How long will Franklin last?

As long as Auburn wins, everyone will be happy. They’ll place nice together, and won’t run with scissors. But, what happens if the offense sputters this season with expectations rising? What if Auburn doesn’t win the SEC West?

Internal arguments and personality conflicts will bubble to the surface.

Tony Franklin is already showing his hand. The 2008 Auburn football team isn’t about his boss, but about the guru. Need proof? Take a look at these great quotes from Track Em Tigers.

“Kodi (Burns) is a gifted runner, but was a below average passer last season,” he said. “I got him to average during the spring. He needs to be great to play. We’ll see if he takes the next step in fall practice.”

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I this. I that. I. I. I.

Just where is the “i” in team?

Tuberville doesn’t usually talk that way. It is more a Rush Propst way of talking. Is this going to be an oil and water marriage?

Here’s more:

“Chris (Todd) has got to get himself to 100 percent,” said Franklin. “Right now, he’s around 70-75 percent. That’s not going to do. The injury is really frustrating him. If neither gets there, I don’t have a problem playing both of them. I’m looking for about ten receivers to play; why can’t I play two quarterbacks?”

“Why can’t I…”

I don’t know Tony. Maybe because Tommy has other ideas? Shouldn’t you ask him? Don’t you report to him?

Franklin provides great quotes, but where is Tuberville’s input? Don’t coordinators usually defer to the head coach? Or at least pretend it is a staff decision?

We know Tuberville has an ego. Every coach does. Tuberville’s probably not as egomaniacal as a Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. But what boss likes a coordinator making him look impotent?

And that is what those quotes do. It makes it look like Tuberville is out of the loop.

Here the Auburn blog provides a great snapshot of who Franklin really is:

Listening to Franklin, you come away impressed. He’s a very engaging person and knows a heck of a lot about how to move the football. He’s also aware of the expectations. Those around the athletic department say that he’s already in full season mode, working most evenings until after midnight. The Auburn offense looks to be in good hands.

Franklin was a salesman for the last decade. That hasn’t changed. He is selling something. Auburn fans are buying. Tuberville is buying.

If the offense doesn’t work, will Franklin get invited duck hunting this year?