Moon: the new Phillip Marshall

Josh Moon is one of Tommy Tuberville’s media shills. Doubt it? Look at his coaches rankings.

1. Mark Richt
2. Urban Meyer
3. Steve Spurrier
4. Tommy Tuberville
5. Sylvester Croom
6.Nick Saban
7. Phil Fulmer
8. Bob Petrino
9. Houston Nutt
10. Les Miles
11. Bobby Johnson
12. Rich Brooks
Most of the ranking is close to accurate. Most.

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I know I take a few shots at Tuberville, but he’d be in my top four or five. I’d rate Spurrier a bit lower because I think he is slipping, and I’d probably rate Saban a bit higher. But the rankings are Moon’s way of propping up Tuberville. Just read his catty remarks:

6. Nick Saban, Alabama: 8.8 total points (2.5, 2.8, 2.5): That’s right — sixth. Sorry, but the guy’s lost to Louisiana Tech and UAB, and he loses at least one game every year that he shouldn’t. He’s average at game-planning and he runs off half his staff every year. His knack for recruiting helped him overcome his flaws at LSU. We’ll see if he can do it again.

You mean the way Tuberville loses games he shouldn’t lose? For every gem Tuberville coaches (see Florida the last two years there are a host of disasters including blowout losses when heavily favored.) And Tuberville doesn’t have the excuse of rebuilding an abysmal program like Alabama.

And Saban runs off half his staff? Much like Tuberville did this season with his coordinators? How many coordinators has Tuberville burned through? And why should that be a strike against either coach?

Sometimes you need change to keep people working hard—to replace those who get burned out.

4. Tommy Tuberville, Auburn: 10 total points (4, 3, 3): I don’t think the guy gets the credit he should for what he’s done at Auburn. That program was a joke when he took over 10 years ago. It won the SEC title, should’ve won the national title and has consistently been ranked in the top 25.

Should have won a national championship?


We should just forget about USC that season.

And this guy is one of the “unbiased” members of the professional media.

Please. He is less reliable than a fan site. Moon is bucking to become the mainstream media’s new Phillip Marshall.

But he’ll need to do a better job, like invent a few new lies and smears. What he has written here against Saban is just getting old.