Rich the liar

The mainstream media likes to call Nick Saban a liar. They should take a look at Rich Rodriguez.

Pete Holiday of AOL’s Fanhouse pointed out the sheer lunacy of what Rodriguez has said regarding his contract with West Virginia.

Michigan Coach Rich Rodriguez, in his tireless effort to weasel his way out of paying his buy-out, has reached the point which even casual observers will recognize as the beginning of the end: he’s just making stuff up now.

A Fox Sports column today asserts that, in a deposition, Rodriguez claimed that he was “coerced” into signing his contract. Coerced. Into signing a multi-million dollar contract. Somehow, it seems, that Rodriguez wants us to believe that the powers that be at West Virginia are powerful enough to intimidate him into signing on the dotted line, despite his ready access to legal counsel, agents, financial advisors, and really any other sort of assistance he could ever want.

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The Fox Sports AP report provided some very juicy details that really proves the lunacy of his story.

For instance, Rodriguez can’t decide if a buyout is a good thing or bad thing.

Rodriguez first agreed to a damages clause in 2002, at the suggestion of agent Rick Davis. WVU would pay $2 million if it fired him, and he would pay WVU the same if he left before his contract expired.

Under questioning, Rodriguez first said the $2 million buyout was reasonable. He then said it wasn’t fair that he should have to pay WVU the same amount it would pay him.

Talk about a double standard. Rodriguez wants WVU to pay through the nose if it gets rid of him, but doesn’t think he should pay an equal amount if he screws WVU.

Isn’t that the problem with society? Everyone wants the other guy to be forced to abide by the rules, but we want to ignore the rules at our whim, and then not have to face the penalty.

Of course the Fox story isn’t done yet. It truly exposes the hypocrisy of Rich.

Rodriguez also acknowledged he has agreed to a $4 million damages clause at Michigan.

There you go.

Rich is so upset over buyouts, he signed one with Michigan.

I think liar is the perfect term for this guy. Alabama is lucky it didn’t land him. I feel sorry for Michigan fans. They deserve much better.


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  1. 2

    Man, you Auburn people spend an inordinate amount of time reading Bama sites. Maybe you’d win some hardware if you spent as much time supporting your own program.

    Alabama is very lucky it didn’t get this guy. That isn’t making UA people feel better—it is just stating a truth. The UA administration almost screwed up another football coaching hire. Why on earth you think that would make any Alabama fan feel good is…

    Auburn logic.

  2. 3
    Shane Crack Korn

    Who’s nose is the longest, Coach Rod or nick?

    Please don’t reply back that Coach Tuberville’s is the longest. Remember he only told one lie. Rod & nick may have passed O.J. Simpson. They blew by Pinocchio a long time ago. Go easy on the barners.

    Shame rtr

  3. 4

    Tuberville only told one lie ever!?!?!?!??!?!?!

    He’s like George Washington! He cannot tell a lie.

    And you people say Alabama fans are delusional.

  4. 5


    Of course the Barners think Tubbs is a god and infallible. They spend so much time paying attention to Alabama they can’t possibly keep up with their own program.

  5. 6

    And the reasoning behind the Barnies’ furious outrage directed toward The University of Alabama, Streyeder, is simply because they were denied acceptance and now they’re rotting to their measly little core down in Aubarn, Alabama at The Alabama Polytechnic Institute, sharing a mutual feeling with the rest of those backwoods, Alabama rejects.

    Wouldn’t you feel the same way if such an honorably prestigious school denied you, which ultimately forced you to attend the “leftovers” school–and I need not mention how the lameness drives the few sane Barnies mad. That school and town is a disgrace to humanity and an embarrassment to the state of Alabama!


    After all, 90% of the API graduates intern in Moultrie, Georgia immediately following graduation… And we all know why they intern in Moultrie!

  6. 7

    Shane Crack Corn,

    Do they allow you guys to freely opt out of college mathematics at API, just as they do sociology?

    1)I’m not gonna be the Alabama coach next year. -Nick Saban

    1)The only way I’m leaving Ole Miss is in a pine box. -Tommy Tuberville.


    To me, it seems as if the lying ratio is pretty equate.

  7. 8

    I actually do not really blame Rodriquez for leaving WVU. I think he knew his opportunity to win a championship was closing. Now that Steve Slaton has left, and once Pat White leaves I do not think they will be as competitive.

    These same WVU fans that loved Rod, would have turned on him as soon as the team dropped off. He made the right move to leave when he did, much like Saban.


    Another thing I thought that was interesting in your article was how Rodriquez wanted to manipulate his buyout, just like Tuberville. If you remember after last season when Tub and AU were negotiating an extension the main sticking point was the buyout. It was said that Tub wanted the buyout to be a one way deal; where in he would not have to pay the buyout if he left, but AU would be responsible for the buyout.

  8. 9

    oh boy….Let me get weighed in on the wrestling debate!

    “Auburn missed out on some high-profile recruits Wednesday, but coach Tommy Tuberville said he still came away with an “excellent” recruiting class on national signing day.” LIE, you got shellacked Tommy…

    **On losing Enrique Davis to Ole Miss:
    `It was one of those deals where we changed our style of offense. I think that was the main thing,” Tuberville said.” LIE He felt like he had a better chance of winning with Houston Nutt.

    “Those things happen. We do not teach it. We will not teach it,” Tuberville said. “We won’t tolerate it. One thing all the coaches in our league have talked about is chop blocks at the line of scrimmage and roughing the quarterback….” LIE Auburn Did the same block several times last year in an effort to level the playing field for their untalented freshman line…The chop block against clemson should have led to an arrest for assault.

    “Now is a time we can start saying that we should be a top-10 team every year,” Tuberville said. “If we play like we should, we have a chance to maybe be even better than that.” CTT 2003, Maybe not a lie but what happened, 8-5 and what happened to all those top 10 teams?

    “We start next week defending our title of last year. It is going to be interesting for our football team to regroup and challenge for another title but I think that we have the ability to do that” -7/28-05 Talking about the “Peoples Champion” title. Not technically a lie but still spin.

    “I think Brandon Cox is going to be a heck of a college quarterback. He’s going to make a name for himself.”
    Maybe not a lie but a huge lapse in judgement. And even more spin.

    (2006)Tuberville renews claim that SEC can’t win under BCS….
    “Every year, it’s going to be like this,” Tuberville said Sunday. “Until we get a playoff, the SEC’s going to be on the outside looking in.” Duh…. LIE.

    Guys, it is not hard to find places where TommyTubs has er….reinvented the truth.

  9. 10

    I have lost all respect for Rich Rod. At one time I thought he would have been a good choice for Bammer, but now I am of the opinion that he would have been a colossal disaster in T’town.

    Also, IMO Saban does not deserve to lumped into the same category with Rod. Granted, Saban has done his share of lying (like most other coaches), but Rod has stooped to a new low.

    BammerFanInNYC and tmc –

    Do ya’ll really believe half the trash that ya’ll type? Does it make ya’ll feel better about yourselves and your team?

  10. 11

    Good catch Kenny. I think coaches would all love to be able to do what they want while penalizing the school.

    And Mike, I have to admit I thought Rodriguez would’ve been a decent hire. I did write I was worried about his offense working in the SEC, but I knew he’d be a big improvement over Shula.

    But I look back at this mess, and realize Rodriguez was a disaster waiting to happen. He’d be like a Franchione.

  11. 12


    Curious…why do you think Rod’s offense would not work in the SEC? I was pretty impressed with the way his offense worked against UGA, OU, etc. I know that UGA is only 1 SEC school, but they had 1 month to prepare.

    I agree…it would have been a disaster. Could you imagine Rod standing at the podium in front of the Bammer media after an embarassing loss? There would have been plenty to write about and we haven’t even mentioned his wife:)

  12. 13

    I believe you need a fullback to effectively run the football in the SEC. Even Urban Meyer had to modify his offense to work in the SEC week after week after week. You can often handle a team once or twice…but face SEC defensive coordinators for a season and they’ll find the bugs in any offensive system.

    Would Rodriguez have the humility to do what Meyer did?

    I doubt it.

    And while the spread is OK, I still prefer more pro-style I-formation stuff.

  13. 14


    IMO Meyer had to modify his offense because he did NOT have a single SEC caliber RB. Looks like they have a few capable rb’s now and I’m guessing that he will get back more to his old style.

    I do agree that most SEC dc’s can find a bug in any system. That leads to the question….which system poses more threats for the defense?

  14. 16


    Do you honestly believe that what we type is only pity insults?

    I can’t imagine why one team would despise another team beyond extremity, to the point where everything that makes you who you are simply evolves around the opposing team.

    Truthfully, I don’t hate Alabama Polytechnic Institute as much as I lead people like you on to believe. In fact, I’m going to be the biggest API fan next season when they play UT as well if they win the West. But the same could never be said vice versa.

    The stereotypical notion of, “ugly little redheaded step child suffering from little man’s disease” is clearly untrue. Georgia Tech does not despise UGA the way in which you guys do. Vanderbilt does not despise Tennessee the way in which you guys do us. Miami does not despise Florida State the way in which you guys do us.

    And if there was no sense of insecurity on your behalf, then at the climactic point of your team’s existence, you wouldn’t frequently examine what is taking place on the other end of the state the way in which you constantly do.

    So I firmly believe it’s because half of you worked your tails off to get into Alabama, but was denied. That is why you hold a grudge larger than belief.

    What else could it be?

  15. 17

    Hell hath no fury like the UAT football program scorned.

    I love how bamzos take every opportunity to label Rodriguez “evil” since he turned down the job at UAT. That’s some good humor.

  16. 18

    Oh, and bamafanNYC: Maybe you’ve been away for a while, but Auburn is now the largest university in the state, and it also has the highest admission standards That’s a fact.

  17. 19

    Oh, and bamafanNYC: Maybe you’ve been away for a while, but Auburn is now the largest university in the state, and it also has the highest admission standards. That’s a fact.

  18. 20


    You avoiding my question about which system poses the most threats for a defense?


    First, you have a bad habit of stating so called “facts” when you have no clue what you are talking about. I know several Barners that cheer for Bammer when the 2 are NOT playing. Heck, I have cheered for Bammer many times in my life. Most of those times were because a Bammer “W” would help Auburn, but there have been other times when it wouldn’t. Perfect example was the 1992 NC game. I cheered for Bammer as loud as anyammer that I watched the game with!!!

    Second, from what I have been told by many many people is that there is a reason why old school Aubies hate Bammersmore than other fans hate their in-state rivals…..and that is because of the way that Bammer fans behaved during the 70’s. I must admit that I do not know how Bammers acted back during their glory days because I was not alive. BUT I can tell you that my generation of Aubies do NOT hold the same ill will towards teh majority of Bammers because in my lifetime AU leads the IB series!!! Honestly, there has been no reason for me to hate Bammer for what they have done on the field. On the other hand, I will admit that I hate some Bammer fans because of the way they act, but they are few and far between (seem to be several on this site).

    I believe you have one thing backwards…WE worked our tails off to get into Auburn!!! My friends that couldn’t get into Auburn either went to Bammer.

    What else could it be? How about that most Aubies I know do not hold a grudge. It’s the delusional Bammers that still think it’s the 70’s and that people are jealous of them (I am assuming that people were jealous of Bammer in the 70’s based off of what Bammers have told me).

  19. 21

    No. I told you which system poses the most problems for a defense. The wishbone does.

    I know you want me to say spread, but that isn’t the case. The spread isn’t anything new…it’s been around since the 1950’s. Wasn’t it Oregon that first ran it? It is a decent system; however, as systems go it forces too many players to make too many reads…receivers, running backs, offensive linemen and the qb. Receivers have typically struggles with their reads—even tho you have simplified playbooks for them. And I’m not just talking about college or high school receivers…pro receivers too. You ask too many people to make the right decision. That’s bad for execution.

    The wishbone reads are simpler and reduced almost exclusively to one person who makes the choice of his triple-option. I also think the O-line reads/decisions are easier—and it yields a tougher team.

    Now, I would run a standard I-formation probably similar to what Dallas ran under Jimmie Johnson. It is the best offense because it requires you to man up and run the ball or throw it.

    There is NOTHING that beats execution. No scheme or plan or anything. A pro-style I-formation works because you get good players, and let them make plays.

  20. 22


    No, I didn’t want you to say the spread…I thought you were joking about the wishbone!!! I agree that there was a time when the wishbone was deadly, but I think those days have passed.

  21. 23

    I think football is cyclical. Every few years a new offense is popular. I bet a version of the bone comes back again.

    football coaches are much like women at a paris fashion show…they fall in love with something and it is the greatest thing ever.

  22. 24

    My reason for saying that the wishbone days are dead is because of the talent level and athleticism of players today. IMO it would be pretty hard to run the bone against SEC defenses and their speed.

    On the otherhand, one could argue that the wishbone would offset the speed of defenses by using it against them and forcing the defense to bite on fakes, thus catching the D out of position.

    Back to the spread…one thing that I like about it is that it seems to offset the speed of a defense when there is an athletic and fast qb in the backfield. IMO that will be very beneficial in a league like the SEC where every defense is fast.

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