The girls of A-Day

The doldrums are upon us. So, why not take a look at some photographs of girls at Alabama’s 2008 A-Day in April. These photographs were taken by our photographers at the event, and many of our readers who were kind enough to share.

Oh, before I forget. You can also find some action shots from the game in our gallery too.

Cute Bama fan in Saban hat

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Cute Sideline Reporter

Cute girls on the Strip in Tuscaloosa

Bama cheerleader

I guess I should include an action shot from the actual game.

J.P. Wilson drops back to pass as Andre Smith protects him

J.P. Wilson drops back to pass as Andre Smith protects him


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    Coach Tony Franklin

    Hoyeah! Tony Franklin likes the ladies!
    And the ladies like when they see Tony Franklin and TommyT cruisin’ the club! Thats right, Bammers! I ‘m Tony Franklin damnit! There aint a lady above who woudn’t get moist at the thought of Tony Franklin in his purple leisure suit wearing some Old Spice! Anyway, while I’m here Tony Franklin’s special of the week, buy my “” system (***guaranteed to score 75 points a game) and have an Auburn lineman wash and vacuum your car FREE!!

    *** if you are playing a crappy division II team that has food poisoning.

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