A-Day photo contest

To celebrate A-Day, readers can upload or email as many of their Alabama photographs to the Capstonereport.com website. Our readers can then vote and comment on the photographs in our new gallery. We’ll post the gallery link for uploads and viewing before A-Day.

And what is a contest without prizes? Well, it wouldn’t be a contest.

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We’ll give away three prizes, each winner gets their choice of one of these great items: a Nike Alabama Crimson Tide Visor or a Nike Alabama Crimson Tide cap, or a great Alabama book (the book choices are: Bear: The Hard Life and Good Times of Alabama’s Coach Bryant with audio cd by Paul W. Bryant and John Underwood, Bears Boy’s: 36 men whose lives were changed by Coach Paul Bryant by Eli Gold, M.B. Roberts and Keith Jackson, The Last Coach A Life of Paul Bear Bryant by Allen Bara.

There are three prize winners, one for each of these categories:
• One prize to the first person to upload or email to info@capstonereport.com a photograph from A-Day 2008

• One prize to the photographer who uploads the most quality photographs (no pictures of the grass or sky; the photographs must be composed and show either game action, or people (bonus points for cheerleaders, dance team members, and coeds…ok, we are just kidding…)around the A-Day festivities.

• One prize to the photographer who snapped the photograph voted best by Capstone Report readers.

The contest begins Saturday, April 12, and ends April 26. All decisions of the judges are final, and all that other legalese.


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