Saban previews A-Day

Video of Nick Saban talking about upcoming A-Day, and spring practice:

Some random items from the Saban interview:

He reiterated the importance of last year’s A-Day attendance to the positive energy surrounding the program. He said the turnout was a major element in the recruiting success.

He also addressed the process of getting players to adopt the new philosophy—or way of doing things. What is that philosophy? “That we all do our job at a championship level…”

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Saban said he loves the college game, and is happy to be coaching here.

“We love Tuscaloosa. We love Alabama. We love the University. It is a special place with special people,” Saban said. “We are certainly excited about the opportunities we have building a program there. We’ve got a ways to go…”


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  1. 1

    Please! What’s he gona say, ‘We really don’t like it here but it’s a job’ or ‘We’re really ambivilant about it’. No one should ever ask that question, it’s just dumb.
    Proof is a demonstration of care, like Joe Namath. He comes back all the time and has lent his support over the years. No one has to ask him that question. Others have supported as well. Shula had not been back since graduation. Only time will tell if someone ‘loves’ the university.

  2. 4

    Congratulations on the upcoming big A-day win. Well, it is the only game you know you can win, that’s why you get such a big crowd.

    Someone better alert the media that all the fast food restaurants in central Alabama will be short-handed on Saturday. All the fry cooks and counter help will be in T(hug)-town.

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