Monday night notes

I remember why I hate the NBA—it isn’t basketball.

There is no such thing as charging if you are a star. There is no such thing as traveling for a star. In fact if your name is LeBron James, you could take eight steps and I doubt the blind officials would blow a whistle.

Speaking of the officials, they make the SEC crews look like they know what they are doing. And I didn’t think that would be possible.

With so much talent, why do NBA games today pale in comparison to past eras of NBA basketball? Remember the days of Magic, Kareem and the Lakers playing against Larry Bird, Robert Parish and the Celtics? The NBA post-Michael Jordan is dull.

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McClain accident highlights depth concerns
Cecil Hurt is always insightful, and his column provided a reminder about the depth issues Alabama faced. Of course, Hurt makes an absurd statement:

That doesn’t mean McClain, or any other players, should be placed in a plastic bubble until August. Teenagers have to have a life.

If it includes motorcycle riding, bungee jumping or any other high-risk activity, that’s worrisome — but it does happen. It isn’t just players who like to ride motorcycles, either.

At least one former coach (Gene Stallings) and one recent athletic director (Bob Bockrath) used to relax by taking their Harley-Davidsons out for a spin (probably not at the same time). There are National Football League teams who try to keep their players away from such activities by contract clauses, but the best remedy is caution on the part of the player.

Saban isn’t going to put McClain or Antoine Caldwell or John Parker Wilson in a protective bubble this summer. But he might wince a little bit the next time he hears a motorcycle revving up.

Hurt doesn’t get it. Life is football. Besides, you have fun by winning, and unless things have changed you get girls by being on a winning football team. Isn’t that more fun than a motorcycle? At least it was when I was in college.

Rashad Johnson on Nagurski list
The Football Writers Association of America announced its 2008 Bronko Nagurski Trophy list, and on it was Alabama’s Rashad Johnson. Last year’s winner was LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey. The award honors the National Defensive Player of the Year.

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    I have to agree NBA basketball is a shell of the former game. The NBA media is more interested in hyping than the rules.. And Labron James could knife someone while on court and wouldnt get called for it…

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