Tuberville predicts teleconference ban

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Auburn was told about Nick Saban’s teleconferencing quickly. What was Tuberville’s reaction? He predicted an NCAA ban.

Tuberville’s response: “It sounds like a great idea.”

“Of course, if it works, I’m sure everybody will be doing it,” Tuberville said. “But if they do, you know what will happen the NCAA will make it illegal.”

I guess that means Tuberville will push for the NCAA ban. I’m not sure what hunting season it conflicts with, but we’ll find out soon.

Auburn is considering video conferencing, according to the same story, but word is they must wait until they get electric lights before the “interweb” would work.

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Kent State shootings left an impact on Nick Saban, who played defensive back for the Golden Flashes during the time of the shooting. The Kansas City Star provides a look at how Saban’s decision to eat lunch kept him from being in the danger zone.


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    Why is it so hard to understand that the NCAA puts in rules to protect the students? They are kids who shouldn’t be bombarded by recruiters every second of their life. Prior to the rule change, the spirit of the rule allowed coaches to evaluate players while giving them space to be students. Saban obviously does not respect the notion of 17-18 year old kids needing to be left alone at times and not be hounded every moment of their lives. Hence, he violated the rule and the cocahes and NCAA changed it accordingly.

    Tuberville’s comment is in recognition of the NCAA’s desire to protect the students from constant pressure from school, Auburn included.

  2. 2

    Tuberredneck will push and predict anything beyond the ordinary as long as it benefits him when it comes to recruiting.

    As dumb as we put him out to be, he realizes everything is back to the way they were when he first stepped down from Ole Miss to take over the Alabama Polytechnic Institute job. Behind those hunter eyes, he sees that Mike Shula is no longer his main competition and now he’s up against a strong force that’s even more powerful than Mike DuBose and Dennis Franchione was.

    Tuberredneck could have the NCAA ban Nick Saban from having any method of contact with any recruiting prospect in the country, and Saban would still dominate him on every aspect of the recruiting field and eventually on the playing field.

  3. 3

    Humor me a little more, Tubby. That comment certainly wasn’t fulfilling enough.

    Why is it for the first time since Alabama’s pre-probationary period, Tubby is suddenly calling for every major and minor ban on recruiting contacting simply because he doesn’t know the meaning of “work to receive a decent recruiting commitment.” He’s more accustomed to the “spoon-fed method” where Mike Shula done all of his recruiting for him while he vacationed in Arkansas or the hunting land of Aubarn.

    I’m willing to believe it’s simply because he’s in a state of severe panic. He can’t remember the days when he worked his duck hunting @$$ off and was still shown up majorly by Alabama in recruiting. Either that or he chooses to block out those painful memories seeing how he caught more than a huge break with Mike Shula and the NCAA, using our weakened state to his weakened advantage.

    It’s pitiful, especially when considering the Barnies sincerely believe he had no help in flip-flopping the state.

  4. 4

    So apparently even the Kent State shootings are now all about Nicky? Do you realize just how much you all enable that guy’s narcissism?

  5. 5

    After Tuberville’s first Iron Bowl loss, following his monumental six consecutive wins, the retirement rumors will spread like the fresh smell of cow manure does throughout the polluted air of Jordan-Hare on gameday.

    After his second consecutive Iron Bowl loss, he will prepare a glorious retirement speech, and the overly dysfunctional barnie family will then thank him for all he accomplished during Alabama’s harsh period of decline.

    Proceeding his retirement East Opelika Polytechnic Institute of Aubarn will then either promote someone on their coordinating staff, or hire Mighty Mark Mangino. Following that, the dust will then have settled and Alabama will be Alabama and Opelika will be Opelika.

    The end.

  6. 6

    Wow, 007, you should go public with that.

    After all, it is more realistic and believable than Tony Franklin’s “How to build a winning offense at a redneck college.”

    Imagine the loads of cash you’d rake in, and the ginormous amount of boy band booty you’d get!!

  7. 7

    In response to the question, “Why is it for the first time since Alabama’s pre-probationary period, Tubby is suddenly calling for every major and minor ban on recruiting contacting simply because he doesn’t know the meaning of “work to receive a decent recruiting commitment,” you think it may be because Saban was caught cheating with the rules the way there were? Apparently, breaking the rules at UAT is just “working hard.” You guys are a class act all the way.

  8. 8

    Auburn talking about someone else cheating. That’s great. Don’t you guys lead the conference with NCAA probations?

  9. 11
    Coach Tony Franklin

    Stars Schmars!!! We dont need no stinking stars! We dont need no spring recruiting time!! Hell I dont even own a comb! We’ve got the Tony Franklin System thats all we need… Just send the Defense home!! We dont need ’em!!! We will soon Rule the world!
    I will personally Bitch Slap Nick Saban!
    I’m Tony Franklin Damnit!!! order today and get an extra armband…. Makes a great gift for Grandma come christmas!

  10. 12

    I sure before its over Earsville, and Fat Phil will try their best to have this stopped. All because the two of them are to damn lazy to get out and recruit like Saban does.

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