Goldberg on spin duty

If you’ve ever doubted Charles Goldberg was on Tuberville’s payroll, then you just have to read this from his latest blog post:

Bessemer Academy’s Harris Gaston, considered by some the top prep linebacker in the state, said Tuesday he’ll sign with Auburn next February.

Gaston and his family visited Auburn to tell the coaching staff of the decision.

Goldberg and the other major Auburn beat writer Philip Marshall never let the truth get in the way of a good lie.

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While Gaston is no doubt a very good linebacker. has him rated as One-Star and has not ranked him yet.

So who are the SOME who consider him one of the top prep linebacker in the state? Obviously, it is where Goldberg and Marshall get all their information from—Tommy Tuberville. Goldberg and Marshall are the mouthpieces for Auburn propaganda unlike anything I’ve seen from beat writers.

What other spin is Goldberg spewing? Check this out:

Auburn made a favorable impression on Gaston in a hurry. The Tigers first contacted him the third week in February. He visited Auburn on Feb. 21st.

In a hurry!

This is to assure Auburn fans that Tuberville is out there working hard—unlike last season when Saban kicked his ass on the recruiting trail.

As I said, I think Gaston is a good linebacker. However, what schools did Auburn beat out to land this kid?

Gaston also had offers from Kentucky and Mississippi State, but said Tuesday he had expected more offers if he had not said he’d play for Auburn.

Yes. Football powers like UK and MSU.

AU’s recruiting is back where it belongs.


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  1. 1

    You fucking idiot. atoumatically ascribe a one star to prospect they haven’t evaluated. Seven is coming this year. Get ready for an ass beating.

  2. 2

    Jacob, you’d better prepare yourself for the worst my dear friend. Alabama Polytechnic Institute is on its way back down and players like Harris Gaston are the captain of the aircraft. Enjoy this eventful but rare occasion as if it were the return of the holy son. Six* is all you’ll have to show for for the next 30 years, just as it has always been during the brightest moments of your Iron Bowl success.

  3. 3

    You fucking idiot. atoumatically ascribe a one star to prospect they haven’t evaluated.

    LOL, you just made my point you f’ing idiot.

    Nobody but lame-ass AU sycophants have described this guy as the best prep linebacker in the state.

    I believe he’ll be VERY good. But nobody except Goldberg, Marshall and Tuberville think he’s the best. After all, Scout and Rivals haven’t rated him yet. Thanks for making my point again! 😉

  4. 4

    Sniff… Sniff… I smell a tad bit of envious rage radiating from Jacob’s response.

    You remember the days of A.P.I. being humiliatingly slapped by Alabama both on the playing and recruiting field? Well, those days are drawing near once again! Therefore, I DO sympathize your fear, humiliation, and envy.

  5. 5

    Bama and their fans truly are a bunch of losers! What difference does it make that Marshall or Goldberg say this kid is a good player. If Auburn offered last fall, he’s a winner. It sounds like you bunch of Bamzzzeees (that’s Bama Pansies)are afraid of this guy.

  6. 6

    Let’s be frank, CapstoneReport, Harris will be nothing more than a catastrophic bust. The Barnies will elevate his hype to an unheard of level beyond belief. From their perspective, Tony Franklin is a “god” who is capable of performing god-like miracles and can transform a turd into a diamond. Truthfully, I think he’s a mere mortal human being who lasts just as long on any overly belligerent bull as the average Barnie does.

    Case in point: Franklin is a crown jewel; however, now that Alabama Polytechnic Institute’s upper-hand talent is slowly dying off, Franklin won’t be admired so much for transforming mortals into immortals. Though Franklin will be the only reason API’s mediocre offense accomplishes what little it does.

  7. 7

    AU’s recruiting is back where it belongs.

    Perhaps this is my favorite line out of the entire report. When AU is battling the likes of UK and MSU for a below average caliber player, that’s when you can assure yourself the dust has either settled or is in the process of settling.

  8. 8

    The Issue in my opinion is what is being an “Beat Reporter” all about ? Give the Facts and let the damn Columnists opine. I would also suggest that all “Beat Reporters” be rotated yearly at whatever Media they are at. This will stop the damn embedded reporter crap .

  9. 9

    LOL! I like the way you slammed Auburn for signing a player that was being recruited by UK and MSU, then sarcastically called them football powers. LOL! That was a stroke of genius!

    Oh yeah, I forgot MSU has beat Bama 2 in a row and beat Auburn last year, while UK beat LSU last year. Good thing Bama and Auburn didn’t play UK, it would probably have been another L for both.

    Try making some sense next time you want to poke fun at other schools!!

  10. 10

    I think people are missing Capstone’s point entirely. He is not saying that this particular LB is good or bad. I feel reasonably safe in assuming Capstone has never seen him play too much.

    He is pointing out that Auburn beat writers who are supposed to be impartial, are not impartial. If you say that he is one of the best LB in the state, how did you come upon that opinion? Has the author spoken with scouts? Has the author viewed film on the prospect? Has he compared him with other prospects?

    I think fans of any school should expect their reporters to provide them with the most accurate information, and let the readers make the decision for themselves. Goldberg declared that Gaston was considered by many to be the best LB in the state, yet most scouts have seemingly rated Tana Patrick and Nico Johnson above him. Would this information not be worth mentioning in an article?

    As usual fans would rather stick their fingers in their ears, and not be bothered with the truth. The Auburn beat writers have a nepotistic feel to them and the way they spin everything as pro-Auburn.

  11. 11


    First, Gaston is NOT the best LB in the state and Tubby never said he was so that is BS. However, I think he has the potential to be very good and he fits the mold of Tubby’s LB’s. Not sure what he will be rated when he is evaluated, but I expect him to be a 3 star. He was not and is not AU’s #1 LB target, but he was in their top 5. I am not a coach and I trust Tubby’s opinion on this guy. IMO Tubby has been very successful with evaluating these type kids…reminds me of Karlos Dansby.


    No, I do not remember the days when Bammer humiliated Auburn…then again I am only 30.


    Once again, you proved you are an idiot.

  12. 12

    As soon as the recruiting sources evaluate this young man to the core, he won’t be worth all the pointless chatter.

    On that note, I feel very confident Alabama will once again leave their sloppy seconds (recruits) to the barn for the second consecutive year. It’s now officially considered a “resurrected trend”. The sad news is, most of those poor kids will more than likely have had a passion and desire to play for Alabama their entire life, just as 90% of the Alabama rejects playing down at the plainest trailer park in Opelika did.

    Sad but true:*-(

  13. 13
    Catphish Tilly

    Did UAT not just last week steal a “1 star” OT recruit away from powerhouses Vandy and Wake Forest… yep, your a fucking moron Shane.

  14. 14

    Catphish Tilly:

    First, Shane didn’t write the piece.

    Second, the point isn’t the quality of the recruit. I believe he’ll be a fine LB.

    The point was that Goldberg lied or “invented” part of his blog post. Nobody I know in recruiting circles has described this linebacker as the best in Alabama.

    That was a fabrication when other linebackers in the state are already rated higher by the recruiting services.

  15. 15

    Catfish Farmer Tilly, I believe YOU’RE the moron.

    Secondly, if your beloved API Cowgirls do not step it up a notch on the recruiting front, weakling Alabama football programs such as Troy State, UAB, and USA will eventually wear your asses out in head-to-head competition for 1/2 star athletes, just as UA did in the overall process. Ultimately, it will lead to API’s longly anticipated demise – and Tubby (instead of duck hunting) will be job hunting instead; or once again is more appropriately fitting.

    But I assume hunting is a more important focusing factor down at API than football is.

  16. 16

    Claiming Goldberg is on the Barnie payroll wouldn’t necessarily be a false statement. Matter of fact, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if the notion were actually true.

    I also wouldn’t be surprised if I were to hear Goldberg personally rated Aufarm’s previous recruiting class number 1.

    All in all, this fully explains exactly why he’s and Aufarm beat writer and nothing more.

  17. 17


    What’s the difference in Goldberg “inventing” part of his blog and you saying that Tubby thinks Gaston is the best LB in the state? Wouldn’t you say that you are as guilty of fabricating a story as Goldberg?


    I believe the overall process involves winning on the FIELD and we all know what Bammer has done on the field the past few years!!! No doubt Bammer had a great recruiting class last year, but that was just one class…don’t get to ahead of yourself.


    Goldberg is not on the Auburn payroll, but he is a bit of a homer and for good reason….it allows him access to information. BIG DEAL. He might also only be a Aufarm beat writer, but he’s got you Bammers talking about him. I am not a big fan of Goldberg, but I like him better than folks like Shane and the biggest difference between Shane and Goldberg is…Goldberg does not make up lies in an attempt to smear Bammer and Goldberg collects a paycheck for what he writes (just not from Auburn).

  18. 18

    Mike, good stuff. I appreciate your comments. 🙂

    The difference is my post was obviously tongue-in-cheek. I don’t believe Tuberville dictated that column to Goldberg. However, I believe Goldberg writes every word with Tuberville’s best interest in mind.

    I firmly believe Goldberg is a shill for AU’s head coach. Hey, that was the same thing I said about MANY Alabama beat writers during the days of Mike Shula.

    So, the criticism isn’t just for AU’s beat writers. It is for most beat writers.

    My comment about Tuberville was hyperbole. But not by much… because it is obvious Goldberg didn’t get his information from independent sources. He was told that by someone from AU. And to be honest, that is like it came right from Tuberville.

  19. 19

    I bet this Goldberg character is a proud sociology major at the Alabama Polytechnic Institute.

    I wonder if he also received a free degree in recruiting evaluation?

  20. 20


    I just found it funny that you trashed Goldberg for putting spin on a story…when that is basically all you do when writing about Auburn. The only difference is that you spin it one way and Goldberg spins it the other. Maybe you should change your screen name to “Goldberg’s evil twin”:)

    Just out of curiosity…do you consider yourself a beat writer? Do you consider Shane a beat writer?


    That was a good one!!! There’s no way that I can contend with all your brains…uncle, uncle!!!

  21. 21

    I don’t consider anyone who posts on this blog someone who covers a beat. Beat writers traditionally are professional journalists who are engaged in covering a topic on a regular basis.

    Usually, these beat reporters work for a major news outlet such as the Birmingham News.

    IF I were to put someone on as an Alabama beat reporter, I would limit or ban them posting opinion/commentary on the website. Their stories would be “Just the Facts, Ma’am.”

    Blogs are hybrids. I think of this site more like the or the gritty partisan newspapers of the early part of the 20th Century. I have an agenda, and everyone knows it. They can filter what I write because they know my bias.

    I don’t have a problem with opinion. I have a problem when the opinion comes from someone who shouldn’t have one.

    I don’t have a problem with Goldberg putting his own spin on something. However, I have a MAJOR problem with a beat writer working supposedly for an unbiased news outlet putting spin on a story.

    See the difference I’m pointing at? Goldberg is biased in ways a beat reporter shouldn’t be.

    It would be like CBS hiring Bill Clinton to report on his wife’s candidacy for president.

    The problem isn’t the opinion, but the manner in which it is delivered. We all know Bob Novak is a conservative, Republican columnist. He provides news and commentary in his columns. Newspapers run his opinions because they are clearly marked opinions.

    But back to the beat reporter thing. Beat reporters are the ones who get their hands dirty with the details. They are the ones who write about the second string guard missing repetitions in practice this week due to an ankle injury. They are the ones who provide a picture in words of what is happening in Tuscaloosa or Auburn or Montgomery.

    Let’s take that analogy a little further. If the beat reporter is an artist painting a picture in words, then what happens when the writer picks the wrong colors to further an agenda? What happens if ominous black clouds are filling the sky, but the beat reporter is drawing images of bright sunshine, and cloudless skies?

    The readers are cheated…even exploited. That’s why a couple of years ago I went after the Huntsville Times and Birmingham News so hard when their reporters and columnists were reporting things I believed to be untrue.

    Just because the topic is the AU beat writers now, I’m still going to complain. Why? Because I expect a newspaper to live up to the standards it purports to have.

    I may not like what is written on, but at least with that site, I know I can take the information as pro-Auburn. The same with

    But the Birmingham News pretends to be balanced. Well, if that is the case then they should have beat writers who are professional. Not spin doctors.

    Disclaimer: that rant is fueled by two weeks of shingles, and a Benadryl induced hangover from having a cold this week. 😉

  22. 22

    Goldberg and Marshall are always willing to trade on their journalistic credibility to remain in Tommy Tuberville’s good graces. But honestly guys, this is what Auburn does… They embellish anything and everthing in a socially retarded attempt at being relevant. They consistently DONT win championships, so they have to find (or manufacture) other little factoids to show they are doing something that is relevant.
    I dont blame CTT,Goldberg,or Marshall, I think that even though they are selling a sub-standard product (and their integrity), they are doing what they feel compelled to do to make a living.
    The people I blame are the numb-witted Aubbo fans. They are the epitome of the word RUBE. These are the ones who give all southerners a bad name because they are so ridiculoulsy gullible. Every year they are promised great things (by CTT, Marshall, and Goldberg) and every year they end up sucking hind teat…. again.
    They disgust me. Like I said before RUBES.

    We got Jerrell Harris and they got Harris Gaston. And shamefully none of the Auburn fans can discern the difference and that this is just another attempt at Damage control.

  23. 23


    Yeah, that was a little lengthy, but a good post.


    Auburn embellishes? Have you seen the “Got Recruits” shirt? That is the most insane attempt to be relevant that I have ever seen!!!

    I agree Auburn does NOT constantly win chamionships. Does Bammer? (Remember this is 2008 and not 1978).

    Auburn fans give southerners a bad name? I will give you this much…you are a funny dude!!! Mentally challenged, but a funny dude!!!

    I have never heard anyone say that Harris Gaston is better than Jerrell Harris. The fact that you would even say that shows that you have no idea what you are talking about!!!

    You want to know what is a shame…that you represent other Bammer fans!!!

  24. 24


    I had to run to a meeting and didn’t have time to finish my above post.

    You mentioned sucking hind teat…wouldn’t that comment be more fitting for Bammer? Again, this is 2008 and not 1978.

  25. 25
    Catphish Tilly

    capstone report-

    My sincerest apologies for giving Shanehead undue credit. I clearly failed to realize there could be more than one moron writing for this worthless blog and spewing such idiotic garbage over the internet… so whoever wrote it- feel free to apply my former comments to yourself.

    Also, my comment wasn’t directed towards your opinions on Goldberg. I was referencing your attempted jab at Auburn’s recruiting against “football powers like UK and MSU.”


    I’m aware that the UAT’s CURRENT state of demise has left you with nothing to be excited about… save for the occasional night your cousin-sister lets you get frisky and get the trailer rocking. However, your coveted “cruitin’ nashinel champyunship” means nothing until its fought on the field. A lot like Tubbs has been doing for the past 6 years. Also, you do realize that Auburn plays more teams than just the University of West Vance don’t you? If my memory serves me correctly, Auburn has handled those other schools quite successfully through the years as well. To act like Auburn’s success is based soley on West Vance’s dismal state of affairs is foolish and downright ignorant. Which, come to think of it, fits this entire blog perfectly…

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