The return of the C&W Roundtable

If you like reading blogs, the C&W Roundtable is a great way to sample opinions from around the Bamasphere. Tide Druid is the host and provided six thought provoking questions.

1) Will the new offense and Offensive Coordinator be a positive change for John Parker Wilson? If so, how much? If not, what concerns you?

Wilson has a confidence problem. I don’t think Major Applewhite knew how to handle Wilson the way Mike Shula did. For all his faults, Shula was a great quarterback coach. Each year, Wilson improved under Shula. He regressed under Applewhite. I’m not picking on Applewhite, but praising Shula.

Wilson needs confidence. When he has confidence he throws the ball well, and makes good decisions. When his confidence falters, he makes bad decisions.

This will be McElwain’s job. Build Wilson’s confidence, and get the rest of the offense to execute. If people do what they should, Wilson will look great at quarterback.

2) We’ve all felt the excitement of landing this studly freshmen class on signing day, but what expectations should we have once they all land in Tuscaloosa?

Expectations? Relative to what? Why would you ask a question like that? I’m not into setting expectations. Aight. That’s your job. What i want to see is the freshmen come in, go to class and do the right things to better themselves as students and football players.

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3) What were your initial thoughts of the somewhat split job of Defensive Coordinator? Have they changed since then, or are they still the same?

Kirby Smart is a very good coach, who I am told understands Saban’s defensive approach better than anyone else on the staff. With the almost certain departure of Kevin Steele (doesn’t he want a head coaching job?), it is a good idea to hang onto Smart. Also, Saban loves rewarding people with titles.

4) In your eyes, who needs to step up the most in a position of depth concern?

I can’t think of a position that doesn’t need help.

5) We’ve all heard the talk of this possibly being Mal Moore’s last season as Athletic Director. What will his legacy be when it is all said and done?

Mal’s legacy? Asking people for money. All those athletic amenities on campus, plus the hiring of Nick Saban will be Mal’s legacy. Hiring Saban could be the pinnacle of Mal’s career. It could finally be the transition of Alabama from the past into the future. I compare the hiring to Alabama’s decision to hire Frank Thomas. Bringing in an outsider to update the team. If it works, then Mal will deserve a statue of his own.

6) Other than Georgia, what non-Alabama SEC team impresses you the most? (because everyone would normally answer UGA)

Is Auburn in Alabama or Georgia?

I’d say I’m not really impressed with any SEC team at the moment other than UGA. I think Florida has serious problems on defense. I think LSU has serious issues at quarterback. I think UK returns to earth. I think South Carolina has a lot to prove. I think UT is going to be average. The only questions I have are in Mississippi. How will Ole Miss transition into Houston Nutt? Will Sly Croom be able to build off last season?

I’m not ready to say it is a down year for the SEC. But this might be a down year for the SEC.