarius Perkins —— La Tech – ULM – So Miss

    Aaron Moore ——— NONE

    Nick Fairley ———- NONE

    Wilfred Journet ——- NONE

    Eltoro Freeman ——- NONE

    Character means everything!

  6. 6

    Character has kicked your A$$ the last 6 years. Win a game and then talk your smack. Pathetic loser!! This is so freaking funny. Delusional fans are so funny

  7. 7

    Rivals has this guy as a LB,,, they also give him zero stars…. Scout has him as a three star… Maybe a great player… But not a national recruit… Never seen folks get so excited about an average player… This is NOT Julio or Burton, et. al…

  8. 8
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Steve Spurrier on Ray Goff about Blue Chips, “He can get all the bluechips and I’ll get the wins” Coach Tommy “Superior” Tuberville can say the same thing about Nicky “Goff” Satan. Keep cruitin bammurs and AUBURN will keep winning. #1 Recruiting class. hahahahaha

  9. 9

    He’s one of the top rated FB prospects. You’re not likely to find a 5* guy in that field.

    But hey, not like he’s an elite long-snapper or anything like that.

  10. 10

    Please pardon this interruption while I address our step-bretheren from API..ah hm…moo moooo moo moo moo. Mooo, moo moo moo moo moo….MOOOOOOOO! MOOOOOO! MOOOOOO!….that is all. Oh, I almost for got…quack quack.

  11. 11

    Bammer fan’s vocabulary has slowly been reduced to three terms: Bear, “moooo,” and twelve. All used for the sole purpose of defending themselves against progress.

  12. 12


    Kettle, pot, black, any of these ringing a bell? This is the same person who starts every comment section with some sort of 6 in a row comment, no matter how irrelevant it is to the subject.

  13. 13

    really (6 in a row)do I always (6 in a row) use some kind of comment like 6 in a row or do I (6 in a row) use comment like delusional pathetic fans (did I mention 6 in a row)

  14. 15

    YA know I am new to the “BLOGGING”
    but i cant wait till FB season
    hell august 30th we will show you bammas
    what that game was supposed to be like
    without pullin kids off of suspension
    october 23rd we will beat up on ol nickies home team and THEN>>>>
    NOVEMBER 29…………BANG!…we still wont have 9 but damn your runnin outta fingers

  15. 17

    What are you going to show Alabama on August 30th? Is Alabama playing you? Is Alabama playing Auburn? If Alabama loses to Clemson what would that prove about Auburn?

  16. 19

    Yall damn old BAMMERNECKS aint got no clue!
    Cant yall see THAT AUBURN is the New York CITY of LEE COUNTY? Yall BAMMERNECKS need to realeyes that Auburn is your social BETTERS! (TROTLINE AND NORTHERN RAILROAD ROCK!!)


  17. 20

    Hey Aubbos,
    Oh I forget… Moo Moo MooMoo Moooooooo! MY BAD.
    I heard online that someone robbed the Auburn Student Union at BOOKPOINT.

    Kenny, please dont answer the above question from SHANEHATERS is a BLOGGER. It might to encourage him to stalk you the way he does SHANE.

  18. 22

    Yall all jealous that we got us 5 recroots this here week!
    We got those three from private schools. Cause private school is the way of the future! Phillip Marshall says so. And Far be it from me to question anything that Phil Marshall says about Auburn. Woohooo You Bamzoes is so STOOPID!
    We got 6 in a row! We proudly own BDS even though we hate the place!

  19. 23
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    tmc1, I will ask you the same question I asked Kenny. Will you love & support Coach sabin if he wins 9+ games a season but does not beat AUBURN? YES or NO. Show Kenny and everybody else that your not afraid to answer this question.

  20. 24

    Love is an extreme word for it. But I will support Saban if he wins 6 this year and doesnt beat Auburn.
    Shane is, for christ sakes! The guy has all of ONE season at the capstone.
    I like Saban and if he leaves next year I will like him anyway. At least he will be leaving Bama in better shape than he found it.

  21. 25

    I think CNS could win the SEC in 2010. Rome was not built in a day. The process is working. If CNS wins 9 in a row. Then I will be happy, Bama Nation doesnt measure ourselves by beating little Aubbie.
    ROLL TIDE! “Got 1?”

  22. 26

    Shane is a BLOGGER.

    I couldnt help but notice the set of conditions you applied with your question above.
    I think CNS will wipe the field with CTT at the Iron Bowl this year. But if he doesnt life will go on. Eventually he will. And guess what? I can wait.
    BTW I love the job Nick Saban is doing. We arent close to where we are going but it is becoming evident that he has a good plan for getting there.
    After all CNS does have a National championship ring and if he had stayed at LSU he would have 2 by now.(at least)

    I think I will trust him to do his job.

  23. 27


  24. 28

    Gee, tmc you really should make up your mind. You admitted in an earlier post that you believed Bama would have yet another painful loss to AU this year, and now you claim that Saban will “wipe the field” with Tubs this year. I guess you and every other Bama fan do have the ability to “wait” for another IB victory. Six painful years can certainly teach a man patience as a virtue. After that much time, what’s another 3 or 4 years to wait for the “process” to develop. Hey, you guys might even bump your win total from 7 to 8 this year and get promoted to the Liberty Bowl. Hail to the process!

  25. 30

    Hey Kenny this is the last time i am going to acknowledge you until you answer others questions rookie/drunk.
    look @ the schedule and get a clue……………….times ticking…………….tick tock tick tock damn times out shoulda put the bottle down.oooooooooo i done spilled my drink

  26. 33

    Tider, Did the Tech land another gotta have prospect?

    This is just getting silly, Reggie Taylor: Taylor picked Auburn over offers from Iowa State, Memphis and Ball State. They are just KILLING us!

    Something is going on at the cow college that just does not make any sense to me!

    The barn is going to be SHOCKED when they TRY and line up this so called speed with teams who are going to pound you in the mouth. A 255 or less DT against 300+ lb OL. I like our running game already…

    This is UAB and Vanderbilt bad!

    I am starting to be a film believer in the Lowder gate theory!

  27. 34

    Well Damn Jimmy Johns done looked out for the Bamma Nation good didnt he.Cant wait to see Tmc’s or should I say SHANES regurgitated comments.Probably gonna spin it to AUburn watch. And damn darkconfusion we dont talk about recruits cause we wait till they do things like ……sack brody 11 times or something DOPE!

  28. 35
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    “Character has kicked your A$$ the last 6 years.”

    What kind of hallucinate are you on? Last I recall, ever since the handcuffs were slapped on Alabama, suddenly, Tuberville was an all star recruiter, who was simply OWNING Alabama in recruiting year in and year out. But now, being an “all star” recruiter is no longer the case? It’s all about “character”? Keep telling yourselves that while you frequently reinvent the truth. These kids Tubby is recruiting today, are the kids that he recruited when he first landed the job at Tech, and the same kids he recruited at Ole Miss, where he NEVER posted a winning record in the SEC.

    Oh, and did I mention while he was owning us in recruiting, he was only defeating us by a pathetic average of seven points or less? Don’t you think that’s a tad bit embarrassing considering he’s competed against a team that’s been just as bad off as Ole Miss and Vanderbilt?

    Of course you don’t, you’re a delusional Barnie living your dreams in a double-wide!

  29. 36
    Redneck Tider

    Bammer in NY, it’s true character has kicked your anus for the past 6 years. Admittedly, we have outrecruited you in the past, but NOT JUST STAR WISE, but character wise as well. 2-3 years from now, win or lose, character will prevail and that’s all that matters in the end. Character means more than winning on the field and when our kids lose with pride, while you guys kick our anus with pride, you’ll see that character pride overshadows the pride of victory!


  30. 37
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Coach Tubs is sitting on a back deck somewhere on Lake Martin laughing his butt off.

    Quack Quack & War Chicken!
    The TIGERS are coming!

  31. 38

    BamaFan NY- Delusion is for bammer fans. All you can point to now is the fact that we didn’t beat you by enough points. Nice arguement. That is wonderful. You keep on hanging in Tuscalooser with your friend Jimmy Johns and keep on snorting that white powder. He has a vast supply.

  32. 39

    Redneck Tider- We know you are really WillisMann undercover. Keep on posting.. Got to love the stupidy of bammer fans. We are crying with laughter at your stupidity.

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