More $ for Moore

Mobile Press-Register: “It is my goal over the next two years, if possible, to move him (Mal Moore) either to No. 1 in the SEC or very close to it,” said UA president Robert Witt, who added, “His performance over the last six years has been exceptional.”

Moore already earns $425,000 per year, or third most of any Athletic Director in the SEC.

How do you the readers rate Moore?

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Other highlights from the Press-Register interview with Moore:
Bryant-Denny expansion still planned, and Moore hopes to “make something happen in the very near future.”

UA likes the neutral-site games like the FSU game from last year and the Clemson game this season.

Moore sees basketball season as an “important year” for coach Mark Gottfried. More also explained a bit more about his expectations for the basketball program:

here’s no question that people are vocal and have the right to be. They buy their tickets and come in. Mark understands what he’s got to put on that floor. He’s got to put a competitive team out there and win games. He understands that. We’ll do everything in our power to make it happen.

Lots more in the Press-Register’s Q&A with UA’s athletic director. It is good summer reading.


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    Overall,I would rate coach Moore’s performance as a good one. The facilities have been upgraded to among the best. The coaching hires for the minor sports have been good with the exception of women’s BB (Smith) which looked good at the time. Mike Price was a recommend who was probably a good coach but with bad character. Did we know that ahead of time, who knows? Shula was a good hire for the time, no one else (with any track record)wanted the job. Shula had a name which should have helped with recruiting under the circumstances. Even if Saban flops, he was the best choice to fix a program that was in bad shape and the chances of him ‘flopping’ are pretty low. Has coach Moore done a great job considering the situation he has been faced with, you bet he has!

  2. 2

    Moore’s flaws overshadows his perfections. Let’s hope the hiring of Saban is the beginning of a totally new trend.

  3. 3

    Coach Moore’s done a phenomenal job in improving our facilities. Other than that, he’s come up short. I think he ultimately saved his reputation, as an AD, by hiring Nick Saban.

    We’ll see where he goes from here!

  4. 4
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Coach Moore needs to be supported by all bama fans. His wife is very sick and he needs to hang onto his job. Have a little compassion before you burn him at the stake.

  5. 6

    I knew a BITCH named NIcky i guess you could say that he was a recruiter

    Came from the hills of WV hell nuff

    West Virginia huh thats why those disrespectful ass bammas like him
    hell in his state your allowed to sleep with your sister

  6. 9

    Moore seems like a decent fella, however another mediocre season and another loss to Auburn could give the man cardiac arrest.Instead of a pay increase, they need to look into getting him a Hover Round, or get on the waiting list for a nice nursing home.

  7. 10
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    Shane Lover, did you also know that you’re allowed to sleep with your sister in Opelika, Alabama as well?

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