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The wailing and gnashing of teeth over Alabama’s over-signing continues to be what we expected it to be, premature nonsense. The Rap Sheet confirmed this morning that Alabama reserve tackle Charles Hoke has been placed on medical scholarship due to a recurring shoulder injury.

Hoke plans to pursue his studies full-time now, but is disappointed he couldn’t play his senior year due to the persistent injury.

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Also, the chatter about Alabama signee Destin Hood pursuing a baseball career instead of college football has heated up over the last few days.

Hood is a top outfield prospect, according to Minor League Baseball’s official website. The scouting report on Hood shows the high school senior has a good chance of being drafted high enough to get an attractive signing bonus. At the moment, baseball experts see Hood as a potential second round prospect with the possibility of snagging a first round slot.

Hood was listed as a four-star wide receiver by Rivals.

Whether or not Hood makes it to campus is unknown, but it is just one more bit of evidence that the over-signing drama was much ado about nothing.

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