Hypocrite: Luginbill

Paul Finebaum’s Saturday column provided details about Tom Luginbill’s recruiting analysis, and why the ESPN analyst ranked the Tide’s class #3 when everyone else placed the Tide at the top.

“I don’t want to get into an ‘I told you so’ type of situation,” Luginbill said. “In our opinion, what you do in February with our rankings, you have to take that into consideration in August. If they don’t show up in August, they’re not part of it. This was one of the things we were very concerned about. If the guys aren’t there in the end, you can’t count them in the end.

“When we talked about this back in February, we knew there was going to be some of this. We didn’t feel comfortable talking about academic issues unless we knew it for a fact. It’s a very sensitive issue; we stayed away but we knew it was part of it privately. It explains where we were coming from.”

What a load of…manure.

Every team in the SEC experiences attrition in a signing class due to players failing to qualify, or backing out of playing football. But Luginbill wants us to believe this is a major issue confined only to Alabama.


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Luginbill also wants us to believe the players who aren’t going to be on the Tide’s squad are somehow major parts of the class.

But according to Luginbill’s own rankings, players like Brandon Lewis (headed to JUCO) aren’t graded near the top of the class. In fact, all of the top players in the class are headed to Tuscaloosa—just look at the ESPN 150’s. Aren’t they supposed to the be the centerpiece of the class?

This is another reason Rivals.com and Scout.com are superior to Luginbill and ESPN. They calculate some attrition in their complicated statistical analysis (Rivals only rates the class on the first 25 players.) Unlike ESPN’s subjective and therefore biased ranking, Rivals provides a more impartial mathematical model.

Also, Finebaum throws in this comical line:

However, since Luginbill’s reputation is unimpeachable in most national circles and with a behemoth like ESPN on his side, some wonder if his rankings and recent comments take a tiny chink out of Saban’s armor.

Luginbill isn’t respected in recruiting circles. All Finebaum has to do is listen to his own archives when the Rivals CEO came onto the Finebaum show. Shannon Terry of Rivals responded to Luginbill’s allegations that sites like Rivals and Scout push an agenda to earn subscription dollars.

And now Luginbill’s “content” is being sold to subscribers too.



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  1. 1

    The crapstone report is silly. I have to come in here to get my daily laughs. Are you being serious when you THINK that Luginbill was singling out bammer? Ridiculous idoit. The REASON he was talking about bammer is because the bammer nation took offense to Luginbill NOT ranking bammers recruiting class #1. The reason he did not rank it #1 is because of the recruits NOT making the grades and the ones signing baseball contracts. What a bunch of delusional idoits bammer fans are.

  2. 2

    What a delusional idiot you are.

    My point is EVERY class has that, and in Alabama’s case, the players not playing football this fall aren’t the ones even Luginbill said were the best of the class.

    In other words, Luginbill is full of crap. He was just making stuff up.

    As for his “knowing” some players wouldn’t qualify academically, he should stop using Phillip Marshall as his source. 😉

  3. 3

    Geez this is hilarious. I knew as soon as I saw the title of Finebaum’s column that the Bama fans were going to be screaming like a little girl who had her baby doll taken away. Luginbill simply offers an explanation as to why he ranked your hallowed recruiting class 3rd rather than 1st and the Capstone Report immediately initiates a smear campaign against the man. It’s not like he dropped the class 40 places. Newsflash- all recruiting analysis is subjective. Luginbill is simply explaining that his subjective system considers different factors than the subjective systems of Scout and Rivals.

    You guys are so pissed that you’ll make the ridiculous statement “Luginbill isn’t respected in recruiting circles”? Oh, okay. The guy is backed by the single most influential and powerful sports media outlet in the entire world, but you’ll say he isn’t respected based solely on the fact that the Rivals CEO got pissed when Luginbill correctly stating that Rivals and Scout push an agenda to earn subscription dollars?

  4. 4

    My point is Luginbill is as scummy as all the other recruiting experts. He is no different, and I think in fact worse because he does the same things they do. Actually, Rivals had a great point about ESPN. They ignored recruiting for years, and are now forced to play catch up. They have second or third tier experts—and Luginbill is the best example of that.

    And can we take ANYTHING seriously that Finebaum says about “respected”? I mean…he called this blog respected. 🙂

  5. 5

    Isnt Luginbill married to an Auburn alumni?
    Doesnt matter anyway. Nobody gives a damn what Luginbill says one way or the other. And just because he feels the need to trot out and do some corrections doesnt change what is happening in Tuscaloosa. I keep reading that the incoming class is better (in most cases) than what we had on the field last year. So I don t really care what Luginbill, Phil Marshall, or a bunch of cow flies who hang around this blog feel.
    CNS will wipe up the field with Auburn within the next 2 years.

  6. 6

    crapstone report:
    Just because ONE recruiting analysis said that bammers recruiting class wasn’t #1. He is automatically stupid and does not know what he is talking about. NOW that is delusional. You think that if ONE person says something negative about bammer that they are obviously an idiot. HMMM… the guy was calling it as he saw it and it looks like he got it right and you are pissed off that he called it. You can’t handle it so therefore you must bash and trash him. Good job bammers.. now go out there and throw glass bottles at the Clemson players when they beat you.

  7. 7

    “My point is Luginbill is as scummy as all the other recruiting experts. He is no different, and I think in fact worse because he does the same things they do.”

    Please name the other recruiting experts you are talking about that are scummy.

  8. 8

    recruiting analysis isn’t as scummy as it was—but anyone (and this includes rivals and scout), anyone who spends so much time obsessing about the bodies of 18-year-old males is a little scummy. 😉

  9. 9

    tmc1- “And just because he feels the need to trot out and do some corrections doesnt change what is happening in Tuscaloosa.” What corrections did he make? He simply said he was right all along about Alabama’s class of recruits and WHY he ranked them 3rd instead of 1st. And you delusional idiots have to go wild about it. That is why it is so much fun to come in here and laugh and read what you delusional idoits have to say. By the way: Yeah he probably is married to an Auburn Alumni. You know anyone who says bad things about bammer and that would include most of the sports networks last year, they are all married to Auburn alums. Once again, what is happening in Tuscalooser besides the smell of failure, losing, and being delusional fans.. Hey tmc1.. bammers back again baby.

  10. 10

    tmc1 “. I keep reading that the incoming class is better (in most cases) than what we had on the field last year.” That statement is true. Remember they are FRESHMAN is every since of the word. However many wind up on campus, only a few will make it and do well on the team. Not everyone will make it. Therefore, it takes more than one good recruiting season to turn things around. Just ask Notre Dame who consistantly has top 5 classes. IF and this is a big IF Saban stays around (doubt it) it will be 3 years or MORE before he will see any results and that is if he continues to recruit well. By your standards that means he gets all the 4 and 5 star players that people like Luginbill rate. Oh yeah.. that guy is delusional right? hmm.. oh well.

  11. 11

    Isn’t Luginbill an LSU alum? Maybe he’s suffering from sore vagina syndrome, just as the rest of the Coon-ass nation is — either that or he bases his judgment upon character and it’s obviously clear Alabama lacks the character that The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama has. Besides, only kids with fine character are willing to commit to a school that features rodeos for weekend entertainment, trailer parks for housing, cow pastures for cow tipping, and one bar (Sky Barn) for Trotline and Northern Railroad concerts, and Opelika for the upper class inhabitants!!

  12. 12

    WillisMann have you visited downtown Tuscalooser lately? probably not. Just a typical fan huh? Yeah it has to hurt when you have been beaten so badly the last 6 years by your instate rival that you love to trash. If Auburn is such trash then what does that make you? The scum on the bottom of trash right? Stop talking smack and win on the field and then you can get back in the game with the big boys.

  13. 13


    Jonathan Evans —— South Alabama

    Raymond Cotton —– Kent – Purdue – Troy

    Andre Harris ——— Ga. Tech – UCF

    Harris Gaston ——— Miss State

    Rodney Scott ——– South Florida, U Miss, Miss State

    Travante Stallworth — Tulsa

    LaVoyd James ——– U Miss, South Alabama

    LaDarius Perkins —— La Tech – ULM – So Miss

    Aaron Moore ——— NONE

    Nick Fairley ———- NONE

    Wilfred Journet ——- NONE

    Eltoro Freeman ——- NONE

    Character means everything!

  14. 14

    They still beat the hell out of you. Right? Who cares who else recruited them what does that mean on the football field? When you are constantly getting your a$$ kicked by Auburn.. and this is all you can come up with? pathetic. I will give you something to work on:

    Auburn is the best football program in the state period. Your football program and university is an embarrassment to the state. You claim to be the flagship university of the state; but please understand, the unspoken deal is that you’re supposed to have a good liberal arts school; give out quality law degrees, teaching degrees, business degrees and have a good premed program…. Auburn, as the land grant university, is supposed to rule in the areas of technology and agriculture.(which we do as well as engineering) So why is it that the state of Alabama is close to last place in every socioeconomic statistic possible? Why does the state dominate in technology and agriculture? The UAT isn’t pulling their weight. Auburn has been doing a good job at building up their business programs and education programs to a world class level, but we can’t carry the future of the state on our own. We need to focus on our awesome engineering schools! Bammer needs to quit educating future crooked governors, it’s time to throw away those retarded confederate flags and Bear Bryant hats, we need to focus on the future! Not the past! It’s time to forget about beating Auburn anytime soon, it’s pointless, you need to focus on an achievable task! It’s time to start trying to fix some of those socioeconomic issues!

  15. 15

    Glad you listed the names of the recruits that you will soon love to hate. Get to know them quick. Tell all your friends. Their fingers are ready to extend from their hands yet again to proclaim victory over your has been program.

  16. 16

    My favorite quote from Luginbill was; “I don’t want to get into an ‘I told you so’ type of situation.”

    I always enjoy when people say something and then pretend that is not what they were going to say. Just so everyone knows Luginbill would never tell anyone he told you so, but of course he told you so.

    The more laughable thing is that he talks about attrition with this Alabama class, but ignores the attrition with the Miami class.

    I obviously do not follow Miami football, but they signed more players than Alabam did. I have also read that some of Miami’s players are not going to qualify as well. It happens! I am sure some of Auburn players will not qualify this year. It was 2 years ago when Auburn landed that big recruiting class and signed over 30 players. I think they had 12 players that were unable to enroll that first semester.

  17. 17

    im gonna have to go with the capstone on this one ,because alabama’s recruiting class was huge to begin with,everyone knew that some of the recruits would not make it to t-town! but that does not change the fact that bama had the best class in the nation ,besides who the crap listens to espn about recruiting anyway!!!!!!

  18. 18

    When you BammerNecks begin to show improvement on the football field, where it counts, then you guys can whine about Tom Luginbill!

    Does it really matter? Rivals and Scout all bloviate when it comes to a Bama commit. It’s money in the bank to thoughs guys. You guys eat that stuff up.

    Right now you all need to shut the fuck up! It is getting old and you all sound pretty pathetic. Since when has an opinion on a recruiting class had a direct impact on a teams preformance.

    I can see it now, an Alabama team refusing to take the field of play because someone’s opinion said their class was not as good as their opponents class.

    One other thing, the NCAA does not care how good your recruiting class is. Good or Bad, paying players, HS coaches and family members will get you in trouble with these guys regardless.
    You necks need to remember this the next time your recruiting goes through the roof right after the NCAA’s repeat violators status expires on the Tide.
    Coincidence? I think not!

  19. 22
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    Tom Luginbill tells it like it is.

    FYI Tom, tmc will throw a “9 in a row” at you so fast it will make your head spin.

  20. 23

    Tider Insider, you are a jackass Widfred Journet, Eltoro Freeman, and Nick Fairley have no listed offers because they are Junior College committs who originally signed with the 2007 class. But, since you are doing so much research on Auburn recruits here are the offers they received dumbass. ELTORO FREEMAN- Clemson, Florida, Georgia Tech, Kentucky, Louisville, Memphis, Ole Miss, Southern Miss. NICK FAIRLEY- Florida State, Kansas State, Louisville, Southern Miss, West Virginia, OH LOOK AT THIS…Alabama (Lmao!!!) WILFRED JOURNET- Clemson, Louisiana Tech, Louisiana-Laf…not as impressive but Clemson will beat Bama so it will do.

  21. 24

    How do you know your website about The University is one of the premier sites on the internet? When the number of aubies posting out number the number of Tide fans…. you guys would not be a little paranoid would you?…maybe a relaxing trip to Arkansas is needed…maybe a duck hunting trip…yeah that should do it….quack quack.

  22. 25
    Hunter Ford

    Recruiting talk is all boring. I have changed the station every time Lugenbill has been mentioned on the PFN.

    I like to hear that Alabama has a good class, but I don’t put a lot of faith in the rankings. I only get excited about a player when he’s wearing a crimson jersey and doing something good on the field in a game

  23. 26

    GO AUgirl GO Ya gotta love A woman who knows more about her team than these damn BAMMERS know about theirs!
    and with that said TMC found another way to include Auburn in is RHETORIC about this guys fact based opinion God dude you really are sad and obsessed

  24. 28

    I guarantee one thing…If Luginbill ranks Bama’s class higher this year than either Rivals or Scout (which is a distinct possibility), every Bama fan that reads this site will be crowing about how “credible” those rankings are due to the association with ESPN, and they’ll be trashing the service that listed them lower. There will not be one mention of how scummy or disrepected Luginbill is.

  25. 29


    I will definitely grant you that. I think that is every fan’s perspective. The most credible source is always the one that rates Alabama the best.

    Luginbill is not at the heart of some vast conspiracy, he just has different opinions. The thing that I found annoying was more of the fact he did the “I told you so” line.

  26. 31

    From Phil Marshal to tmc1.

    Posted by pmarshall on 06/23/08 at 1:24AM

    TMC, I deleted your last comment. If you want to talk about being “underwhelmed” by high school kids, this isn’t the place. I’m not sure what joy there is in that, but take heart. I’ll only be around here for another few days.

    Compared to some of the above posts the word “underwhelmed” is….well… “underwhelming”.

    “Right now you all need to shut the fuck up!” Six down now 7.
    “Ridiculous idoit.” “delusional idiots”
    “Tider Insider, you are a jackass” augirl
    “GO AUgirl GO Ya gotta love A woman who knows more about her team than these damn BAMMERS know about theirs” “Kenny is drunk S I A B” Shanie is a blogger.
    I guess Auboriginees can dish it out but they cant take it.
    At least it is good to see you guys can still reinvent the truth as you go along. (Much like Luginbill does when his wife gets the call from Aubbo headquarters.)

  27. 32

    Well TMC, look at the pot calling the kettle black. Seriously, this can’t be coming from the guy who make statements such as…”Shanehaters you are without a doubt one of the most obtuse titty babies I have ever had the displeasure to read. It has gotten to a point where I just ignore your shit because you are so crack addled, that nothing you say shows any trace of reality whatsoever.” TMC Honestly, I am surprised that Phil has not blocked you, over on the Auburn side. There is a fine line between rivalry and just plain disrespect and several times you have crossed that line. I really don’t have a problem with the trash talk, my boyfriend is a die hard Bama/Michigan fan and we trash talk all the time, but it’s at those moments when you degrade 17 and 18 year old kids that I feel you may have a complex (Did Auburn football players, pick on you as a child?) Seriously, calling kids “leftovers” or “Oompa Loompas” is a step too far…and I would think as a new father you would understand that (Congrats, Kids are a Blessing!!). Surely, you wouldnt want some grown-up referring to your kid as a left-over…I am a Kindergarten Teacher, as well as a tutor for teenagers who come from low income homes, and I dare any grownup to down play their dreams to become successful at what they love to do, just because someone says they are not big enough or talented enough. If so they would have to answer to me. I spend a 187 days in a classroom, and let me tell you from experience…Heart far exceeds Talent. Maybe you or any other fan should, reconsider next time you think about any high school recruit (Auburn or Bama’s). Reinvent the truth? How so, everything I mentioned on my last post was pure fact?

  28. 34

    Me and Mrs tmc1 are about to have our 7th. Not first.
    2 are athletes at the college level. And considering the fact that I fought for this country I have every right to use words like “underwhelming” and “ordinary” and “lackluster.”
    And since you are so well read on the chronicles and writings of tmc, you would see that the posts here and the posts at Phil Marshalls are 2 different things.
    Here you can say pretty much anything
    At Phil marshal if you use the word “underwhelming” you get your post removed.
    Like I said Aubbos can dish it out but they cant take it.
    I am about to say something that would get censored on Phil Marshall’s blog. Widfred Journet, Eltoro Freeman, and Nick Fairley didnt exactly set the woods on fire last year. As a matter of fact their performances were…underwhelming. If you dont believe me check out their records. Before you go telling tiderinsider what a jackass he is, you might need to do a little more research. As I recall a couple of them were merely average players on a 3-6 team.

  29. 35

    Well congrats on number 7 (I kind of like the irony). But you are right, the posts here are different than those on Phil’s site…and since you had this Revelation why make any comparision to what “Auburn fans” write over here versus what Phil allows you to write over there. Ok, so Phil doesn’t want you to use certain adjectives on his site…that’s his right (sort of like Saban not wanting his assistants to speak). On the other hand Capstone…gives you freedom of speech (sort of like Tony Franklin right). I guess you’re feeling Tony Franklin’s America a little more now huh lol! However, you took comments made by us on this site, and compared it to what you were not allowed to say on Phil’s site…well duh Mr. TMC you solved your own problem…we write those type of things on this site because we have freedom, and we’re less than free over there with Phil…or so you say. And since you seem to be the spokesperson for TiderInsider, please refer back to his post then mine because you seem to be a little off balance. His post stated that those kids didnt have offers…my post simply stated that they were Junior College Committs who originally signed with the class of 2007, I then went on to list the offers, they received in 2007.Please tell me I was wrong, Never once did I mention last year, or how great they were in Junior College. I have done my research, I suggest next time you do yours before addressing me. And yeah, you must have a complex any guy who sits on the internet and critizes a bunch of hard working kids has serious issues or is just a plain jerk.

  30. 36

    tmc1- I fought for my country on more than one occassion in this current war. Don’t play that card. Disgrace

  31. 37

    tmc1- If you are a vet who fought for this country as I did, how could you talk about CTT the way you did when he went to Iraq?

  32. 38

    You may have fought for this country BUT
    you still have no right down grading any
    child…. When you degrade those who are smaller or less fortunate you will get ten fold…KARMA BABY KARMA
    and hes both a jerk with serious issues
    he throws as much crap as he can still
    something sticks

  33. 39

    Hey Tmc, I don’t think “underwhelming” is in the Alabama Polytechnic Institute’s vocabulary. The only five words in their dictionary are: Six, Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Nick Saban, and… Alabama!

  34. 40

    hey redneck barnie, don’t play that card with us. you didn’t “fight” for this country, you mopped the floors and served our true soldiers dinner.


    count this as my signature:

  35. 41

    Hey WillisMann- You have no idea what I did for this country and what I still do as a member of the military. 3 tours of duty and ready to go back for #4. I fought side by side with my brothers. For you to make a statement as you did above shows your true colors. tmc1 brought up serving HIS country first not me. You are worse than any bammer fan could ever hope to be. This is all fun and games talk about rivals but you took it to another level and you are disgraceful. Do not EVER address me again. PERIOD! Typical.

  36. 42


    I want you to know that it is not the thoughts of everyone here. I take your word for what you have done and thank you for your service.

    Of course, that being said you are not completely without fault. Your comments and the comments of others help control the tenor of the conversation. If someone makes hateful comments, you should understand that someone might attack you, if you are going to make something personal and attack someone else in a mean spirited way.

  37. 43

    Hey look at ALABAMA POLYTECH

    stfu TMC
    On October 1, 1918, nearly all of Alabama Polytechnic Institute’s able-bodied male students 18 or older voluntarily joined the United States Army for short-lived military careers on campus. The student-soldiers numbered 878, according to API President Charles Thach, and formed the academic section of the Student Army Training Corps. The vocational section was composed of enlisted men sent to Auburn for training in radio and mechanics. The students received honorable discharges two months later following the Armistice that ended World War I. API struggled through the great depression, having scrapped an extensive expansion program by then-President Bradford Knapp. Faculty salaries were cut drastically, and enrollment decreased along with state appropriations to the college.

    During World War II, API again found its place training officers for the U.S. Military on campus; Auburn produced over 32,000 troops for the war effort. Following the end of World War II, API, like many colleges around the country, experienced a period of massive growth caused by returning soldiers taking advantage of their GI Bill offer of free education. In the five-year period following the end of the war, enrollment at API more than doubled

  38. 44

    I bet idiots like Redneck AUtard and APIgirl(whore) are the morons who rally around claiming W is the greatest president, ever

    And not to mention on top of that YOU’RE ALL ALABAMA TECH FANS! How much worse can it get?

  39. 46

    “API struggled through the great depression, having scrapped an extensive expansion program by then-President Bradford Knapp. Faculty salaries were cut drastically, and enrollment decreased along with state appropriations to the college.”

    By the looks of API’s campus today, I’d say it’s still struggling to get through the great depression.

  40. 47

    Amy, API looks like an outdated brick yard puked onto a cow pasture… Greatest line ever!! lol Major props to whomever patented that!!

  41. 49
    Bama Fan In N Y C

    And, you, Shane Lover, have gotta be the coolest “gnat in our ass” of the site. Why don’t you do us all a much deserved favor and go linger around cow manure in Opelika.

  42. 50

    007, excuse me do I know you? I have only posted here a couple of times and outside of me calling someone a jackass (pure fun), I have been respectful of both fans and teams. There are some great Bama fans in the world (My boyfriend/fiance’), but for you to address me as a WHORE, you make your entire fan base as well as yourself look bad. You have no respect for women, and seems to fit the stereotype of a wife beating Bammer. For the record, No I am not a WHORE…but what I am is a God-fearing Christian woman who works hard in her Church, works hard to Educate Children, I am a passionate Auburn fan, and an even more passionate woman to my “Bama Honey” whom I will marry on May 9, 2009. This is suppose to be fun and games but I won’t tolerate being disrespected as a woman, by a man who’s ego can’t handle women who love football as well…Thank God I have a REAL “BAMA MAN.” WAR EAGLE!!!

  43. 51
    Redneck Tider

    I’m just kidding, bammers. I never served in our armed forces. In fact, I’ve never left my card board box here on Wire Road (only to use the free wi fi down at the local zippy mart). I love Aufarm football because of that down home feel Aufarm provides for their Deliverance-ish fans. I love the rodeos. The trailers. Throwing toilet paper in a tree. Country music concerts down at the Sky Barn. Hunting. Fishing. Having sexual intercourse with my sister (and my son). And bending over for Tubby when I know the country’s back is against him.


  44. 53

    Boy, I never thought I would see someone get so pissed to call a female a whore in this blog. I try to state my point in a funny and kidding sort of way. I enjoy reading the comments back and forth between Auburn and Bama fans, and most of them are entertaining and thought provoking. I have had differences with some, but I take it in stride. I also have respect for many on here, Ballplay, Julio, and yes, even you tmc. But I gotta tell ya 007, if that was my daughter or sister or wife or mother, I’d make you shit your pants scum.

  45. 54

    Someone one this blog TRYING to be me and saying the stupid things he/she said proves one thing and proves our point all along. Typical bammer fan. I thought it was an isolated incident, but hell no they are all that way. What a bunch of loser jerks. They are a second rate program with thugs and drug dealers and they can’t take the heat of being losers. They resort to beating up the military who defend their asses on a daily basis. Three words: TYPICAL BAMA FAN.

  46. 55

    FinebaumJunkie- You can’t come in here an have fun with these bama fans. They resort to low down personal attacks instead of keeping it between AU and UAT. I have respect for so many in this blog. I love coming in and talking back and forth with the likes of tmc1 and others but this is ridiculous. typical bama fans I suppose. That is sad.

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