Thursday SEC Notebook

If you couldn’t get enough of the Alabama recruiting video, errr…Sportsouth’s “Under the Lights”, you can catch it again. According to the Montgomery Advertiser, “The program will be aired again at 9 p.m. today, then again on June 25 at 7 p.m. and twice on June 29, at 3:30 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.”

Dumbass returns to coaching
Former Alabama coach Bill Curry was tapped to coach Georgia State. I’ll reserve comment until later. But I will say this—it means one less moron on ESPN.

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MSU off probation
Congrats to Mississippi State for coming off probation. The probation was placed on the program under Jackie Sherrell. Croom promises he will never cause a program to end up on probation, according to the AP.

Best SEC bet?
Ole Miss with a new coach could be good against the spread, according to Why? Because last season with a horrible offense, Ole Miss was 6-3 in SEC play against the spread. With Nutt, gamblers expect more points.


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  1. 1
    freaking genius

    why are all of your ex-coaches (with the possible exception of stallings) universally hated by bama fans?

    Since Bear Bryant’s passing, bama football is a trail sanctions, failings and bodies left on the side of the road.

    you eat your own. look at all the broken dreams and promises of poor quarterbacks who had the dillusional hopes of the crimson and white place on their shoulders only to see an entire group of drunken hillbillies turn on them.

    you’re not reasonable. You’re not loyal. you’re not winning.

    the question is can $4 Million buy back your prestige?

  2. 2

    I honestly almost feel stupid for actually allowing myself to take exception wih your points, but here it goes.

    The possible exception of Stallings? He is easily one of the most loved coaches to this day. Yes, oddly enough fans of a team do not particularly have fond memories of coaches who do not win or leave in the middle of the night to go elsewhere.

    I will have to agree though, you never hear Auburn fans speaking ill of Terry Bowden and Doug Barfield. You also never heard any Auburn fan calling for the firing of Tubberville before the 2003 season. Oh, that is right that was Jetgate? It should be noted for the slow readers (see above) there is implied sarcasm in this paragraph.

    I feel confident about what is going on Tuscaloosa. Do you feel the same way about Auburn?

  3. 3
    freaking genius

    This is what alabama fans will never understand or accept: HELL YES I FEEL CONFIDENT ABOUT WHAT IS GOING ON IN AUBURN. Heading into this season (AGAIN)We expect to COMPETE in every game we play. ua is striving for 8 wins.

    and you mention barfield and bowden. Barfield was 30 years ago and no, i have nothing bad to say about bowden. i hated his recruiting theory, i don’t “dislike” him.

    the venom that almost the ENTIRE bama nation shows toward a string of coaches (Perkins, Curry, Dubose, Fran, Price, Shula) is frightening and enlightening. and note that these are 6 of you last 8 coaches.


  4. 4

    Now see Bama Fans, Kenny just demonstrated how a good come back is formulated. As opposed to puking out some incoherent nonsense with the occasonal dabble of those razor sharp insult phrases such as “Tuberdneck”, “barners”, and “Alabama Tech”, Kenny actually responded with a post that directly addressed the points made in the prior post, discredited those points, and concluded by demonstrating the hypocrisy of the points made in the post along with an appropriate hint of sarcasm. Well done Kenny.

  5. 5
    Auburn Trailer Trash

    So I was wondering how SS encoded the program where it could only be seen by the trailer trash Bama fans? As for seeing it again, its called a rerun, which is fitting since Bama is getting ready for another 7-6 rerun of their own shortly. I can hear the WeedEater cranking up now….

  6. 6

    Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s address that little question Kenny closed with regarding whether AU is confident about the future. Phil Steele has AU ranked #8 in his power rankings, Athlon’s has Auburn ranked #8 in its preseason poll, and Lindy’s has AU ranked 13th. AU has a schedule lined up with all of its toughest games at home, and the Iron Bowl will be played in a town in which AU has never lost in over 100 years. Yeah, I’d say that both Auburn fans and every objective college football media outlet in the country feel pretty “confident” about AU’s future. Hey great recruiting class, though. We all know that those 5 star recruits live up their hype every time without fail.

  7. 8

    Ah… Houston Nutt…..
    The official “gimmick” King of the SEC. Last year the guy had incredible talent at RB. And a passing game about like Auburn. If he would have coached up a defense he would have had a lot better year, instead he came up with yet another gimmick. WILDCAT BABY! YEAH!!!
    Why do some teams who didnt have the talent last year think a gimmick will change their lack of talent this year?

  8. 9

    “We all know that those 5 star recruits live up their hype every time without fail.”
    Better hope they do, Kodi Burns was a 5 star. And if he tanks…. It will be a long…. long…… long…. year at Auburn.

  9. 10

    As usual tmc, you make a myriad of uninformed statements. First of all, Kodi Burns was a 4 star not 5 star. Next, it’s not even been decided at this point that Kodi Burns will be the starter. He is in a neck and neck race with Chris Todd after the spring, which would lead an objective observer to the conclusion that AU has two pretty competent qb’s right now. How’s Bama’s back-up qb situation looking right now? According to Saban, all you fans are literally supposed to be praying every day for JPW’s health and well being.

    Finally, I guess you failed to notice that Auburn has posted a 20-6 record over the last 2 years despite averaging less than 20 pts a game. Again, this would lead an objective observer to the conclusion that AU has just a “smidgen” of talent and depth on defense. And yet you think Auburn’s season is solely dependent on how the season goes for a player that may be the second string qb? The proper statement, (according to both Shane and Saban), is that if JPW tanks (as he has the last 2 yrs), it will be a long…long…long.. year at Bama.(as it has been for the last 6 years).

  10. 13

    Whoops, you are halfway correct tmc. (which is as close to being correct as you will ever be.) Scout listed Kodi Burns as a 5 star, and Rivals listed him as a 4 star.

    I’m glad that you are computer literate enough to pull up and find the definition of myriad. I only wish your 5th grade English teacher would have taught you how to transfer the definition of a word into a sentence. Because you are incapable of that, I’ll help you out. The sentence from my previous post would read as follows: “As usual tmc, you make a large unspecified quantity of uninformed statements.”

    Couldn’t help but notice that you didn’t give a straight answer to whether or not you graduated from UA in another post. Instead, you responded that you didn’t need to go to UA to be fan.(translation – no, I didn’t even finish high school).

    Finally, your paranoid accusation about Warbird and I being the same person is priceless. Just because you are incapable of making a post that someone would find worthy of giving props to doesn’t mean there is a conspiracy amongst others posting on this site. (quick, go look up the definition of conspiracy on

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