Goldberg on spin duty

If you’ve ever doubted Charles Goldberg was on Tuberville’s payroll, then you just have to read this from his latest blog post:

Bessemer Academy’s Harris Gaston, considered by some the top prep linebacker in the state, said Tuesday he’ll sign with Auburn next February.

Gaston and his family visited Auburn to tell the coaching staff of the decision.

Goldberg and the other major Auburn beat writer Philip Marshall never let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

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While Gaston is no doubt a very good linebacker. has him rated as One-Star and has not ranked him yet.

So who are the SOME who consider him one of the top prep linebacker in the state? Obviously, it is where Goldberg and Marshall get all their information from—Tommy Tuberville. Goldberg and Marshall are the mouthpieces for Auburn propaganda unlike anything I’ve seen from beat writers.

What other spin is Goldberg spewing? Check this out:

Auburn made a favorable impression on Gaston in a hurry. The Tigers first contacted him the third week in February. He visited Auburn on Feb. 21st.

In a hurry!

This is to assure Auburn fans that Tuberville is out there working hard—unlike last season when Saban kicked his ass on the recruiting trail.

As I said, I think Gaston is a good linebacker. However, what schools did Auburn beat out to land this kid?

Gaston also had offers from Kentucky and Mississippi State, but said Tuesday he had expected more offers if he had not said he’d play for Auburn.

Yes. Football powers like UK and MSU.

AU’s recruiting is back where it belongs.