How long will Franklin last?

As long as Auburn wins, everyone will be happy. They’ll place nice together, and won’t run with scissors. But, what happens if the offense sputters this season with expectations rising? What if Auburn doesn’t win the SEC West?

Internal arguments and personality conflicts will bubble to the surface.

Tony Franklin is already showing his hand. The 2008 Auburn football team isn’t about his boss, but about the guru. Need proof? Take a look at these great quotes from Track Em Tigers.

“Kodi (Burns) is a gifted runner, but was a below average passer last season,” he said. “I got him to average during the spring. He needs to be great to play. We’ll see if he takes the next step in fall practice.”

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I this. I that. I. I. I.

Just where is the “i” in team?

Tuberville doesn’t usually talk that way. It is more a Rush Propst way of talking. Is this going to be an oil and water marriage?

Here’s more:

“Chris (Todd) has got to get himself to 100 percent,” said Franklin. “Right now, he’s around 70-75 percent. That’s not going to do. The injury is really frustrating him. If neither gets there, I don’t have a problem playing both of them. I’m looking for about ten receivers to play; why can’t I play two quarterbacks?”

“Why can’t I…”

I don’t know Tony. Maybe because Tommy has other ideas? Shouldn’t you ask him? Don’t you report to him?

Franklin provides great quotes, but where is Tuberville’s input? Don’t coordinators usually defer to the head coach? Or at least pretend it is a staff decision?

We know Tuberville has an ego. Every coach does. Tuberville’s probably not as egomaniacal as a Steve Spurrier or Urban Meyer or Nick Saban. But what boss likes a coordinator making him look impotent?

And that is what those quotes do. It makes it look like Tuberville is out of the loop.

Here the Auburn blog provides a great snapshot of who Franklin really is:

Listening to Franklin, you come away impressed. He’s a very engaging person and knows a heck of a lot about how to move the football. He’s also aware of the expectations. Those around the athletic department say that he’s already in full season mode, working most evenings until after midnight. The Auburn offense looks to be in good hands.

Franklin was a salesman for the last decade. That hasn’t changed. He is selling something. Auburn fans are buying. Tuberville is buying.

If the offense doesn’t work, will Franklin get invited duck hunting this year?


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  1. 1

    Despite the fact that he was a freshman, Kodi Burns didn’t live up to his hype. He struggled mightily against an unheard of NMSU team and was iffy against Clemson in the Chick-Fil-A Bowl.

    The only key factor the “Alabama Tech” offense has going for them, as of right now, is Brad Lester. Other than that, don’t put too much stock into the self-proclaimed ‘savior’, Tony Franklin. With time, his results will be no different than Fatty Al’s massacre.

  2. 2

    When Auburn hangs 50 on the Tide this year,what will the Crapstone stir up to get Franklin out of Auburn?

  3. 3

    It’s really pathetic that $puat fans have such low expectations for their team that all they can do is write about what happens if Auburn doesn’t win the SEC west.

  4. 4

    wow your penis envy of Auburn is disturbing. 5 out of 6 blogs are about Auburn, I guess thats what happens when you are an 8th place SEC team since 2000. I’d really kick your skinny ice selling a$$ if i knew where you lived.

  5. 5

    and might i add that kodi burns got more yards for us (in the air) during the peach bowl,than we had all season.

  6. 6

    Dumbass, Shane’s columns are clearly marked Shane’s Column’s. Anything else on the site is written by someone else.

    Also, Devin are you so retarded you don’t know who threw AU’s passes in the bowl game? According to the stats:

    Kodi Burns 1 of 4 for 22 yards and 1 touchdown
    Brandon Cox 25 of 39 for 211 and 1 interception

    So, Kodi got most of the yards? AU math?

  7. 7

    Seriously, Cappy, you need to be more worried about your own coaching staff sticking around. Including Saban.

  8. 8

    Fair enough Kevin.

    But this is the off season, and I found the comments from Franklin very interesting. I’ve never heard an assistant coach at ANY level use the I-word so frequently.

    It just struck me as odd. I don’t know much about the internal chemistry of Tuberville’s staff—and I think Tuberville is very good at handling people and getting them to pull in the same direction. I can’t see how Franklin’s ego (and it is about the size of Rush Propst’s ego) isn’t going to cause problems on the staff.

  9. 10

    Devin, your mother is a fat pigwhore and you, yourself, are an Alabama Tech fan.

    Alabama still owns you and you’ll win a few here and there, but overall, you’ll never be us, just as you’ll never live in anything considerably more luxurious (or larger) than a single wide trailer.

    It really sucks to be you!

  10. 11

    ROFLMAO… call me when you’re legal kid, then we’ll discuss an arrangement. until that day is upon us, say your prayers, take your vitamins, learn how to properly milk a cow, realize that it’s illegal to milk someone else’s cow without their consent, and take pride in being an avid fan of the aufarm cowgirls football team.

    while you’re at it, enjoy your aufarm university traditions youtube video:

  11. 12
    Barnie Power!


    When your precious little Barnie heart is broken, after the Tide brings you inferior morons back down to reality on Nov. 29, and your monumental streak is long gone (and just know that you’ll then have ABSOLUTELY NOTHING), you’ll go into “panic mode” and your little world will come crumbling to it’s already long and overdue end.

    You guys snuck away with the win for each of the last two seasons, due in large part to taking advantage of our in-game mistakes (sacking Parker twice leading to two simple touchdowns giving you a 7 point edge in 2006; and a bobbled/intercepted pass in the endzone, a simple missed field goal, and a bogus “roughing the passer” call on fourth down in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, which then led to the go ahead score, gave you a 7 point edge over us in 2007). I highly doubt you’ll be so lucky to do the same this year. In fact, it’s inevitable. Take notes on this game, sir Barnie. You’ll then write letters to Phil Fulmer begging him to turn us in once again, just so you can relive those rare memories that occurred while our program was in shambles. The worst part about it is, you guys have been a far more talented team than us, yet you’re only beating us by an average of 7 points or less… We’ll see just how lucky you guys are now that the playing field is slowly leveling out and depth plus lack of quality players is no longer our only downside.

    Before long, we’ll be chanting ALABAMA POLYTECHNIC INSTITUTE IS BACK!


  12. 13

    crapstone, (lmao)

    I have read your shit for a while and I gotta say nobody cares to read the shit you post, especially me!

    You are talking about Tony Franklin. THE TONY FRANKLIN!!!What are you retarded!?! You know that he will single-handedly save the Auburn offensive machine, (just read the testimonials, you will see!).
    Tony Franklin, inventor of the “spread” He is an award winning author of “4th down and life to go” And he also co-wrote “18 and a life to go” with the Rock Band Skid Row!
    You know what a “team player” he is when he has a disgreement with the Head Coach! He would never try to grab all the glory away from CTT. Hal Mumme was a liar and tried to steal Tony Franlin’s offense! I can prove it! Everyone knows Bill Bellichik is a cheater and he is good frinds with Nick $$$$atan(lmao) Nuff said!
    Tony Franklin would never squeal on Auburn like he did Kentucky. Because he has become an “Auburn Man” and everyone knows an “Auburn Man” would never squeal on someone !!!
    You are just jealous! Everyone is jealous and envious of Auburn and their top 3 finishes in the SEC west.
    Yall are just mad that we have totally owned and dominated yall for like 6 years straight.(lmao).

    Crapstone (lmao)
    The problem last year wasnt the talent that Tommy Tuberville was recruiting. Everyone knows that he has a special (some say “eagle”)(lmao) eye for talent.
    CTT had (as always) recruited a whole team of 1 star players (of course secretly they were all 5 stars, No one else knew it at the time) They all were 6’9 or taller and could run a 40 yard dash in 3.6 seconds. It was all Fat Al Borges fault that Auburn didnt win the Championship of the universe.
    Well now Auburn has CTF and his “spread” According to the testimonials, Auburn will be scoring an average of 76.2 points a game. ( I cant wait!)

    You dumass Bammer moron idiot retards (roflmao) need to worry about your Coach $atan (lmao) and hope that he dont lose to that there LaMo school again. (lmao)

    So lets see.
    CTT and CTF rule (check)
    LaMo loss (check)
    “spread” offense (check)
    Used the term “Auburn Man” (check)
    Brought up the six win streak (check)
    Humorous Misspelling of the word Saban using $ at least once (check)
    Made witty comparisons from Saban to satan at least one time. (check)
    Used pithy words like moron and idiot to show mental superiority, (check)
    Made super funny remark by adding an “r” to capstone (check)

    SIX IN A ROW!!! Dont worry 7 is coming (lmao)

  13. 16
    Shane Crack Korn

    ATTN: “Sweet Home Alabama” will be replaced with “Glory Days” during football games at Tuberville-Denny Stadium. The reason given by the GREEK Council was, “That’s all Alumni talk about are Glory Days”. The Council would like to reconize Mr Shane Korn for pushing this much needed change.

  14. 17

    One of three probable results will happen:

    A) In two years, Franklin will either bolt to another school, taking over the OC position, that or the head coaching position at a Division AAA school.

    B) Tuberville will blame the offensive failures, solely on Franklin, and release him of his duties as The Polytechnic Institute of Alabama’s offensive coordinator.

    C) He will replace Tuberville after the mediocrity sets back in, now that he no longer has full control of the state of Alabama.

    If I was a betting man, I’d go with C.

  15. 19


    First, anyone that saw Kodi Burns in the final 2 spring scrimmages can tell you that the difference between him under Borges and now Franklin is like night and day. So, I would say that Tony Franklin deserves the credit for that. Burns finally started to look like the qb that most thought he could be coming out of hs. Personally, I have no problem with Franklin taking the credit for that.

    Second, when Tubby hired TF it was agreed that Tubby would hand over the offensive reigns to TF. Personally, I was a little surprised, but it didn’t then nor does it bother me today….just look back at AU’s offensive numbers the past 2 years.

    Third, I have no problem with TF using the “I” word when discussing the offense as long as he understands that he is responsible for what happens whether good or bad. As far as I can tell in a short amount of time TF is a no bs type of guy that doesn’t sugar coat things. If this continues then I do not forsee a problem.

    Fourth, you are right….TF is selling and Aubies are buying, but do you blame them after seeing the improvement in wr’s and qb’s over the spring or the fact that Brandon Cox had the best game of his career after 10 practices under Franklin? BTW, what is so different about Aubies buying into an offense that has been proven to work and Bammer buying into THE PROCESS?

    Finally, I don’t think TF is much of a hunter so NO I don’t think he will be going on the duck hunting trip. However, look at the bright side…Tubby will be going and that will give you a chance to take some of the attention off of 7 IN A ROW and focus on Tubby’s hunt!!!

  16. 20

    Good stuff Mike.

    It’ll be very interesting to see what happens inside the staff. I’ve known several coaches promise one thing, then deliver another once something happens he doesn’t like. Psychologically, Tuberville seems very good at delegation. Does he get jealous when others get credit? Probably, but he isn’t like a few coaches I know in HS or college. As long as things work, he’ll be content.

    As for Burns improvement in scrimmage. Well. We need to see an actual game to judge. He might not even get a chance at that if some other options pan out for Auburn. And I’d say that is a good thing. AU has a couple of solid options for picking a QB. There isn’t really any depth at QB in Tuscaloosa at the moment. I’m sure most coaches would like a battle for the starting spot.

    I think Auburn fans are buying, and I don’t think it is a bad thing per se. In fact, Auburn needed it as psychologically things were looking down. I just think Auburn fans should know Franklin is a salesman more than a football coach.

    About that duck hunting trip, if seven doesn’t happen—and Auburn is trailing in recruiting (as will probably happen), will he still take the trip? Or would it be like the President going on vacation during war? Just bad PR?

  17. 21
    I heart Wire Road

    Tuberville-Denny? I take it you guys adopted that name from owning us in our own stadium.

    Going about by that logic, I guess it’s safe to assume we could refer to API as “The University of Alabama at Eastern Opelika” seeing how we STILL own you as far as the all-time win/loss record goes (in football, basketball, and baseball).

    Boast that inferior mentality, little Barnie! You’ll do anything to cover up the fact that YOU STILL ARE ALABAMA’S BITCH EVEN AFTER SIX* CONSECUTIVE VICTORIES! And before long, your streak will end and guess what (here’s the best part about it), what will you have to “boast” then? This is all you have and it’s pretty pitiful hearing this come from fans of a team who LOST 8 OUT OF 12 GAMES until the NCAA slapped the handcuffs on us.

    You guys are weak, pitiful, and overly pathetic. I’m personally looking forward to seeing Alabama thump you guys back into your original form.

  18. 22


    No doubt that Burns needs to excel in an actual game, but he has to do it in practice/scrimmage first. Remember…this is a PROCESS:) (I know, I stole that from you guys)

    TF is more of a salesman than a coach? Someone needs to tell that to those teams (those SEC teams) that Troy racked up all those points and yds against last year!!! By the way, if he’s 1/2 as good of a coach as he is a salesman…AU’s offense should be in pretty good hands. How many coaches have been buying his product??????

    My guess is that Tubby will take the trip regardless of what happens. He’s been doing it for 12 years…why stop now? Do you honestly think that being gone for less than 2 days is really that big of a deal? It’s not like the whole staff goes, usually only 3 coaches go on the trip. I have said this before and I will say it again….IMO the duck hunting trip is something that Bammers cling to in an attempt to make Tubby look bad and I don’t blame them….if someone beat me 6 times in a row I’m sure I would be grasping for straws too:)

  19. 23


    One last thing and if you do not want to answer I understand… do you feel about the majority of the posts on this site? Is the purpose of this site to allow people to make arses of themselves or is that just the direction it has taken?

  20. 24

    This is mild compared to the way things were during the post-Shula coaching search. Auburn fans and UT fans were visiting the site hourly posting some really rude and insulting stuff. Fans who visited complained so much, I finally had to open a traditional forum (now closed) and allow moderators. I shut down comments on the blog posts proper. After about a year, I opened commenting again.

    I’ve taken the position that I won’t delete something (or moderate it) unless the comment is so disgusting that it offends almost everyone.

    I’ve been on message boards that moderate people who simply said Shula couldn’t coach.

    I’d prefer to let people say whatever they want. Even if it makes themselves look bad.

  21. 25


    Rude and insulting? Kind of like the majority of the posts on here directed towards Auburn and Auburn fans:)

    I only asked out of curiosity…I think that it would get old writing something only to have the posters immediately turn to insulting Auburn, but that is just my opinion. I have noticed that in most cases there seems to be very little discussion in regards to your writings and more trash talking. It might not bother you one bit…think it would get old to me!!!

    Also, I will admit that there are times that it is brought on by a few Aubies, but the majority of the time it is NOT (at least while I have been visiting this site).

    Like I said, I was just curious. Back to Tony Franklin-

  22. 26

    This is mild stuff compared to back then. Trust me. It was crazy. There was much more “swearing” and obscene comments directed toward Alabama fans—especially after the Rodriguez fiasco.

    And visitors can talk about whatever they want. Sometimes I learn a lot 😉

  23. 27


    Then I am glad that I was not around then.

    IMO this is a pretty dang good site for finding information…. it just gets a little old dealing with some of the trash on here!! Guess I should just be more mature and ignore it, but sometimes that is easier said than done. Was just curious if you wished this site was more discussion than trashing?

    By the way, thanks for allowing me to be a guest-

  24. 28

    Thanks for visiting. I enjoy friendly discussions with rival fans. And I’ve always been frustrated by the Internet because it brings out the worst in lots of people.

    BTW, answered your Pruitt question. I was told he was still on staff by someone I trust. He could’ve been wrong, but the info was accurate as of the weekend.

  25. 29


    No doubt, something about being able to hide behind a keyboard brings out the worst in some people!!!

    Thanks, I know Jeremy from years ago and was just curious. Couldn’t believe he had been let go after only 1 year. Figured either something bad had happened or the info was wrong.

  26. 30

    you bammernecks are really funny you better worry about your own offensive coordinater jim McElwain, he was very mediocre at MSU. And probably one of dinkys last options.

  27. 31

    Devin, you East Opelika redneck cowboys (mainly you) should worry more about getting your facts straight:

    -McElwain made an immediate impact in his first season at Fresno State as he helped lead the Bulldogs to a 9-4 record, a significant turnaround from the previous year in which Fresno State posted a 4-8 mark.

    -McElwain’s offense at Fresno State averaged 419.5 yards per game and 32.9 points per game last season. That was a significant increase from the 2006 campaign when the Bulldogs averaged 338.2 yards per game in total offense and 23.0 points per game in terms of scoring offense.

    -After Fresno State rolled up 571 yards of total offense and defeated Georgia Tech 40-28 (not even a national championship caliber UGA offense compiled half the amount of yardage against GT) in the Humanitarian Bowl, McElwain moved up to No. 18 in the national power rankings.

    And just for the record, Jim McElwain served as a special teams and receivers coach at Michigan State, which is the same job Franklin held at Kentucky before taking over the OC position.

  28. 32

    Good stuff Mr. Insider 🙂

    Of course, I’m sure you just confused Devin. Facts just upset the delusional.

  29. 33

    Devin. Mike, and the rest of Auburn fans.

    1 Did you know that the Juggernaut of a Troy team had 2 consecutive 8 win seasons under Tony Franklin? Wow 8 wins.
    (Auburn had a better record without him.)

    2 Did you know Tony Franklin’s awesome offense led to not 1 but 2 concsecutive Sunbelt conference co-championships? Wow again.. Sunbelt conference.. Huge….

    3 Did you know that CTF is one of the most despised men in KU history?

    4 Did you know that CTF and Hal Mumme have a long standing feud over who made Tim Couch a star?

    5 Did you know that when CTF was busted for NCAA violations at Kentucky, he turned NCAA informant, and then wrote a book about it throwing UK in the gutter?

    6 Did you know that CTF, has sued (or reported to the NCAA) various co-workers, coaches, and universites simply because he didnt get his way?

    7 Ill bet you didnt know that CTF was doing a consulting session in 2002 and a high school player died. What did CTF do about it? He wrote a book trying to cash in on it. Called it “Victor’s Victory”
    8 Did you know that CTF was such a huge success as an Entreprenuer he had to (recently) declare bankruptcy.

    My guess is no.
    You didnt know anything about it.
    Because you are part of the lockstep mentality of Phillip Marshall types who obscure, veil, or just conveniently forget to mention the unpopular truth.
    Tony Franklin is a world class scum bag. But you wouldnt know that because no one cared to inform you.
    I will be the first to say this though.
    The day that Tony Franklin leaves AU, someone had better step up with a ton of hush money.

  30. 34

    speaking of hush money tmc1… your beloved Alerbammer criminal turd jailbird team has been on probation twice since Auburn was on it last. just sayin.

  31. 35


    You seem like a decent, level headed Auburn fan and that’s hard to come by these days. I stir up the pot simply because I get sick and tired of reading the same responses from most AU fans (which are Nick Saban won’t stop the bleeding; 7 is inevitable; etc.). It’s nice to have OBJECTIVE opinions from rival fans and I wish ALL OF US, for once, could have an objectively peaceful conversation with no witty insults and the typical Bama fans are rednecks vs. AU fans are rednecks battle royale.

    Onto the original thought process, AS AN OBJECTIVE FAN, I think Tony Franklin is a better coordinator that Jim Mcelwin; matter of fact, I think Franklin is one of, if not, THE best coordinators in the nation. I do fear what he has in store for opposing defenses, however, I know he won’t be around long enough to reveal to us what he’s worth when he has a full arsenal of weapons to choose from (of course a head coaching position will come calling before then). Look at the man’s track record for goodness’ sake. Auburn’s had the talent, they just haven’t had the proper coaching, offensively that is… One concern I do have is your guys’ defense. I don’t think Rhodes can equal what Muschamp was. So I pretty much expect the dominant side of the ball to be flip flopped over to the offense, or vice versa compared to what Auburn has been in recent years.

  32. 36

    devin, did you also know that your aubarn/opelika/alabama tech cowboys team committed violations in 2004, just so your retarted and moronic players could remain eligible to play football that season? and apparently the ncaa still hasn’t reached a verdict on the case… just saying!

  33. 37

    violations in 2004? news to me.Keep dreaming. Alerbammerneck U should worry about beating ULM or Northern Illinois, or heck how about LA tech. 53-46 since 2000 ouch! 9 arrests since dinky satan to over ouch! collete kissing dinky satan (bad mental image).

  34. 38

    We offer you facts and you offer us…well..bullshit.
    Yes there were violations in 2004. Why dont you Google the words “Auburn Sociology” and read something that hasnt been pre-approved by the Auburn Public Relations Dept.
    The good news is that The NCAA may not penalize the football team even though every other school in the SEC is screaming for the “death penalty”.
    The bad news is that Auburn’s acceditation was lost temporarily and is on probation right now.
    What does that mean? If they fuck up again they will lose their accreditation and almost all of their funding, grants, and scholarships. They will have to close the doors. No shit.
    I am not kidding when I say this.

    After the 2004 “sociology” fiasco. Alot of people started viewing a degree from Auburn as ….well…. bogus. (That includes me too.) If I am faced with 2 candidates for the same job and one has an Auburn Degree, I will chose the other candidate. Because I have no guarantee that the Auburn candidate did the work and earned their degree fairly.
    Devin, I am sure this is all funny to you. Yuck it up Aubbo. But if you think the rest of the SEC will forget and this will go away you have bumped you head.

    Something tells me this probation might be a very bad thing with Tony Franklin hanging around.
    I smell a book deal……….

  35. 39


    First, yes I am very aware of Troy’s record….have you looked at some of the teams they play on their schedule each year?

    Second, I am also very aware of TF’s situation at Kentucky and from what I have been told it was either get thrown under the bus or save yourself….and if that was the case then I don’t blame TF. I don’t know for sure if that’s how it all transpired and NEITHER DO YOU!!!

    Lastly, I would appreciate it if you do NOT address me again. I visit this site to have intelligent discussions with the decent fans of my rival team, not trash like you. Thanks-


    I agree it would be nice to have intelligent unbiased discussions…unfortunately the trash from BOTH sides seem to always rear their ugly faces!!!

    Knowing TF, I think it would take a HC job at a BCS school to lure him away from AU and as TMC so gracefully pointed out…TF is damaged goods right now. It is MY OPINION that it will take a few years and great success for him to be given a major HC job.

    As for Rhoads, I honestly do not know much about him. All I do know about him is that Tubby tried to hire him before Chizik and Muschamp and Rhoads turned the job down. So, if Tubby wanted him so badly that he offered him the job 3 times….I am going to have to put my trust in Tubby (he obviously knows more about defense that I ever will) that Rhoads knows what he is doing!!!

    AS for the dominant side of the ball, IMO Auburn has as much or more talent on D at this time than at any other time under Tubby. My concern is that the pace of the game and the D not getting a lot of breathing time on the sideline. Hopefully, the fast pace of practice/scrimmage time will help offset that….we’ll see.

  36. 40


    I promised myself that I would not address you again, but I have to ask these final 2 questions….

    1) Did you really say that every team in the SEC is screaming for Auburn to get the death penalty?

    2) Did you really say that a degree from Auburn is bogus?

    Oh one more question….

    3) Are you really this trashy in person or does the security of your keyboard bring it out in you?

  37. 41

    Sorry, this is a little off topic, but I could not help,but laugh at these excuses posted by BarniePower in regards to why Auburn has beaten Bammer the last 2 years. Here it is again, enjoy:

    You guys snuck away with the win for each of the last two seasons, due in large part to taking advantage of our in-game mistakes (sacking Parker twice leading to two simple touchdowns giving you a 7 point edge in 2006; and a bobbled/intercepted pass in the endzone, a simple missed field goal, and a bogus “roughing the passer” call on fourth down in the waning minutes of the fourth quarter, which then led to the go ahead score, gave you a 7 point edge over us in 2007).

    Well duh Barnie…isn’t that what good teams do, take advantage of the other teams mistakes?

  38. 42

    Let me ask you this. How badly would you like to have won the Iron Bowl the last 2 years no matter what?

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