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The NFL draft remains part of the sports conversation in the state. The AP moved this story about Nick Saban, Gene Stallings and Lee Roy Jordan’s thoughts on Alabama’s talent level.

First, the AP points out Alabama’s drought in the first round of the NFL draft: In fact, LSU has had a first-rounder in the last five NFL drafts. The Southeastern Conference has produced a whopping 46 since Alabama’s last No. 1 picks.

That’s eight years worth of mediocrity fueled not only by NCAA sanctions, but morons coaching the Tide. You can’t develop players when the coaches are the likes of…well, you know.

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What does Lee Roy Jordan think about the Tide? “We certainly don’t have the talent level that we will have in a year or two,” said Lee Roy Jordan, a former Alabama and NFL star, in a phone interview Wednesday. “I think we’ll have a much higher level between last year’s class and the one that we’ve signed this year. By the time they get to be seniors and juniors, you’ll see a lot different results as far as the NFL draft goes.”

What is Stallings outlook for the Tide? “I don’t think they have enough talent to win a national championship,” Stallings said, “but I don’t think they’re just talentless.”


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    I have no doubt that two factors came into consideration: one, that no one in the NFL respects Saban; and two, that Saban went out of his way to undermine any opportunities his seniors had. Why? Because he’s a vindictive little man. His team “de-committed” on him for the whole month of November, and he wanted to make them pay. Because NOTHING is ever his fault.

  2. 2

    Do you really think that pro football coaches, scouts and general managers are like a bunch of bitchy little schoolgirls? They’d be so petty as to hurt themselves by letting someone else get a chance at a quality player…just because they don’t like his coach?

    I don’t think so. I know football coaches, and if I know one thing about them—they all are pricks, but most of them know how to put that aside to win.

    The second point, do I think Saban actively undermined his players? No. Do I think he gave an honest answer if a scout called and asked him…yes. I do. Now, the truth is only bad for a player if they’ve behaved poorly. I posted during the combine the harsh analysis from NFL scouts…why is anyone shocked these guys weren’t drafted?

  3. 3

    Saban could have helped them, but he didn’t. I think he’s vindictive little egomaniac.

    I also think that he’s a great recruiter, but a so-so coach. If he were as brilliant as HE thinks he is, he wouldn’t have been such a spectacular failure at Miami, and mediocre pretty much everywhere else. He’ll be another NC one-hit wonder.

    And yes, I think the NFL coaches agree with all of what I posted.

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