FLIP FLOP: Tuby doesn’t like ‘Saban Rule’

Tommy Tuberville is quoted by Gator Country complaining about the ‘Saban Rule’.

Tuberville says the rule was made by the NCAA, and the NCAA didn’t consult the coaches. But wait a minute. Tuberville and the SEC coaches not named Les Miles, Nick Saban and Urban Meyer were the driving forces behind the rule. The SEC proposed the rule to the NCAA.

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But Tuberville is spinning a different tale now:

“I guess it’s just a matter of opinion, but when they go through all this [making rules that limit contact] they never really want to talk to us about it, the guys that are responsible for 120 kids on campus,” he said. “They tie our hands a little more each year. They tie your hands on how much you can evaluate a player. They want us to bring in great athletes who are great students with great character but for some reason every year they give you fewer opportunities to evaluate that. Sooner or later somebody else has to take responsibility for actions with a lot of these kids other than the coaches because when you limit what we can do, like anything else you’re going to be less successful at it.”

So, add one more coach to the list against the recruiting rule change. The rule hurts coaches because their jobs depend on recruiting. You just can’t win with bad players.

But Tuberville goes further. He’s against how the NCAA makes its rules.

One point of contention with Tuberville is that some of the folks that make the rules aren’t from Division I schools. In fact, some of the rules makers are from schools that don’t even field a football team.

“They’re on the committees and they’re making decisions that they really don’t know anything about,” he said. …
“In college football there are probably about 60 teams that should be making decisions on how they do things because they make the majority of the money for the schools and the conferences but there’s a lot of other people who make the decisions,” said Tuberville.

Tuberville sounds more like Nick Saban every day.

UPDATE:Thanks to a reader who sent me this link to a great Tuberville quote. It shows just how much double talk Tuberville spews.

“They’re getting ready for finals, and I’m not going to mess with them this time of year. This is a time they need to be focusing on academics, because a lot of them have a lot of work to do.

“It’s not necessary for me to talk to them. I get enough time to spend with them.”

Tuberville was talking about webcams in that quote; however, he said he spent enough time with recruits on May 4. On June 3, Gator Country quoted Tuberville saying coaches need more time examining recruits, or evaluating them.

He was for it, before he was against it. Really nice flip flop! It would make a politician happy.