Rich the liar

The mainstream media likes to call Nick Saban a liar. They should take a look at Rich Rodriguez.

Pete Holiday of AOL’s Fanhouse pointed out the sheer lunacy of what Rodriguez has said regarding his contract with West Virginia.

Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez, in his tireless effort to weasel his way out of paying his buy-out, has reached the point which even casual observers will recognize as the beginning of the end: he’s just making stuff up now.

A Fox Sports column today asserts that, in a deposition, Rodriguez claimed that he was “coerced” into signing his contract. Coerced. Into signing a multi-million dollar contract. Somehow, it seems, that Rodriguez wants us to believe that the powers that be at West Virginia are powerful enough to intimidate him into signing on the dotted line, despite his ready access to legal counsel, agents, financial advisors, and really any other sort of assistance he could ever want.

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The Fox Sports AP report provided some very juicy details that really proves the lunacy of his story.

For instance, Rodriguez can’t decide if a buyout is a good thing or bad thing.

Rodriguez first agreed to a damages clause in 2002, at the suggestion of agent Rick Davis. WVU would pay $2 million if it fired him, and he would pay WVU the same if he left before his contract expired.

Under questioning, Rodriguez first said the $2 million buyout was reasonable. He then said it wasn’t fair that he should have to pay WVU the same amount it would pay him.

Talk about a double standard. Rodriguez wants WVU to pay through the nose if it gets rid of him, but doesn’t think he should pay an equal amount if he screws WVU.

Isn’t that the problem with society? Everyone wants the other guy to be forced to abide by the rules, but we want to ignore the rules at our whim, and then not have to face the penalty.

Of course the Fox story isn’t done yet. It truly exposes the hypocrisy of Rich.

Rodriguez also acknowledged he has agreed to a $4 million damages clause at Michigan.

There you go.

Rich is so upset over buyouts, he signed one with Michigan.

I think liar is the perfect term for this guy. Alabama is lucky it didn’t land him. I feel sorry for Michigan fans. They deserve much better.