Gottfried’s good news

Monday brought good news for Mark Gottfried—basketball’s best chance for success announced he would stay in school. Ronald Steele was Mark Gottfried’s only (realistic) chance to retain his job. Without Steele, Alabama would suck in the 2008-2009 season. Now, Alabama has a chance to be above average with the talented guard back on the court. All of Gottfried’s prayers weren’t answered because Richard Hendrix bolted to the NBA.

Of the two, Gottfried got what he needed the most. You just can’t underestimate the importance of guard play in college basketball.

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    So, is this good or bad news for fans? Does this mean fans are stuck with Gottfried for another three years?

  2. 4

    as usual, i differ from conventional wisdom.

    it is commonly accepted that gottfried had to get hendrix/steele back to save his job. in my mind that increases the pressure on him to succeed.

    gottfried is at his best when there’s ZERO expectations.

    gottfried wins here in that hendrix is turning pro. he’s getting back damaged goods in steele.

    it’s a win/win for gottfried.

  3. 5

    Mark is a great recruiter but is tactically weak or is let down by his choice of assistant coaches. He has seldom had a good feel for the chemistry of the group of guys on the court at a given moment. He tends to ‘overcoach’ in situations where he should just cut ’em loose. He needs a smart assitant and the secure ego required to shut up and let that guy do the tactics.

  4. 6

    He is the Les Miles of Basketball.
    Tons of talent and still shoots himself in the foot.
    Needs to go on and get the hell on down the road.

  5. 10


    If Gottfried were really the Les Miles of basketball, he’d have a NC by now.

    And if you think Pat Reilly can even find T-town on a map (or more accurate, even cares), you’re more deranged than I thought you were.

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