Tuberville ‘lazy’ rule now in effect

Since Tommy Tuberville prefers duck hunting to recruiting, he and a few other lazy coaches pushed for a recruiting rule change. The rule prohibits coaches from on-site evaluations during the spring evaluation period. It went into effect Tuesday, according to the Tuscaloosa News.

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Saban visited over 100 high schools last spring. How many did Tuberville visit? Substantially less. In fact, we know he didn’t do much in Mobile, where Tuberville was conspicuously absent, while Saban swept the town.

This laziness or lack of commitment to excellence is known by Auburn fans, and despite their protestations of support—they worry about Tuberville. Paul Finebaum’s program on Thursday discussed the difference between older and younger fans, and how expectations are different for athletics depending on what generation the fans compose.

You could also compare the generational support to the amount of wisdom that age (or experience) brings. Older fans know what it is like to face Alabama at full strength (ie: without a moron on the sideline.) They know Tuberville is an average or slightly above average football coach. They know that Tuberville was only able to post a 1-1 record against Mike Dubose.

If you can’t dominate Mike Dubose, how can anyone expect you’ll extend your winning streak against a competent coach?

You can’t.

That’s why there was Jetgate.

Auburn’s day in the sun is setting. Instead of happiness, you see Auburn fans worried. They know the Tigers have reached the high-water mark. It is only a matter of time until their fans bemoan the failure of Jetgate.

Until then, they can expect more duck hunting than recruiting. And the lazy rule won’t make the likes of Saban, Marc Richt or Urban Meyer as lazy as that.

I forgot to post the other news items to go with this post, so here they are:
Tony Barnhart also talked about Saban’s dislike of the Tuberville Lazy recruiting rule in his AJC blog. “It’s ridiculous that we’re doing what we’re doing,” Saban said. “We put ourselves at a tremendous disadvantage.” Saban was asked this new rule was directed at him. Saban is known in coaching circles as a very aggressive recruiter. “I’d rather not answer that,” he said. “Everybody can draw their own conclusions.”

The Montgomery Advertiser also wrote about the lazy recruiting rule.

Alabama landed a second commitment with Kellen Williams of Snellville, Georgia. Williams appears firm in his commitment, according to ESPN: “I told (Saban) my recruiting is done now. I’m 100-percent with Alabama.” Williams should be a full academic qualifier, according to Rivals.