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Here’s a good story that I’ve been a little distracted and haven’t written about. However, here is the story of the Saban family’s donation to establish scholarships for first-generation college students.

The statements from UA president Dr. Robert Witt, and Nick Saban are below. Also, for commentary on the issue here are two good links.
1. Finebaum writes about the gift and the reaction
2. Cecil Hurt writes how the scholarships create opportunities

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And here is what Dr. Witt and Coach Saban had to say:
(UA)TUSCALOOSA —The University of Alabama is pleased to announce that Nick and Terry Saban have pledged $1 million to the University for scholarships.

The Saban scholarships are designed specifically for first-generation college students. Six first-generation college students have already benefitted from the $100,000 gift the Sabans made upon their arrival at the Capstone in January 2007.

“Nick and Terry have a special place in their hearts for students who are the first in their families to go to college,” said UA President Dr. Robert E. Witt. “We appreciate their generosity and the ongoing commitment they have to this University and the students.

“We are especially pleased that the Sabans have graciously allowed us to use their commitment to encourage and challenge others to establish first-generation scholarships that will make it possible for many deserving students to realize their dream of getting a college education. Think how many students will benefit if we work together to multiply the impact of this contribution.”

“Terry and I have always felt that the education of our youth is a key to a successful future in our state as well as our nation,” said UA head football coach Nick Saban. “As first-generation graduates ourselves, we support first-generation scholarships and hope that many of our fans will take the challenge and help a first-generation student get the opportunity to obtain an education.”

To contribute to the Sabans’ first-generation scholarship challenge, go to or contact the UA Development Office at 205-348-4767 to make a contribution.


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  1. 1

    Nice job Coach and Mrs. Saban. Thanks to you alot of people will get a chance they might not have gotten any other way.
    If it helps just one person to succeed it is a worthwhile thing.

  2. 2

    Good for Saban! I am sure a few deserving kids will benefit from his contribution.

    But good grief!
    There are A LOT of coaches all across college football who contribute to the schools that employ them and these guys have made more than mere pledges(See Steve Spurrier). These coaches don’t look for praise.

    Why is it that the Bama machine needs to promote Saban as if everything he does is a first for a college coach?
    Let’s see – The 4th Quarter Program, The Process and Recruiting Work Ethic are just a few examples of college football firsts, well according to the U of A and their fans. Now giving back to the school is another FIRST.

    HE IS PAID FOUR MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR PEOPLE! A $100k a year is not a drop from his bucket.

    One thing Saban did do. He is the FIRST college coach to get paid $4 million a year without coaching a game or $500K per victory.

    When Saban scratches out a check for $1 million then I might be impressed. I don’t expect his annual contribution of $100K will amount to more than $300K after Bama gets number 8 hung on them.

    I’ll make a pledge of $2 million a year if I was paid $4 million a year! Now that is impressive!

    VERY SELF SERVING IF YOU ASK ME. I am sure he’ll convince a few unbeknowing recruits that he’s the most Gracious of all coaches.

  3. 3

    Well 6downnow7 I guess it must be that redheaded stepchild syndrome that causes you to pitch fits like a, well, redheaded stepchild. While we’re on the subject how much has Tubbs donated to the stepchild fund? You know you could donate some of what you make from asking “Would you like fries with that?”, but then you might not be able to pay your lot rent at the trailer park. Get a life and take your rants somewhere else.

  4. 4

    Hey Gregory,
    I assure you the contributions made by CTT and the many other coaches across this country have gone unrecognized.

    Why do you Bama fans and Paul Finebaum feel it’s necessary to boast Little Nicky’s every move? Are you trying to justify his paycheck?

    When McDonalds starts paying the fry cook MBA money, then you and I may cross paths at the drive through. Right now I am a little over qualified.
    Anyhow, why are you posting so late? Was there a late surge of customers at Krystals. Get your GED first, then you can make Fry Comments

    Keep thinking Stepchild Cinderella. Seven is coming!

  5. 6

    6downnow7 I’m afraid you’ll have to wait until I return from the Middle East to cross my path unless you care to pick up a weapon and stand a post. By the way, there is a McDonalds on the camp where I am stationed but don’t ask me to put in a good word for you, I’m afraid you might ruin my good name. As for the GED that’s a job requirement for a soldier, however, I got mine many years ago the old fashioned way. If you know anything about time differences in other parts of the world you’ll know why I came in late, not really sure why that matters though. As for boasting about Saban I don’t think I need to, his actions speak for themselves, I just don’t understand your need to try and tear him down for doing something good. I guess that goes with the redheaded stepchild syndrome. I will give you credit for one thing though, you’re the first redheaded stepchild I’ve run across with an MBA, congradulations. Go ahead and say what you want though, that’s what I’m doing over here; defending your right to say whatever you want. Hooah!

  6. 7

    Please keep safe…but since we are talking Auburn/Alabama I must respectfully say you are full of shit!

    Don’t dare throw that “I am fighting for your country” bullshit at me. If you want to post redheaded step child, fry chef or trailer park references at me from a bunker 8,000 miles away then you go right ahead. Just don’t expect any sympathy from me on this subject. I am sure your job at Mickey D’s will be waiting on you when you get back.

    Thank you for your service!

  7. 8

    This is a new low for even you. 6downnow7.
    So you have got an MBA. You still have no class. Your post is dispicable. And you should apologise. There is nothing in your post whatsoever that would bring any honor to you or Auburn University. If you are an “Auburn Man” then they must not be about shit.

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