Hurt reports APR looking good

Cecil Hurt wrote this morning that Alabama’s Academic Progress Rate looks good for all athletic programs at UA. That is a very good thing as some schools including a couple of BCS conference schools lost scholarships (Arizona lost four scholarships, and Washington State will lose seven, Hurt pointed out.)

Those are stiff penalties, but Hurt also explains APR can be manipulated by those without integrity:

The APR does depend, to some degree, on the integrity of the institution. The NCAA has to hope that most colleges and universities care too much about the quality of education to shepherd athletes into phony pseudo-courses that lead to functional illiterates being handed a piece of paper that is only nominally a “degree.” Fortunately, most institutions have such integrity.

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I wonder what sociology program he had in mind when he wrote that paragraph.

We reported yesterday that the NCAA has formed a new working group to improve academic performance in football.

What rule changes come from that working group on APR and academic integrity should be interesting for major college football.

Other items:
Memphis Tider tells us that it is only 121 days until kickoff.

Remember the good old days of the SI Swimsuit Issue? Paulina Porizkova graced the cover of more than one of those classic 1980’s editions. AOL Sports interviewed the model, and they revealed some startling information:

Are athletes naturally sexy?
PP: Not to me. To me, naturally sexy are the white nerds that sit behind the computers.

DH: You found Steve Colbert attractive.
PP: Oh, my god! He is, he is. He just is sex personified to me.

DH: Help me out here. Define sexy?
PP: “Stephen Colbert!” Look, my idea of sexy – my ideal perfect man ever since I was a kid – would’ve have been Mr. Spock from Star Trek, Chopin, Julius Caesar, Charlie Chaplin. I got kind of close. I got the Vulcan look.

Who knew supermodels liked nerds. I guess that gives all bloggers something to hope for.

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    Too bad Auburn doesn’t have that “General Studies” program that UAT has for its athletes. Auburn athletes actually have to major in something. And that sociology thing is an old story about a war between two academics. It would have been suspicious if athletes weren’t a TINY percentage of students taking those independent study classes, but they were just that.

    Can’s say the same for that “General Studies” major at UAT — and is that what they are calling Basket Weaving these days?

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