Kenny Stabler: Disgusting

One is bad. Two is intolerable. Three is…disgusting.

Kenny Stabler has a serious problem. Make excuses for him if you like, but three DUI arrests is three too many.

He may be an adult, but he isn’t acting like one.

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It isn’t harmless drinking here—Stabler is getting behind the wheel of a deadly weapon while in no condition to drive (allegedly). Having a good time doesn’t have to end with a DUI. I know some kids would disagree, but at Stabler’s age, he should know better.

What he has done is recklessly put others at risk. That is inexcusable. That is immoral.

He has embarrassed the University.

That carries a high price tag. Just ask Mike Price.


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  1. 1

    I have to admit, this just irritates me. (Did that come through in my post?) Stabler is living so far in the past with his behavior that it is just sad.

    I know everyone is chattering about Jay Barker for the color role. I like Jay. He might make a good analyst. But if his radio show is any indicator, I’d rather have my pet rock—at least it has more personality.

    Gah, I promised I’d deliver these notes with less venom and sarcasm. I’m already breaking that…

  2. 2

    One other thing, Could Stabler survive this mess if he did something constructive like Joe Namath? Really seek help, and then do something to help with this problem?

    Society is willing to forgive people, perhaps it could help Stabler too if he sincerely sought help and offered his high profile name to community service?

  3. 3
    Hunter Ford


    First of all my prayers are with you and your family.
    Second. On the Stabler thing, I hope Snake will take the Namath route and try and make something positive come out of the bad situation he is in.

    Alabama fans love Kenny, and he is an entertaining and informing color commentator… it is really sad to lose him this way (if that is going to happen)

    Let’s all be very real here. Many, many people…some young and some old, but all old enough to be held accountable, go to college football games (at all SEC schools) and get hammered. Many of them drive many miles back home following the games.

    Perhaps, Stabler could be the type of guy who could be an example… (don’t let this happen to you)… and some good could come of this.

    We’ll see. I’m sure it will be a hot topic on talk radio this week.

  4. 4

    The Issue is how the “celebrities” continue to weasel their way out of their legal troubles. Kenny has an Disease and he needs Treatment. He cannot represent UA anymore until he gets his shit together.
    As far as Jay as the replacement – I have listened to his mealy mouth for years and wonder how in the hell he keeps getting paid for being so utterly boring and predictable.( Living off the past ? Never mind.)

  5. 5

    Im sorry, but if I am Stabler, I find somebody to drive me. I hear Collette will give a ride to anyone who asks. Why not ask her?

  6. 6

    If there is anyone else on here that has lost a loved one to a drunk driver…then you feel as strongly about this situation as I do.

    I agree with Cap that this is simply disgusting!!! Hopefully, for the sake of Stabler and everyone else he will do some jail time and whatever else it will take to make him realize that this is not a matter to be taken lightly.

    While we are talking about disgusting…I can’t help, but feel disgusted by the fact that it is ultimately US as a society that has enabled Stabler to get to this point. Why in the hell did he still have a driver’s license? Why in the hell wasn’t he in jail after #2?

    BTW, my feelings on this topic have absolutely NOTHING to do with the fact that Stabler is an Alabama man. I would feel the same if he was an Auburn Tiger or bum on the street!!!

  7. 7

    I have to say that the first thoughts I had were of Siran Stacy. I’ve heard a few people making excuses for Stabler today, and it made me wonder: How would Stacy feel about that?

    No excuses, folks. He needs to be accountable.

  8. 8
    Shane is a BLOGGER

    I lost a cousin in Mobile County when a Drunk Driver decided to drive down the wrong side of I-10. The driver was a local Politician. My cousin was 22 with a two year old. The Politician left the scene but was identified by witnesses. He paid dearly for his mistake. The two year old and mother received monthly payments and a trustfund was set up for the child to have when he turned 25. The Politician? No jail time but had his licence revolted for a year and lost his position. The law has changed since this happened back in the early eighties. Let’s hope that Kenny gets help before you read another story like mine.

  9. 9

    The guy is a very generous, and “good-hearted” person, but regardless, even if he was a priest, these sort of the actions are totally uncalled for.

    Not only should he pay, dearly for his mistakes, I would even support petitioning of the University removing him from his position as a color commentator for UA football games.

    I can also recall, here recently, at a Third Saturday in October pep-rally, he had the audacity to say, “Let’s go out and beat their asses!” I know he’s an adult, but was he forgetting there were nearly as many children in attendance as there were adults?

    You’re a great person, Kenny, and I respect what you done on the field, but away from it, in your own personal juvenile world, you’re a criminal. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

  10. 10

    Will you people please get off Kennys back,he was simply celebrating the recruiting class and this years upcoming national championship.All kidding aside,as old as this old fart is,hell yeah he should know better.If it was me or any of you that had 3 DUIs,they would put us under the jail and smear our faces all over that skank Nancy Graces show.He needs to pay a price.

  11. 11

    Yep, old Kenny’s got a problem. And he keeps getting caught. Guys it is so easy, too easy to claim the moral high ground and point self righteous fingers about something that is clearly so wrong.
    But ask yourself a question.
    If you were caught half the times you had a drink and got behind the wheel, how many DUI’s would you have by now?
    Bear Bryant, Shug Jordan, and Pat Dye were legendary for their ability to consume alcohol. And yet they never got a DUI. Does this mean that they never drove drunk? Never is a mighty long time.
    And I am sure that if each of us looks back hard and far enough we will see were we could have spent a night(or three) in jail.

  12. 12

    tmc1 – most of us have been in this situation at one time or another, but are we the same people now? I am not. How much is too much?

  13. 13

    Is it just me,or does that mugshot of Stabler look like the old man that played the evil mortician on the Phantasm movies?

  14. 14
    Hunter Ford

    Putting the debate over Stabler’s job status aside, let’s just assume he won’t be back. Who should replace him?
    It’s an easy call. Barry Krauss. Barry is already on the broadcast team, he has a great knowledge of the game, he’s got the old Bear war stories, he’s got NFL war stories, he’s an Alabama guy.

    Going back to whether or not Stabler should be fired… He’s hard to defend but as an Alabama fan, I hope he comes back.
    If Rush Limbaugh can still be the voice of the Conservative Right after what he did, I think Stabler can be forgiven.

    But seriously, Barker’s not the guy to replace Snake… go with Krauss

  15. 15

    I think Stabler is wrong for what he did. But, I think it is Stabler’s business. I am sure the court system will make this an unforgetable experience for Mr. Stabler, without me wagging a finger at the bad man. Gladly Kevin Scarbinsky has weighed in. Now I can sleep again knowing that:
    As long as their is a DUI out there, Kevin Scarbinsky (and his ice cream pimp suit) are on the job.

  16. 16
    Phillip Marshall

    Ah…. Another piece of Bammer trash that needs to be taken out.

    It is tough maintaining the sense of journalistic integrity I have. Everyone knows that I am a fair, God fearing, law abiding man, and I have always maintained my journalistic fairness.
    In my humble opinion, Kenny Stabler has never done anything for anyone but Kenny Stabler. Unlike say, Tommy Tuberville, who recently risked his life in Iraq. It has to be said that Coach Tuberville was incredibly photogenic during his visit too. Standing tall there amo the American fighting men and women, giving them a 7 finger salute to show that Auburn has beaten Bama 6 times.
    Occasionally turning on the frat boy charm that he is world famous for…..
    Yes, Tommy Tuberville is a true American Icon. And Kenny Stabler has had a negligible football and broadcast booth career.
    In this reporter’s humble opinion, Tommy Tuberville should have a statue erected at Toomer’s Corner commemorating his glorious trip to Iraq, And Kenny Stabler should be taken out and shot like criminal vermin.
    Hey are you looking for a super great father’s day gift? Why not buy my book “The Auburn Experience” for the modest price of $89.95. Buy one and get the second one for the same price! Thats twice as many, for a mere $179.90!!!

  17. 19

    Stabler got caught drinking and driving and someone could have been killed. That is a bad thing.
    But then again I think back to a time when Aubbos where screaming for Rashad Johnsons head on a stick, and I realize that we wont know what happened until the court tells us.
    Then…… maybe….. we can speculate who was right and wrong. Hell is there anyone here sure that the man was even drinking that night?

  18. 20
    Shane is a BLOGGER


    I think Jay Barker should do color. He would not live in the past with the Old Bear stories. Jay is a Christian influence to a lot of kids that would listen to him instead of turning down the volume when they talk about their Papa’s coach back in the sixies and seventies. Kids entering high school cannot remember the last time bama won two in a row against AUBURN or who the coach was when they were born. JFK, Hitler, Regan, Bush Sr, and Bear are all history to them. Keep the pictures, videos, articles and other memorabilia as a memory. Move forward!

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