NEWSFLASH: Bama fans are irrational

Intrepid Birmingham News columnist Kevin Scarbinsky unravels the mystery of why Alabama players weren’t drafted. And guess what?!? The fault rests with the fans.

This ranks right up there with dog bites man for revealing new information.

Alabama fans are passionate about Alabama football. I didn’t know that when 92,000 showed up for A-Day last year. I didn’t know it when over 78,200 showed up for A-Day this season.

Who knew fans were passionate about their teams.

How awful.

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But Scarbinsky’s argument is specious. The passion and attention at Alabama isn’t really that different from most SEC schools. Take this comment:

Too many people think too many Alabama signees are better than they are because they’re Alabama signees. They think too many Alabama players are better than they are because they’re Alabama players.

You mean like Auburn fans Philip Marshall and Charles Goldberg? Like how an unrated AISA high school player is somehow the best linebacker in the state?

Yes, fans can be irrational. We see it everyday in Newhouse newspapers like the Huntsville Times and Birmingham News.

4 or 5 freshmen could start
As many as four or five freshmen could start, Nick Saban said during the Crimson Caravan speaking engagement in Talladega last night.

That’s both good and bad. Long term getting young players experience yields benefits; however, it could make for a very rough start to the season. Freshmen need time to develop—and make mistakes. But sometimes you don’t have much of a choice.

Here’s video of Nick Saban from Crimson Caravan via Fox6:

Cheesesteaks wid an Alabama twist

The Philadelphia Daily News writes a story about Homewood’s Wayne Salem and his sandwiches.

Salem, 54, is third-generation Lebanese, his great-grandparents having migrated to America from Beirut in the ’20s. His father, Ed Salem, an All-American football star at the University of Alabama who played for the Washington Redskins in the ’50s, opened Ed Salem’s Drive-In in 1950 and later owned several restaurants and bowling alleys.


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  1. 1

    How ironic? Bammer feedback with the word “cheese” involved. Must be pretty boring in T-hood to be talking yet again of Auburn football and sandwiches. One day your pushing ice, the next your marketing cheese. Whats next? The new shade of spandex and tank tops to be worn by alumni at home games? Keep it coming…..You make my day easier. Putz.

  2. 2
    AL in VA

    Scarbinsky is an Auburnite. Typical Auburn in all that he does. The reason no one was drafted is simple. Years of poor recruiting and poor choices made by the players those are the reasons. Alabama has had a long period of tough times and finally it is so nice to hear good coming from our program. The Auburn faithful know the times are changing. Listen to them, read their writings, they are very afraid.

  3. 3

    I think everyone is missing the point. I agree that Alabama is not as talented as needed, but some of those players who were not drafted were very good college players. As we all know being good in college does not necessarily equate to being good in the NFL. The fact is that the three players (Gilberry, Castille, and Hall), that were most likely to be drafted had skills that may not necessarily translate to the NFL. It should be noted that these three players at some point in their careers were All-SEC caliber players, and were considered some of the best at their positions. I think some solice should be taken in the fact that the players were at least maxing out their talent.

    I do not think it is some sort of indictment on the program or the fans. I think everyone knows that there is not enough talent in the program currently. I would be more worried if we had a lot of talent in the program that was not producing at a high level (i.e. Florida State, Miami). Programs that seem to have the requisite talent, but are not producing on the field, usually have systemic problems that are much more difficult to solve. Alabama’s problem is a lack of talent, and I think that can be easily repaired (mandatory 2008 recruiting class reference).

  4. 4

    Scarbinsky is an idiot….. as is just about every other columnist that writes, somewhat of an oxymoron, the Birmingham News. How can the paper of record in the state have such pitiful columnists.

  5. 5


    Yet another Barnie invading an ALABAMA website, hypocritically claiming WE can’t go a sentence without touching base on Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

    And did you seriously refer to T-Town as T-Hood?? That’s pretty ironic as well seeing how it’s coming from a FAN of a college located in both the hood (Opelika) and the woods (Aubarn).

    And trust me, it’s far from boring in T-Town. Obviously that isn’t the case with you guys seeing how Barnies like you have all this excess time on their hands to read up on the latest Alabama happenings.

    What, is API not hosting a rodeo a rodeo for their inbred students tonight? Are there no trailer trash block parties taking place at the luxurious Wire Road trailer park, tonight? Is your most popular performer to ever hit your town, Trotline, not holding a concert at one of your 4 bars (SkyBarn) this weekend? Are your frat students not holding a Klansmen meeting in Opelika tonight?

    For the sheer pleasure of entertainment, you could always go possum hunting in your backyard. Look at the bright side, no one has beaten Tuberrednecks possum count yet. Now there’s you a challenge, rodeo boy.

  6. 6

    The Truth Hurts Bama Necks!
    KS hit the nail on the head.
    Bama players and recruits are the greatest and Auburn Players and recruits are Bama rejects.

    You’re pitiful!

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