Marshall visits the Capstone Report

By‘s clever readers

We’ve been truly honored over the last week with many Auburn celebrities visiting our site. We were particularly honored by a visit last night from Phillip Marshall. We’ve culled the best of “his” posts for your reading pleasure. Notice how Phillip Marshall never misses a chance to pitch his book, or Tommy Tuberville.

Phillip Marshall
I was just surfing the Net and I came across this blog. I couldn’t help but notice that there isn’t enough glorification of Coach Tommy Tuberville.
Tommy Tuberville…..The Man….. The Myth….The Legend….destined to walk in the halls of Valhalla with the likes of Shug Jordan. While I am totally unbiased, It must be admitted that Tommy Tuberville, is an exciting, charismatic leader among men, who’s charm and attractive looks are only magnified when his taut, muscular, firm body glistens in the shower in the most manly way..

Anyhow, I also want to make it publicly known that when it comes to the heroic warrior scholars of Auburn University, or the drug dealing murdering scumbag Bammers. I call it straight down the middle and show absolutely NO FAVORITISM!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!

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Oh and before I forget. Tony Franklin is the greatest Offensive Coordinator in the history of the universe. And is magnificently endowed (with football knowledge).


Did you know Pat Dye could urinate in a stream almost 40 feet? Or that Bo Jackson almost left Auburn until his salary was doubled? You can find out all of these super interesting facts and more in my coffee table sized book. “I’m Auburn’s Media Whore” (now available in soft back too….)

I am not showing any form of bias by saying this. (It isnt bias if it is true). But Jason Bosley should win on “character” alone. Plus he can single-handedly block entire defenses.


Did you know that Doug Barfield owned three skunkskin caps? Or that Jordan Hare Dye field is on top of a sacred Indian burial ground? You can find out all of the super groovy facts (and more) in my coffee table book. “Auburn: God’s Team”

Did you know that Shug Jordan invented Preparation H? Or that Bo Jackson ran so fast one time that he went forward in time? You can get these stories and much more in my Coffee table book, “Auburn Univesity: The Real Deal”


Did you know that Al Borges turned down the role of “Jabba the Hutt” in Star Wars? Or that Tony Franklin takes a bath once a month (whether he needs it or not)? You can read all these stories and more in my coffee table sized coffee table book “Auburn: Our Legacy is a Tradtion of Heritage”

FYI: For our Auburn readers, that wasn’t really Phillip Marshall; it was a very creative reader.