Monday SEC notebook

Beat writer engaged
The Alabama beat writer for the state’s largest newspaper, Ian R. Rapoport, announced his engagement. Knowing the warm relationship between Rapoport and Nick Saban, I’m sure the coach will have some helpful advice at his next press conference.

Gators iPhone theme
Florida Gator fans have their own theme for the wildly popular iPhone. Orange And Blue Hue created a theme. It makes me wish there was an Alabama theme for the iPhone.

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Who knew corrections could be fun
Ever read the dry, tedious corrections published in the NY Times (or your local newspaper?) Then you’ll enjoy these creative corrections from EDSBS.

LSU’s QB contest includes a Harvard transfer
The Orlando Sentinel provides some info about the LSU quarterback battle.

Big Sports Network
Pigskin Pathos has a creative look at a big sports network.

I am a major sports network that turns everything into a dramatic, life changing story. 

I like to make you think that sports are the most important thing in the entire galaxy, nay the universe. 

I like to inform you about miniscule high school and small college stories that you may find “inspirational”. Did you hear about the possibly lesbian softball players* that carried that other softball player? It was epic and emotional and life changing. 

Razorback offense spring review
Razorback fans turned out in large numbers to watch the new Petrino offense. What they saw drew rave reviews:

The new offense is not predictable, and can apparently be taught to the players.  The ‘package’ doesn’t predict the play.  In fact, it seldom changes between plays.

Passing?  Five receivers out on the same play…three progressions and then a swing pass to the flat.  Next up…two tight ends on the field at the same time — on the same side — with a split receiver and a slot guy on that side as well.

This offense literally throws the ball all over the field…and that includes the middle of it, too.

Rushing?  Draw plays…reverses…counter plays…fullback dive…even the infamous Houston Dale stretch play.  And sometimes…passing the ball first to setup the run.  Imagine that?

This offense gives the defense a lot to think about and very few clues as to what’s coming next.


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  1. 1

    So here’s a basic summary:

    -We (Bama fans) want Alabama themed iTunes.

    -Barnies have no clue as to what iTunes are. The name Alabama Polytechnic Institute in Aubarn says it all. Even the Amish community is more culturally advanced than they are. They’re still bickering about the civil war.

    -EDSBS outsmarted The New York Times.

    -I take it LSU finally has a somewhat intelligent quarterback.

    -And Arkansas is in preparation mode to fool a lot of negative criticism being directed toward their new offensive unit, staff and system.

  2. 2

    Arkansas will be lucky to win 6 games next season. Way too many analysts are putting too much stock into Petrino. Sure he’s a proven coach with a phenomenal track record, but this is the SEC; not the Big East.

  3. 3
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Offense Schmoffense!!! they dont know nothing about Offense! I’m Tony Franklin Damnit! The Father of Great Offense.
    You just wait! When they play us Auburnites this year I’ll hit’em with so many passes they will beg for a run!!!

  4. 4
    Coach Tony Franklin

    This weeks special, Buy the Tony Franklin System and get a free Car wash at Spud’s Car World…. Tell’em Big Tony sent you!
    I’m Tony Franklin!!!

  5. 6

    To whomever keeps repeatedly doing the Tony Franklin impersonations in the response columns, please keep doing what you’re doing. It’s drop-dead hilarious!

  6. 7

    Pluto, seeing how Aubarn County is an entire state in itself, a homosexual would have to legally be married in Aubarn for their marriage license to be legit and considered legit, anywhere else in the state of Alabama.

    However, there is a clause: in order for a homosexual to be wed in Aubarn, the guy/girl must be marrying a SIBLING of the same sex.

  7. 8

    Here in Razorback country we’re just glad to have an offense that seems to include passing plays as well as running plays. No doubt there will be an adaptation period for Petrino in the SEC. Who knows how it will go.

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