Sushi anyone?

An upscale menu is coming to Alabama football. While the Tuscaloosa News story might scare readers with its lead—it probably won’t mean the end to normal ballpark foods.

The “stadium dog” soon could go the way of Pepsi at University of Alabama sporting events.

But fans of the classic hot dogs might not miss them much, once they sample the new offerings at Bryant-Denny Stadium this fall. …

The company has provided services at 24 World Series games, nine presidential inaugural balls, 11 Super Bowls, nine NCAA Final Four men’s basketball tournaments and 14 World Cup soccer games.

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However, the company hired to handle concessions, Centerplate, conducts a study of local preferences. It is doubtful they’d stick people with sushi as an alternative to a classic hot dog.

“We do have a wealth of experience in professional sports,” said Bob Pascal, vice president of marketing. “The approach we take there will obviously be catering to Alabama. It’s an approach that will celebrate the brand, celebrate the local flavors and complement that with a high level of service.”

The company partners with local restaurants or plans menus to reflect the local culture. Pascal said Monday that it was too early to share menu plans.

The story doesn’t say anything about the one element you could almost guarantee—higher prices.

I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

Interview with Ian Rapoport

Want to know more about what the Alabama beat writer covering the Tide for the state’s largest newspaper? Then Play Is Under Review has an interview for you to enjoy. (H/T:

JaMychal Green To Participate in USA Basketball Trials
Tide Freshman Invited to Try Out for 18Under National Team

(UA) TUSCALOOSA — University of Alabama freshman basketball player JaMychal Green is one of 25 players invited to attend the 2008 USA Basketball Men’s U18 National Team Trials which are July 1-3 at the Verizon Center in Washington, D.C. USA Basketball officially announced its trials invitees today.

Green, the State of Alabama’s 2008 “Mr. Basketball” is a native of Montgomery. He graduated from St. Jude a few weeks ago and began classes at the University of Alabama on June 3. The 6-foot-9 forward was a 2008 McDonald’s All-America. He led St. Jude to the state championship in 2006 and 2008 and is a three-time Class 1A Alabama Sportswriters’ Association Player of the Year. He scored more than 2,500 points in his four years.

Players will arrive in Washington, D.C. on July 1 and will begin the trials that day. The trials, held at Verizon Center, are July 1-13. The Men’s Collegiate Committee will announce the 12-member USA U18 National Team roster, plus alternates. The selected finalists will remain in Washington, D.C., for the July 4-10 training camp. The USA squad will depart for Formosa, Argentina for the 2008 FIBA America’s U18 Championship for Men on July 10. Competition is July 14-18.

The 25 players selected include: Isaiah Armwood (Montrose Christian H.S. / Rockville, MD); Kenny Boynton (American Heritage H.S. / Plantation, FL); Dominic Cheek (St. Anthony H.S. / Jersey City, NJ); Drew Gordon (Archbishop Mitty H.S. / San Jose, CA); JaMychal Green (St. Jude H.S. / Montgomery, AL); Kenny Hall (Redan H.S. / Stone Mountain, GA); Matt Humphrey (Hales Franciscian H.S. / Chicago, IL); Ryan Kelly (Revenscroft H.S. / Raleigh, NC); Sylven Landesberg (Holy Cross H.S. / Flushing, NY); Malcom Lee (John W. North H.S. / Riverside, CA); Leslie McDonald (Briarcrest H.S. / Memphis, TN); Darius Miller (Mason County H.S. / Maysville, KY); Reeves Nelson (Modesto Christian H.S. / Modesto, CA); Mason Plumlee (Christ H.S. / Arden, NC); Travis Releford (Bishop Miege H.S. / Shawnee Mission, KS); Lance Stephenson (Lincoln H.S. / Brooklyn, NY); Ari Stewart (Wheeler H.S. / Marietta, GA); Dexter Strickland (St. Patrick H.S. / Elizabeth, NJ); Hollis Thompson (Loyola H.S. / Los Angeles, CA); Terrell Vinson (Montrose Christian H.S. / Rockville, MD); Kemba Walker (Rice H.S. / New York, NY);Maalik Wayns (Roman Catholic H.S. / Philadelphia, PA); David Wear (Mater Dei H.S. / Santa Ana, CA); Travis Wear (Mater Dei H.S. / Santa Ana, CA); and Wesley Witherspoon (Berkman H.S. / Lilburn, GA).

The coaches for the USA team are Bob McKillop of Davidson College who will serve as head coach. The assistant coaches will be VCU’s Anthony Grant and Georgetown’s John Thompson III. Collegiate head coaches who will serve as trials’court coaches include Cornell’s Steve Donahue, Kevin McCarthy of the State University of New York at Cobleskil, Joe Niland of the University of Mobile and Gary Stewart of the University of California at Davis.

According to the release sent out by USA Basketball announcing the participants, nine of the 25 trials participants will be college freshman in the 2008-09 season, and the remaining 16 will be high school seniors in the class of 2009. Among those college freshmen are Gordon and Lee who have both been signed by UCLA, Green at Alabama, Humphrey at Oregon, Landesberg with Virginia, Miller at Kentucky, Walker with Uconn and Releford at Kansas. The release stated five of the players, including Alabama’s Green, were 2007-08 Gatorade Boys Basketball state Players of the Year in their respective states in a list that included Green for the state of Alabama, Releford for Kansas, Miller for Kentucky, Landesberg for New York and McDonald for Tennessee. The release also said that ranked six of the seniors among its top 50 players, while the remaining three seniors rounded out the top 100. Walker listed No. 14, Green placed No. 21, Witherspoon was No. 34, Miller ranked No. 43, Gordon at No. 46, Lee was No. 48, Landesberg at No. 66, Releford listed No. 70, while Humphrey ranked No. 95. It said 11 of the rising juniors rank among top 50 players in the class of 2009. Stephenson lists No. 7, Cheek is No. 11, Strickland is No. 16, Armwood is No. 23, Wayns at No. 24, Nelson ranks No. 30, McDonald is No. 32, Plumlee ranks No. 40, Hall lists No. 41, Kelly is No. 44 and Thompson is No. 46. Four additional juniors also listed amongst Rivals’ top-65: Wear (David) ranks No. 54, Wear (Travis) lists No. 55, Stewart is No. 59, while Vinson ranks No. 61.


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  1. 1

    If they try to sell sushi at UAT games, the average fan will think they’ve opened a bait shop in the stadium. “Look, Cletus, we’re all set fer our fishin’ trip now!”

  2. 3
    freaking genius

    Kevin, the bait shop line is one of the funniest lines i’ve ever read…

    i was wondering if crow would continue to be the #1 seller in tuscaloosa. eat a little crow and wash it down with some kool-aid. it does a body good.

  3. 4
    Ty from T-town


    The Sports Marketing Department at the University of Alabama, is sending a healthy message.
    Bring your money, and lots of it. The days of the hot dog are not gone, just the days of the cheap-one’s.
    I don’t know about you guys, but those pink, mystery-meat hot dogs from Lykes, tasted just fine; especially after pounding back a few beers.
    Mr.Carabin’s plan, has been less than suttle from the very beginning.
    The local property owners around campus are no longer allowed to turn their yards into parking lots, and the street vendors will certainly face similar obstacles in the future.
    Like it or not, its part of the process.

  4. 6
    Hunter Ford

    Those hot dogs with the steamed buns and mustard and ketchup all mixed together with the kraut…. classic, delicious and vital to the game day experience….

    They shouldn’t charge more than $1 for any hot dog!

    Coke does go better with bourbon

    Will the team be wearing Pony’s again? Do Pony’s even exist anymore?

  5. 7

    Thanks Kevin,
    Maybe Auburn can use the same idea at the Jordan Hare Dye Jungle…….It might kill off some of the decaying cowshit smell….

  6. 8
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    The AUBURN Board Of Trustees would have to vote on the change at Tuberville-Denny Field. Stay tuned…

    Cunter, Don’t drink & Drive after you mix that drink. I know the drink weakens the Agony of Defeat at Jordan-Hare West.

  7. 9

    They are also going to sell snake.Its going to be marinated in tequila with the worm in it from Stablers personal collection.It will allow you to enjoy the game,get drunk as a skunk..I mean Snake,and motivate one to become a tax evader.

  8. 11

    Thanks Kevin,
    But I thought your first post was more insulting than “clever”. Conversely, the people around the Jordan Hare Dye Jungle do need to practice more hygiene and cleaner sanitation. Even LSU fans complain about the smell of Lee County.

  9. 13

    Observe closely: just as soon as the upgrade is complete at UA, Alabama Polytechnic Institute will soon follow, with a similar menu.

    However, I don’t expect the API commission to do away with the snuff menu. Talk about a serious hubbub amongst the 600 fans in attendance when they find that out!

  10. 14

    Yes, Pluto, little tmc needs to sign up for an anger management class or three. And after that, he needs to take out a loan and buy himself 1) a standard English dictionary; 2) some new material for his posts and 3) if there’s money left over, a new inflatable girlfriend.

  11. 16

    Excellent point by you, Shane is a blogger. I’m guessing Collette would be cheaper than an inflatable for our little friend.

  12. 17

    Aubbos are so lame… Kevin, Shane the blogger, the lack of wit in your posts only reaffirms the fact that Auburn U. needs to shut its doors. Your humor has degenerated to the point of blow up doll jokes. I am begining to wonder which would retard more brain cells….. Auburn University or moonshine made in a rusty radiator.
    I would be utterly ashamed if people knew I supported any school that gave 3 credits for a 10 page report.

    (that includes High Schools too.)

  13. 18
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    tmc1, bama needs to shut it doors too, now shove George Wallace out of the way and shut it down.

    “Honk if you sacked Brodie”

    Honk Honk

  14. 19

    Come on, who needs a blow up doll when you have Collete who is a doll that blows. “We blowing y’all”!

    Sorry to do this Shane the Blogger, but I must correct you on the Brodie reference. It should have been…Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk, Honk!

  15. 20

    yeah 6 in a row, Punt Bama Punt, and as long as we are throwing out lame Auburn slogans, AUBURN LOVES COX!

  16. 21

    Run tmc,

    I believe you would have far more experience with the moonshine in a rusty radiator than you have with any university, anywhere.

    Now go give Collette a call. Her number is printed on the back of all UAT football stubs, I’ve heard. Maybe she’ll give you and Shane a two-for-one deal.

    And as for lame slogans, I believe “got 12?” is the king. Because you don’t.

  17. 22

    Once again you “believe” wrong. A common occurance for suckers who think a “good school” hands out 3 credits for a 10 page book report.
    Tell you what guys, Dont talk about me calling Collette and I wont talk about you calling Bruce.

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