Tony Franklin: Know-it-all

Tony Franklin thinks he knows everything. Including how to run a championship program.

His hubris is without limit; Franklin will even tell a national championship coach what he should be doing. According to Franklin, coordinators should be able to speak freely to the press. He told Paul Finebaum he’s an adult and knows how to handle the media.

Where was that common sense when he went off on Nick Saban in print?

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I asked Franklin the other day if he could work for Saban, given the restrictions of being gagged, tied and shackled.

Nope, he said.

“I enjoy my freedom as an American,” Franklin said. “Our forefathers fought for our right to be able to speak freely.”

Someone should tell Franklin the First Amendment doesn’t include the right to run your mouth on your employer’s dime.

When you hold a job, the boss gets to decide what the public is told. And that isn’t an infringement on liberty. It’s business.

Like that quote, Franklin is all hyperbole.

Just look at this comment to USA Today.

“I’ll always be a hired gun if you want to hire me,” he says.

A hired gun with a hired mouth.

But a hired gun is dangerous. You never know where that gun may be pointed.

From the Kentucky Kernel:

Franklin’s affidavit also stated Bassett was not the only official at UK who committed recruiting violations.

The affidavit claims “Violations went on with the implied consent of UK administrators…and, to some extent, with their participation,” referring to Wethington, Ivy, former athletic director C.M. Newton and Sandy Bell, current assistant athletic director for compliance.

Apparently, Kentucky wasn’t paying this hired gun enough. Auburn should be careful, lest the mouth going off at Saban decides to go off on the Plains.