Barker weds

Jay Barker married country singer Sara Evans over the weekend in an informally, formal ceremony. According to People:

Evans, 37, wore an ivory silk taffeta Vera Wang gown with a halter neck and Barker, 35, wore a Dolce and Gabbana suit. The black-and-white affair (guests were requested to wear black) was accented with hints of yellow roses, and the sophisticated décor was given a down-home twist with a menu catered by Constant Craving featuring Southern fried chicken, country-style pole beans, biscuits and macaroni and cheese.

“It was really very elegant, but Sara wanted it to feel like you were at her house,” says friend and wedding planner Traci Phillips of The Perfect Party.

The Vera Wang dress I can understand—great designer. But Dolce and Gabbana on Barker?

The mind boggles.

That’s snazzier stuff that Rick Pitino would wear.

There’s just something wrong with that image.

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People also revealed how the couple met.

Evans met Barker, the host of a morning sports radio show in Birmingham, Ala., through (Joe) Beam when each had turned to the minister for support after their respective divorces last year.

“He was our own personal matchmaker,” laughs Evans, who says that Beam made both of them promise – before they even met one another – that they would let him officiate at their wedding. “I think God told Joe to get us together.”

They were engaged in March. “It was hard for me to believe he was real and that he loves me the way he loves me,” Evans tells PEOPLE. “I thank God many times a day for bringing me Jay.”

Joe Beam was responsible for this couple coming together.

He still has a long way to go if he wants to catch up with another famous matchmaker named Beam—Jim Beam. Judging by all the ugly people in the world, Jim Beam is responsible for about 90-percent of all marriages.

Fortunately for everyone, Joe was the matchmaker here.

Jay and Sara have seven children in their blended family. What’s the over/under on this marriage for children. Will the couple add one, two or more? Could they reach a dozen? Will they even find the time for that—with seven kids, it might be kind of hard.