A little music for the weekend

If you like Southern rock, this simply is a must to watch. Thanks to a friend for sending it.

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    i don’t think the swampbirds ever had shoes like that……..

    and did the backup……guards even know the words???

    hey cap, steele’s annouced today he’s gonna test the draft. comments??

  2. 2

    I’m working on a note on the Steele decision. I talked with an NBA draft “expert” who said Steele at his present status probably wouldn’t be taken by any NBA team. of course that was also couched with the usual disclaimer of how he’d look in workouts, etc.

    He’s not going to be drafted, so what’s the point of testing the waters?

    I’m going to keep pondering that before I write anything. But there has to be a reason beyond what was said.

  3. 3

    we’ve been told for two months ron was the best player in practice.

    then after the season’s over, gottfried starts using the word “if” in regards to steele and next season.

    ron’s dad says he’s in the best shape of his life. if (that word again) that’s so, he will get some attention from the scouts, trust me on that.

    never doubt this though, mark gottfried HAS to have steele back. after last season, he has to.

  4. 4

    I think it was interesting how Gottfried started using that “IF” word once the season ended. He’d sold Mal his bill of goods, and now was laying the foundation for next season’s round of excuses.

    I expect Steele and Hendrix back. I’ll keep checking, and watching the NBA scouting reports to see if the changes.

    My best guess is that the team will be better next season (hey, could it get much worse???) with or without Steele.

    I think Mark did some of his best coaching in the SEC tournament (even in the MSU game, he called timeouts and seemed to have a functioning game plan.)

    Mark still has the potential to be a great coach, but he has to humble himself and admit his shortcomings. Mark isn’t the greatest strategist; he isn’t the greatest recruiter; he isn’t the greatest teacher—but you don’t have to be the greatest to win. You can make up for your deficiencies by hiring the right people.

    But that takes wisdom. Has Mark done anything to make you think he can be humble and wise?

  5. 5

    and while we’re speaking of humility here, let me take this opportunity to apologize for my blowout on your blog a couple of weeks ago.

    understand this, cap. i love alabama basketball every bit as much as football. i believe a championship basketball program CAN co-exist alongside a championship football program. i believe a championship basketball program enhances the athletic dept. as a whole and makes it more attractive for all recruits. it frustrates me to no end that the powers that be down there don’t.

    i quit buying the b s coming from down there around the time they thumbed their noses at bobby bowden and hired bill curry.

    i was close to a member of gerald wallace’s family. i knew two weeks before gerald announced for alabama. i told that individual then he was wasting his time in tuscaloosa. he told me later (during gerald’s freshman/only/year) gottfried couldn’t coach. i started watching closer and he was right. and not much has changed. the staunchest gottfried supporters will tell you he’s not an “x” and “o” coach.

    in basketball, i don’t think someone who isn’t very well versed on the nuances of the game is going to get on top and stay there. i’ve seen enough of mark gottfried to know he ain’t got it.

    and when i’m told we don’t have the money to do this that or the other, then one week after lsu gives miles a raise the money starts flying for football…….well, to say the least i was pissed.

    i took that out on you and i’m sorry.

  6. 6

    Thanks for the note. I know it is frustrating with how things have unfolded in Tuscaloosa. I’ve felt the same thing, and the basketball nonsense is the continuation of it.

    I can HOPE Gottfried gets better, but after 10 years we have more than enough to say rationally he probably won’t.

    The excuses to keep Gottfried were foisted on us by the same people who sue Daniel Moore, and have generally made a hash of everything else since Bryant’s death.

    We all have to work together to hold these guys accountable. I can be too forgiving of people at times, so you bring some necessary focus.

    In fact, I’ve been meaning to ask if you’d like to write guest column or two explaining your frustrations, and hopes for the future of the basketball program.

    I agree with your desires for the basketball program. I can remember winning SEC titles with regularity; when the tournament came, I expected to win.

    It has been too long.

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