Saban’s 3/24/08 press conference

Nick Saban’s March 24 Return to Practice press conference video:

Saban subscribes to a newspaper, and reads it! This shocking revelation came during his Monday press conference.

“They didn’t even deliver me a paper yesterday at my house, so I didn’t even get to read it,” Saban said. “I had to watch ESPN to find out who won the basketball games on Saturday.”

Unfortunately, Saban doesn’t read the Internet. I was hoping he read regularly, but that isn’t the case. Alas, I’m crushed. He is really missing out!

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In case you are interested, Saban doesn’t watch Dancing with the Stars.

Saban and the press talked about dancing and one of Saban’s favorite players Jason Taylor, who is on the show this season. Saban revealed he could dance good enough to get a date—otherwise, he wouldn’t have ended up married.

“We all grew up dancing. When I grew up if you couldn’t dance, you couldn’t get a date,” Saban said.


Football was also covered at the Monday press conference.

The team had nine days off due to spring break, but Nick Saban was happy with the team’s retention from the first two days of Spring Practice.

The two biggest elements were the return of Luther Davis and a Zeke Knight update.

Davis returned to practice after dealing with personal issues. “He is day-to-day,” Saban said. “We will try to support him and help him academically and athletically, and work through any issues or problems that he is dealing with personally.”

Knight has not been cleared yet.

“He has not done much of anything,” Saban said. “From a cardiovascular standpoint…he is still very limited.”

Saban also ran down the rest of the minor injuries. See the video for all the details on who is wearing a black shirt.

Saban was also asked about Les Miles new status as the highest paid coach in the SEC.

“I could care less,” Saban said. “I’m really pleased and happy for any coach that does well in this profession, and Les Miles has done an oustanding job. He won the national championship. He has done a fantastic job with the record he has had since he has been there.”