No respect. No respect at all…for Tommy Tuberville. Even women’s gymnastic coaches make fun of Tuberville’s failures. Take this comment from UGA’s eight-time national title winner Suzanne Yoculan:

“You should have seen that list of the top 10 coaches in the SEC in that Alabama newspaper,” Yoculan says, referring to a list by a Mobile Press-Register columnist. “I’m No. 10. (Football coach) Tommy Tuberville of Auburn is No. 9. How many national championships has he won?”

Ouch. Witch-Slapped.

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When a women’s gymnastics coach takes away your manhood by exposing your shortcomings—that has to hurt!

How long until your fans are saying the same thing?

Is South Florida on the schedule again this year?

How many days until Nick Saban beats Tommy Tuberville? How many days until Marc Richt extends his dominance of AU for another season?

Tuberville’s support is as fragile as his ego.

But hey, maybe Charles Goldberg or Philip Marshall can spin this.

By the time these two buffoons get done with it, Yoculan will be calling Tuberville the greatest football coach since…

Well, I’m not as creative at AU propaganda. I’ll leave it to the professionals.