LSU kicks QB off team

Les Miles finally had enough of Ryan Perrilloux, and kicked the quarterback off the LSU Tigers, the AP reported.

That is big news for the SEC West. While quarterback play is critical to winning championships, my first reaction is to retain LSU as the favorite to win the division; however, it improves most teams chances of pulling an upset—and making a run to Atlanta.

As a sidenote, quarterback play is a big reason I believe Auburn will not win the division this season. They have an inexperienced quarterback in a new system. That is a recipe for losing games in the conference.

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This could be a prelude to a down year in the SEC West. The best quarterback in the conference resides in Athens; the second best resides in Gainesville. Where is the third best? Possibly, he resides in Tuscaloosa.

We’ll have to see on the field.

But now the road to a division crown has gotten a little more crowded.